Meeting Minutes

Minutes for the  April 2012 Meeting

2013-02-18 07:26:18


April 2, 2012

7:00 p.m.

Basement of the United Church of Underhill



Peter Mitchell                                 Marc  Maheux                            

 Joe O’Brien                                                                                        

 Richard Eldred                                                                                                         

 CLERK                                      ASST.  OPERATOR                               

  Jane Maheux                                Sara Ritter        


Peter Mitchell called the meeting to order at 7:08 p.m.

1.      Review & approval of previous minutes. Minutes from the April meeting were approved.

2. Review & approval of financial statements. The financial reports for the April meeting were approved, with the exception to the Profit & Loss it will be reprinted with the mortgage interest corrected.

3. Operations Report.

    A. Operator’s report. 

        i. Water usage. 46564 gal/day 

         ii. Test Results and Testing.

             Bacteria results negative.

             Fluoride results within tolerance.

    B. Water usage is down since the leak repair.

    C. Marc installed the remote meter at 14 Jacobs Hill.

    D. Marc spoke with Hank Listenik about the new water line to his home with the sidewalk project.

    E. Marc disconnected 2 homes for nonpayment there was 3 but he could not find the shut off for Cavanagh’s. Marques house on Willow Lane has been abandoned by the owner

    F. Marc will contact Rob Farley to finish the Sanitary Survey.

    G. The fluoride meter has been repaired.

    H. Sara reported that the hinges on the gate at the pump house are broken. Marc will get a chain and padlock to fix it so that vehicles can’t go through.

     I. Sara wants to take the Water Certification Review, the Board approved this.


 4. Customer concerns/comments.

 A.    Nancy Craig’s water usage was down this quarter.

5. Repairs and Maintenance.

A.    Peter to contact Jacob to see if he is interested in doing the mowing this season.

B.     Marc is to contact John Champlin about a milliamp meter for checking signals.

  6. Old business. 

A.    Peter sent an email to check on the status of the Operating Permit it will be renewed before April 1st.
B.     Marc will scan the drawings and the ones in bad condition he will have new copies made.
C.    Marc is going to get prices on sand blasting and painting inside the Control Building.
D.    Marc is going to talk to Wayne Russin about the cost move the fence at the Control Building there is $1,000.00 in the budget for this.

 7.  New Business.

A.    Marc received a letter from Vtrans showing the plans of redesigning the intersection at Browns Trace work to be done approx 2014.

8. Bills to review & approve for payment. Bills were reviewed and approved.

9. Next Meeting Date:  Next regular meeting May 7 2012 at 7:00 PM.

10. Adjournment. The meeting was adjourned at 8:18 PM.

Respectfully submitted,


Jane Maheux clerk/ treasurer



Peter Mitchell President


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