Meeting Minutes

Minutes for the June 2002 Meeting



June 4, 2002
 7:00 P.M.
Basement of United Church of Underhill

Peter Mitchell                                 Marc Maheux                Jane Maheux
Richard Eldred
Roger Koniuto

Joanne Puitzer

Peter Mitchell called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM

1. Review and Approve Minutes- Minutes of the Regular Meeting and Special Meeting were approved.

2. Review and Approve Financial Reports- Not accepted did not did not print correctly, to be redone..

3. Operators Report-

  • Water Usage 50,422 a little high due to flushing
  • Bacteria results good, Radium results good, Fluoride a      little low  due to maintenance work done on saturator       continuing to be watched.
  • Paint sample was done of the main tank results were      17.2% of lead
  • Hydrant on Willow Lane does not open correctly may want      to have it repaired. Marc said it is a company out of NH That does this he      will schedule the repair
  • Broken flange on hydrant on Creekside, Marc repaired      it.
  • Gate at pump house Bob Ettensperg said it would cost      approx .$ 400.00 to replace approved to be done. Marc will contact him      with the go ahead.
  • Pumpkin Patch Project, They are still in contact with      us and Marc will follow up with Nancy Eames
  • Certification Training, Marc attended 2 seminars.      Capacity Workshop and a  round table discussion put on by the Nerw      this was paid for by the federal government.
  • Cistern work not done yet.
  • Ed Wards water turned off as he has moved out of town,      and Ronald Seymours connection is done
  • Derek Chaffes curb stop needs to be found on Dickinson      street this was approved and seconded.

4. Customer Concerns, Request, Guest-

  • Lee Dumas concerned driving over shut off and repaving      in the fall we will add an extension and a paving cap
  • Joanne Putizer was present and requested joining the      district at 144 Raceway Road motion to accept and seconded and then      discussed with homeowner.
  • Request from Jericho Road Crew for work on Green Crows      curb stop  discussed and to be done.

5. Repairs, Maintenance-

  • Meter replacement still working on scheduling
  • Curb stop repair none this month
  • Hydrant painting Dick to check will John Fowler cost      not to exceed $200.00
  • Ditch and Culverts at pump house 1 clamp was picked up      to extend culvert Marc to coordinate
  • Dave Keszey to mow Control bldg.
  • Authorize Charlie Weigand to mow Pump House 1 when dry      enough
  • Authorize Tom Mitchell to mow at tank and at wellhead
  • Kate Mitchell to paint #,'s for the hydrants
  • Dick Eldred hired to repair the roof at pump house 1

6. Old Business-

  • Tank Painting , Peter reviewed the new contract and it      was approved, we will meet with Phelps on June 17 to review painting      proposal.
  • Collector status  when Rob Cormiers resignation is      received the board will appoint Dwight DeCoster as collector.
  • Meter Reader status Jane to contact Dwight about      getting together to give him what he needs and go over stuff with him.

7. New Business-

  •  Discussed the possibility of using Pump House 1      for record storage, Dick to see if it will be possible when he repairs the      roof.
  • Rate increases need to be considered for the new fiscal      year.

8. Review and Approve Bills- Bills approved for payment.

9. Adjournment- 9:25 pm Next Meeting July 1,2002

 Respectfully submitted,

Jane Maheux

2013-02-22 04:42:46


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