Meeting Minutes

Minutes for the September 22 2003 Special Meeting

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September 22, 2003
Special Meeting
7:00 P.M.
Basement of United Church of Underhill

Peter Mitchell                               Marc Maheux                         Jane Maheux    
Roger Koniuto                        GUEST PRESENT                       
Richard Eldred                            Alan Huizenga
                                                    Lance Phelps

Peter Mitchell called the meeting to order at 7:10 PM

Special Meeting to review Bid from Chagnon's-

Identification of high areas Phelps 200,000.00 on tank and Chagnon's  252,000.00 a difference of 52,000.00. 8" ductile iron Phelps 25.00 per foot and Chagnon's 45.00 per foot a difference of 40,000.00. Conclusion these are the two items Phelps was off on.

Alan has contacted a Tank painting company so that we can get a more actual cost of painting the tank. This might make it possible for us to have more money available for the new Tank project.

Marc has contacted Water Supply about the possibility of funding the Tank painting through their revolving loan fund. Water Supply contacted Alan about this being a possibility and he will continue to follow up on this with them.

Lance Phelps suggested that Marc and Alan sit down with Chagnon and discuss what we need from them to help us to be able to afford this project. The board decided this would be a good way to go and also some of the Board members may attend. Alan will contact Chagnon to set this up. Alan will put a list of changes we have discussed and send it to Chagnon's.

Other Business-

Jane submitted the warning for the Annual meeting, Roger made a motion to accept it and Dick seconded it and it was voted to accept it.

Proposed regulation changes: Section 4 was approved and Section 27 was tabled at this point.

Peter is to contact the Credit Union and see what else they need to sign off on the partial release form for the Forsberg property.

Search for a new meter reader: It was decided to contact Joan Stoddert, Deb Fowler and Patty Gray Mclaughlin to see if any of them would be interested.

Hydrant Flags have all been tightened by Dick Eldred and he would like to go out 3 feet with the I Beam at the hydrant at the United Church to make it easier for use. He will check this out with Jeff Sprout to make sure the Road Crew would be okay with it.

Leak: We still have one and we are losing about 12,000 gallons a day. Marc is looking for it, and a notice will be delivered to our customers when the meters are read.

Adjournment - 9:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted:

Jane Maheux



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