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Minutes for the January 20 2003 Special Meeting

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January 20,2003
Special Meeting
7:00 P.M.
Basement of United Church of Underhill

Peter Mitchell                                 Marc Maheux               Jane Maheux    
Richard Eldred                         
Roger Koniuto

Doug Richmond

Peter Mitchell called the meeting to order at 7:08 PM

Special Meeting to review New Tank and Tank Bonding.

Vince Paradis responded that a vote on the 24th would be to aggressive for what we have to do and research.

Vince also feels the #1 item we need is a survey for the land option.

Vince also informed us that the Bond has to be by Australian Ballot.

The Board discussed Phelps proposal and voted to spend $3,000.00 for a survey of the property, Mike Forsberg to be present during the survey. This survey is so that we can get the option that we need.

The Board also feels that we should be responsible for the cost of the Warranty Deed and other expenses for the transfer of the property to the district.

The proposed dates of the informational meeting have been tabled until we can get all the information that we need.

It was suggested that possibly we could drain the tank while we were flushing hydrants for routine maintenance, Gimmanaco and O'Brien will notice a slight pressure difference while we are draining the tank.

Doug Richmond recommends that we give people an option on the ballot as to vote for a new tank or just the painting. It was explained to him what the board felt was the best option to complete the project. They felt the 2nd tank is the best option.

Before we can have a vote we need to define the boundaries, start application  process, conditional use variance, and sub division reviewed by the state.

Peter to try to get a time line together with Alan and Vince.
Peter to ask Vince and Alan to come to a meeting on January 27th to go over proposals/bonding/voting etc.

Peter to contact Paul Guiliani and Malcolm Roody about the new bond and current bond.

Marc is to talk with Jeff Sprout about an 8" pipe going up Poker Hill road.

Other Discussion-

Running water was discussed due some current water breaks in other areas. It was decided to send a letter to everyone on the run water list and have them start running water.

Next meeting January 27,2003

Adjournment-  9:45 PM

Respectfully submitted:

Jane Maheux


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