Meeting Minutes

Minutes for the August 2005 Meeting

2013-02-28 15:01:00


August 8, 2005
7:00 p.m.
Basement of the United Church of Underhill

Peter Mitchell                                Marc Maheux                                                             
Richard Eldred                              Paul Selsky                              
Joe O'Brien                             CLERK PRESENT                                                 
                                                         Jane Maheux

Peter Mitchell called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.

1.  Review & approval of previous minutes. Minutes from the July meeting were approved as amended to change the figure for Merithew.

2.  Review & approval of financial statements. The financial reports for July meeting were approved.

3. Operations Report.
    A. Operator's report.  
        i.  Water usage. 57152 gal/day
         ii.  Test Results and Testing.
             Bacteria results negative.
             Fluoride results with in tolerance.
             Haloacetic Acids, Poker Hill undetectable
            Trihalomethanes, Poker Hill below limits

    B. Concern of taste and smell, testing for VOC'S were done on Poker Hill Tank and at the Newman residence on VT Rt. 15. Results showed positive on Poker Hill Tank. Marc drained the tank and put in a box fan for two days, after this there have not been any complaints. The State of Vermont wants the Tank retested. Marc is to contact Merithew to see if the type of paint could do this.

    C. Parts have been installed for the meter at the pump house.

    D. The Maple Ridge Tank overflow on July 5, was caused by the pump sticking on.  This has not happened since.

4.  Customer concerns/comments.

     A.Carroll Stygles on VT Rt. 15 has been shutting his water off when he leaves for Florida. When he reinstalled, he put his meter in backwards. Marc had to go and figure out the problem. Marc explained to Carroll that he was not supposed to do this, it was the districts property. The Board discussed this and asked the clerk to send him a letter and explain that he could not do this, that the District could provide this service at actual cost to the district. Jane will include the regulations that cover this information.

    B. Bonnie Morse water taste, Marc explained what was going on to her.

    C. Grace Brunell called with a complaint about dirty water, Marc checked it out.

5. Repairs and Maintenance.

      A. Launey Eldred will be painting hydrants.

6.  Old business.

    A. Marc requested the label to go on the tank.

    B We received the form to apply for forgiveness of the $22,000.00 planning money, Peter will fill it out and send it in.

   C. The Tank painting project on Maple Ridge has been started.

7.  New  Business.

     A. Main Line Valve has some leakage on the Maple Ridge Tank, suggested to leave as it is.

     B. October 24th was set for the Annual Meeting, Jane to contact Bill Frank to see if he will moderate.

8.  Bills to review & approve for payment. Bills were reviewed and approved.  

9. Next Meeting Date:  Next regular meeting September 6, 2005 at 8:00 a.m.

10. Adjournment.  The meeting was adjourned at 9:10 a.m..

Respectfully submitted,

Jane Maheux clerk/ treasurer


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