Meeting Minutes

Minutes for the December 2004 Meeting

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Jericho Underhill Water District
Board Minutes
December 4, 2004

Present:     Board members:  Peter Mitchell and Joe O'Brien
                  Operator: Marc Maheux Assist. Operator Paul Selsky

1.    Approved the minutes of November 6, 2004

2.     Financial report:

 Reviewed the Profit and Loss expenses for the month.  Reached agreement that the Poker Hill account needs to have $500 added to the expense side for brushwork completed by T. Mitchell.  We discussed the sidewalk project and the additional cost that was incurred by the Water District.  We need to have an amount to present to the Jericho Select Board of expenses that they will hopefully reimburse to the Water District.  Accepted the November Financial reports.

3.     Operators report:

Reviewed monthly water usage that was up some over the monthly average. Discussed the sidewalk project and the work stoppage because of the winter weather.  Marc reviewed the work he did on the heat control in the control building and the installation of a new thermostat.  Discussed a leakage that is occurring in the cistern on Maple Ridge Rd.  Leak has been temporarily stopped but more extensive work needs to be done in the spring. Marc discussed the valve pit on Maple Ridge and possible long term solution for a better structure in which to work.  Marc reported on lightening damage and replacements of radios.  He recommended installing surge protectors with final cost estimated around $500. The Board supported  additional lightning protection as part of the repair cost. The Board authorized additional water testing on the new tank so we can have the data if there are further complaints about the smell or taste of the water.  Park St. and River Rd. sidewalk projects have been completed.  Discussed the pipe tracers and the need for more training. Marc will arrange this with the supplier.  

4. Customer Concerns

Peter discussed the status of the Rte. 15 property behind Mitchell's and the results of the ditching that have been completed along the access road.  Marc reviewed contact with Georgia Mead and water in her basement.  Limited repairs were made to her stone wall foundation with the hopes that this will take care of the problem.  The state send to B.Tonn and the board information about fluoridation. The board will review this information and await to hear from B.Tonn.   

4.    Maintenance:

Hydrant flags needed.  Marc will get the price and order a few.  

5.    New tank project:

Marc will contact Chagnon to see if we can get any field notes from them and Peter will contact Phelps to see about as-built drawings.  Marc may be able to take on the operators manuals this spring.

6.    Painting of old tank:

We need to develop a timeline for the painting of the original tank.  Peter will contact Phelps to see where they are with the painting that they were supposed to engineer.  We also talked about Meriwether out of MA who has worked for our district as inspectors for painting the new tank and has done extensive work for CWD on painting their tanks.  More information also needed on the bid process.

7.    Bills:  Signed and returned to Jane

8.    Next meeting- January 8, 2005.


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