Meeting Minutes

Minutes for the January 27 2003 Special Meeting

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January 27,2003
Special Meeting
7:00 P.M.
Basement of United Church of Underhill

Peter Mitchell                                 Marc Maheux               Jane Maheux    
Richard Eldred                         
Roger Koniuto

Vince Paradis
Alan Huizenga
Mike Forsberg

Peter Mitchell called the meeting to order at 7:10 PM

Special Meeting to review New Tank and Tank Bonding.

Vince informed us that the #1 priority is to do the survey and plot plan so that we can have the land option in place in order to go forward, Mike has to discuss this with his lender and get their approval as well.

Alan reported that a reasonable date for the survey would be toward the end of February and then draft the option. Alan will also check with Brad Holden and see if he could so the survey any sooner.

Alan to set up the site survey and then to organize a Timeline and submit  the sub division forms to the state.

It was discussed that the Option Letter could be a ¬ acre with a maintenance easement  instead of « acre.

Release will be needed to close on construction loan. As soon as these plans are done then Mike can submit to his credit union, approx. 30 days for a response.

Warned Meetings 1. To extend boundaries 2. To approve bond by Australian Ballot vote.

End of April is the target date for Bond vote

Vince to send a letter to the board it will advise us how to proceed with the warnings.

A motion was made and seconded and voted on and approved to sign the Resolution for the states revolving loan fund and apply for this at  this time and Jane was voted  to be the authorized agent for this. If for some reason the project does not go through we do not have to accept the money.

The general consent form to the residents of Poker Hill needs to be re done without a date on it for the vote.

A proper checklist needs to be put in place before the vote.

Boundaries need to be revised and put in place, Marc to contact Alan Morse to see if he has a boundary map.
A motion was made and seconded and a vote approved it, that we would have Jane investigate the options of refinancing the bond at this time.

Peter to verify with Paul Guiliani what he will cover for us and where does Vince start on the bond.

Adjournment- 9:20 PM

Respectfully submitted:

Jane Maheux


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