Meeting Minutes

Minutes for the April 2000 Meeting

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April 3, 2000
7:00 P.M.
Basement of the United Church of Underhill

Harold Sargent                         Marc Maheux                         Roger Koniuto
Peter Mitchell                        CLERK PRESENT                                                               
Richard Eldred                       Katharine Koniuto

Harold Sargent called the meeting to order at 7:10 P.M.

1.  Review & approval of previous minutes.  The proposed March 6, 2000 minutes were reviewed and unanimously approved with the following amendment:
  3.A.iii. Was changed to read "Marc proposed that he gather information for a data base program for hydrants and valves.  The need for a program versus a simple log sheet for the small number of hydrants and valves was discussed.  A motion was made and carried to pay Marc for up to 2 hours for the gathering of data for the hydrants and valves."

2.  Review & approval of financial statements.  The March 2000 financial statement was reviewed and unanimously approved.

3. Operations Report.
    A. Operator's report.  
          i.  Water use.  45,758 gpd.
          ii.  Charts & report. The written report for the month of February 2000 and a graph comparing this year's water usage with that of previous years had been shared with the Board members by e-mail.  A list of hydrants and valves was also shared.  
        iii. Activities and concerns. Marc reported that he is also working on the measurements of the hydrant and valve positions.
    B. Poker Hill Road Project.
         i. Harold Sargent and Marc Maheux will be meeting with Jim Durbrow this week concerning this project.
        ii. A rough estimate of $25,000 was given by Harold and Marc for the total cost of this project.
        iii. Harold has visited the homes on Poker Hill which will be affected by this project including those not currently served by the Water District.  Harold also discussed the possibility of replacing her plastic pipe service line with Chris Gluck.  She was interested in the possibility of doing this at the same time as the project.
        iv.  Traffic control on Poker Hill Road during the project was a big concern due to poor visibility in some areas and the tendency of cars to drive too fast as they come down the hill approaching Route 15.
    C.  Other.
          i.  Flushing needs to be done this month.  The dates of April 17 - 20 were selected.  The clerk was asked to put a notice of the flushing in THE BURLINGTON FREE PRESS.
        ii.  Marc reported that he had fixed some of the plumbing, repaired the Cl2 line, and cleaned the fluoride saturator at the Control Building.  He had also installed a new meter with an outside reader at 14 Meadow Lane at the request of the customer.  The treasurer was asked to bill the customer for $100.00  for this.
       iii.  Harold and Peter had attended a water supply meeting at the State Office Building in St. Albans on the subject of capacity.  A discussion of consolidating with smaller water districts such as Roaring Brook or the Foothill systems was held.  
       iv.  There will be an Owner/Operator workshop at the State Office Building in Waterbury on May 3rd.
      v. The possibility of consolidating meter reading, water testing, etc. into one position of assistant operator was discussed.  The board discussed developing a job description for the position and talking with Debbie Fowler to see if she might be interested.
4.  Customer concerns/comments.

5.  Old business.
     A. Emergency water source at 379 Vermont Route 15.  State inspection on hold (HES).
          Harold will take a water sample at the site and send it to the State.
     B. Electric bill -  Peter.  Peter had no further information at this time.
     C. Disposition of old computer.  The clerk reported that she had no firm answer on the computer as yet from the Grand Isle School, but knew of someone who would like to have it to work on.  It was moved and unanimously approved to either give the computer to the school or sell it to the interested buyer for $1.00 before the meeting on May 1.   
  D. Status of delinquent accounts.
       The Board went into Executive Session at 8:45 p.m. for the purpose of discussing delinquent accounts.  Those present were Harold Sargent, Peter Mitchell, Richard Eldred, and Katharine Koniuto.  The Board moved out of Executive Session at 9:10 p.m.  No action was taken.
      E.  Other.
            Dick Eldred reported that he had checked with Contact Communications.  The cost of each pager is $168.96 for a total of $337.92 per year for the pager service.  The pagers themselves are free.  He suggested that we look at other companies to see if their rates are cheaper for the same service.

6.  New  Business.  
    A. Consumer Confidence Annual Report.
         This year's report must be sent out by July 1st.  A more scaled back version than last year was suggested.  Harold has asked the state to send us copies of tests they have done for us.  He will put the report together.
   B. National Drinking Water Week.  
       The Board discussed the possibility of doing tours for groups from the local school.  Peter suggested that he would talk to Kate about the possibility of the art classes at the I.D. School doing posters.  Harold will contact Browns River Middle School.
  C. Other.  None.
7.  Bills to review & approve for payment. Bills were reviewed and approved.

8.  Adjournment.  The meeting was adjourned at 9:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Katharine A. Koniuto


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