Meeting Minutes

Minutes for the September 16 2002 Special Meeting

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September 16 , 2002

Special Meeting

7:00 P.M.

Basement of United Church of Underhill



Peter Mitchell                                 Marc Maheux                                     Jane Maheux       

Roger Koniuto

 Peter Mitchell called the meeting to order at 7:07 PM


1. Special Meeting to review Rules and Regulations.

2. Rules and Regulations.

A. Reviewed the rate changes and we also need to change on Connection Fees item 8 #2 to  1,600.00 for each unit and 3,600.00 as for 1 above.

B. Flat Rates change each person up to six to 17.50 and each person after that to 14.00.

3. Budget Review.

A.    Need to change the year to date for Base Fees and Usage Fees, they are not showing the starting balance divided between the two accounts.

B. Need to start inputting figures for a next year budget.

4. Review Warning.

A.    With the changes to the warning put down the # and section on the warning so it will be easier to follow.

        B. Post around town at 5 different locations and put in the Mountain Gazette. 

5. Other Business.

B.     A. Pete Giammanco would like to discuss his concerns about the fence around the tank, he may show up at our next meeting.
C.    B. System Security check is recommended by Jay Rutherford in an article in Water Line Daily that it should be checked on a daily basis, Peter would like to know if Roger                         would like to split the days with him.
D.    C. Trudell Consulting has requested a copy of our Rules and Regulations from Marc, they are working on plans for developing Green Crow Lumber.

D. Zoning response we have not yet received one.

6. Adjournment. Peter adjourned the meeting at 9:35 pm.

 Respectfully submitted,



Jane Maheux







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