Meeting Minutes

Minutes for the July 2010 Meeting

2013-02-21 04:40:43


July 5, 2010

7:00 p.m.

Basement of the United Church of Underhill



Peter Mitchell                                      Marc Maheux                        

 Joe O’Brien                                                                                                                                                              

                                                                 CLERK                        ASST.  OPERATOR                               

                                                            Jane Maheux                              


Peter Mitchell called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.

1. Review & approval of previous minutes. Minutes from the June meeting were approved.

2. Review & approval of financial statements. The financial reports for the June meeting were approved.

3. Operations Report.

    A. Operator’s report. 

        i. Water usage.50287 gal/day 

         ii. Test Results and Testing.

             Bacteria results negative.

             Fluoride results within tolerance.           

    B. The high water usage might be due to the weather, Marc will monitor it.

    C. Patterson’s repaired the piping and Cat came back and recalibrated the generator.

    D. Chlorine analyzer has been sent to Florida for repair by Global Water.

    E. Marc will pick up sample bottles for VOC’S and SOC’S when takes the July sample in.

    F. The blow off on 13 Liberty Lane will be more work than expected the shut off valve at the corner of Palmer Lane and Liberty Lane also needs to be repaired.

   G. Marc will order phosphate and will need help unloading it.

   H. Barrels can be recycled if taken to a drop off center in St. Albans.

   I. The Chlorine Chemical pump is leaking some chlorine out of the back, will need a minor repair.

4. Customer concerns/comments

     A. Marc sent a letter to Steve Guay giving approval for him to use the materials he requested for his water line.

5. Repairs and Maintenance.

A.    The remote at Tom Barnets on Jacobs Hill has been installed.

 6. Old business.

A.    Peter is to request from the State an extension to install the new water meters.

B.     Peter sent a letter to Walt Douglas there has been no response to date.

C.    CCR has been completed and mailed out.

  7.  New Business.

A.    The test well needs a reflector so the mower can see it.

B.     Jane to contact Dick Eldred to see if he plans to paint hydrants.

C. Dbase had a major update. Marc purchased it to be able to do the District billing. He suggested we have some money on a line item in the budget for when this is necessary. Joe made a motion to take the amount out of office supplies in the current budget or $350.00 to reimburse Marc. Peter seconded the motion and it was approved.


8. Bills to review & approve for payment. Bills were reviewed and approved.


9. Next Meeting Date:  Next regular meeting August 2, 2010 at 7:00 PM.


10. Adjournment. The meeting was adjourned at 8:32 PM.



Respectfully submitted,



Jane Maheux clerk/ treasurer




Peter Mitchell President


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