Meeting Minutes

Minutes for the July 2001 Meeting

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July 2, 2001
7:00 P.M.
Basement of the United Church of Underhill

Peter Mitchell                            Marc Maheux                                                                       
Richard Eldred                           CLERK PRESENT                     
Roger Koniuto                            Katharine Koniuto
Peter Mitchell called the meeting to order at 7:07 P.M

1.  Review & approval of previous minutes.  Minutes from the 6/4/01 meeting were reviewed and unanimously approved with the following changes:
      6.D. A refund from Pomerleau is also anticipated.
2.  Review & approval of financial statements. The financial report from June  2001 was reviewed and unanimously approved.
       A. Billing for hydrant replacement at 333 Vt. Rt. 15: Total=$1,951.36
            All bills are in.  They have been paid and will be sent to the driver's insurance for reimbursement.      
3. Operations Report.
    A. Operator's report.  
          i.  Water usage.  49,950 gpd.
         ii.  Test Results and Testing.
                       Bacteriology: Test Results and Retests.  The Vermont Department of Health Lab reported that total coliform bacteria was detected in the sample collected at 32 Poker Hill Road on 6/14/01. Four repeat samples were taken at 32 Poker Hill Road, Big John's Store, Countryside Florist, and the United Church of Underhill on 6/19/01. All repeat tests came back negative.  Five more samples are to be taken during the month of July as a follow-up.
                       SOCs: Delay granted (3-23-01, Billy Kahn). Waiver Status.  The waiver is still pending.  The state has requested a list of the herbicides being used at the Chamberlain Farm.  
                      Cyanide: 3Q01. Status.  The Board unanimously approved spending $65 to have a sample tested for cyanide at the Endyne Lab in Williston.
                        Fluoride: Status: 0.8ppm to 1.2+ppm change on 6/7/01.
       iii. Other
               The chlorinator has been acting up.  It needs to be watched closely to ensure it is operating correctly.
4.  Customer concerns/comments.
          A.  Concerns (Tracking Forms): Discussion of current concerns. The cause for  the high water use at the residence of John & Debra Reynolds has not been resolved.  We have had no further contact from Mrs. Reynolds.
         B.  Other.  None.
5. Repairs and Maintenance.
     A. Meter Calibration: Verifying Meter Installed. Status (G.Allen, J.Stoddert,, Big John's, others?)
          G. Allen hasn't called to set up an appointment.
          J. Stoddert's meter is OK.  She does not have a problem.
          Big John's - The meter will be changed on 7/3/01.  The old meter will be tested and it will be determined if it has malfunctioned.  If so, a credit or refund may need to be issued to the customer.
    B. M. Perrault Connection. Estimate, Schedule and Approvals, if needed.
         An examination determined that there is galvanized pipe on Depot Street & it will need to be replaced.  The project is scheduled for the week of 7/16/01.  A 4" sleeve of PVC pipe will be run under the road from the parking lot of the Jacobs Family Store.  A 1 1/2" copper line will be run through the PVC sleeve to Depot Street. Trenchless Technology has submitted an estimate for $1,200. for the project.  Additional costs will be for Jim Durbrow and any assistant he may need as well as M. Maheux's time.  M. Maheux estimated the total cost for the project to be up to $3,000 unless major problems such as a main break occur.  Later follow-up landscaping work should be expected due to the settling of the soil, even if it has been compacted.  A check from M. Perrault for $2,100 has been received.
    C. Mowing at Control Building. D. Keszey will do.
        The mowing has been done once.  M. Maheux is to inform the Board when it needs to be done again.
     D. Well #2 Cap Leaking.
          M. Maheux will try to locate a new cap.
     E. Estimate for UPS or Radio Transmitter for Main Tank? W. Douglass/Wedco; other?
          No word as yet.
     F.  Other.  
          A discussion was held regarding the need for dual check valves in all homes - adding them as we replace meters or in new installations only.  The homes in the higher elevations of the District already have the dual check valves installed.  It was decided to install further dual check valves only in new installations.  M. Maheux will get six to have on hand.
6.  Old business.
      A. Source Protection Plan. Completed. (Website?)  This has been done.
      B. Customer Confidence Report. Updated for 2000, distributed, certified. (Website?)
           This has been done.           
       C. Encryption Software.  This is to be used to send reports to the state.  P. Mitchell & M. Maheux are working on this.
       D. Insurance:  VT League Cities and Towns. Status: Refunds (Pomerleau, etc?)
            Refunds have not yet been received.
       E. Pending Items Review.
             2. Sacco Agreement. Status. Paper to Town of Underhill? Safe Deposit Box?
                 The easement deed was taken to the Underhill Town Clerk for recording and has been received back.  Copies will be made for each Board member and then it will be placed in the safe deposit box.
            3. Tank Inspection: Underwater Solutions mid-July to August. Date: TBD.
                 M. Maheux called the company on 7/2/01.  They reported that they may be coming the third week of August.
             5. Culverts. Completed approx. 6/4/01.  This has been done.  An extra culvert was ordered.  It may be needed at the Control Building.  
             9. Meter Recommendation: Status of Purchases, 2nd reader "gun". Replacement strategy.  50 meters were purchased from Ti-Sales.  A free reader "gun" was included in the sale.
           13. Handbook.
                 Job descriptions need to be added to the handbook.                  
          15), 16) Hydrants/Valves/Shutoffs. The Board agreed to spend up to $200 to have a portion of the hydrants painted.  Bob Fowler has agreed to paint them at  $12 per hydrant.  All the hydrants need to exercised and greased..            
        F. Other.  None.

7.  New  Business.
    A.  Review/Inventory Drawings in Pumphouse and Other System Information. (Depot Street, etc.)  P. Mitchell & R. Koniuto will review the materials contain in the Control Building.
    B.  Request for Water service at 75 Poker Hill Road.
          A letter has been received from Cindy Tomlinson of the Hilltop Stables at 75 Poker Hill Road requesting that the District supply her with water for her business since currently her wells are very low.  She also suggested that we consider extending our water lines further up Poker Hill Road.  The Board discussed the issue.  There are no current prospects for extending the system up Poker Hill Road.  It has been our policy to offer water in cases of emergency.  The Board decided to allow her to fill her tank at 32 Poker hill Road for $5 per 1,000 gallons of water and to have her notify the district each time she does so.  If a group does petition to have the system extended up Poker Hill Road, it would have to be put to a District vote and then it could be 3-4 years or longer before it might happen. P. Mitchell will write Ms. Tomlinson a letter informing her of the Board's decision.
   C. Other.  None.

8.  Bills to review & approve for payment. Bills were reviewed, approved and budget coded.

9. Next Meeting Date:  August 6, 2001; 7:00 P.M.
    A. Agenda items for next meeting.  

10.  Adjournment.  The meeting was adjourned at 9:58 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Katharine A. Koniuto


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