Meeting Minutes

Minutes for the July 2002 Meeting

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July 1 , 2002
7:00 P.M.
Basement of United Church of Underhill

Peter Mitchell                                 Marc Maheux                                     Jane Maheux
Richard Eldred
Roger Koniuto

Peter Mitchell called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM

1. Review and Approve Meeting Minutes- Approved with 1 correction change Peter to Board.

2. Review and Approve Financial Report- Approved and Jane to review mortgage payment.

3. Operators Report-
Water Usage 44161 gal/day average
Bacteria report good.
Putizer has been hooked onto the system
Due to recent vandalism around the state, we should do more research on putting a fence up around the tank. A motion was made by Roger to make it more secure and Dick 2nd it.
Marc to establish the boundaries and try to determine where we would want to put a fence around the fill pipe and etc. Peter to call FE Hart to get an estimate.
Dickenson Street Project, Green Crow curb stop must be changed, Chaffee's water line has been found and dug up by the town and 100' of copper is in the ground waiting to be hooked up. Jim Durbrow canceled on finishing that project, Marc to contact Tatro to see if they could finish.

4. Assistant Operator's Report- Joe Bean has contacted Peter and is resigning, he has offered to work through July. The board decided to let him go now and Peter will contact him and let him know this and then Marc will contact him to get all the tools and key and whatever else he has back.

5. Customer Concerns-
James Wager of Willow Lane said he has colored water on the hot water side, Marc suggest that he flush his hot water tank.
Vtrans requests, Peter reviewed theses spots 331 VT rt. 15 and 397 VT rt. 15 and said they look OK.

6. Repairs, Maintenance and Connections-
New Roof on Pump House is complete, Dick said it could never be patched again it would have to be new. And now it would be useable for storage.
Main tank has been mowed.
Meter replacements- None
Curb stop repairs at Green Crow and Chaffee's
Cistern hedge- not done
Hydrant Painting- done by John Fowler
Ditch and culvert extension at pump house- not done but just the culvert needs to be extended
Dave Keszey is mowing control building as needed
C. Weigand has mowed the pump house
Tom Mitchell has mowed Wellhead
Reliable hydrants- Marc to get a list together and Kate Mitchell to do.

7. Old Business-
Board approved and 2nd to accept the final report form Phelps Engr. They also will provide a a final draft to go to bid with.
More research to be done on VFDS board feels they could be a good back-up
Ron Miller a renter in the water district is a hydrogeologist with Marin Environmental was impressed with the CCR and offered to be a resource  for us.

8. New Business-
Peter reported there is no lock on the alternative power supply he recommends putting a building over it . Marc recommends removing the wire and will look at it.
Peter suggested making Map tubes out of left over pvc.
Peter to see about getting rid of old steel and fencing.
Marc will put on the web page we are looking for an assistant operator.
Marc contacted Goulds rep about VFDS and he is going to have another rep come and meet with them. Marc also feels Alans cost is too low for these.
A Pro and Con Meeting to decide what direction we a going in on the tank project will be on July 15th. and another on July 29th.
August Meeting on August 5th.

9. Review and Approve Bills- Approved

10. Adjournment- 9:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted:

Jane Maheux


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