Meeting Minutes

Minutes for the May 1999 Meeting

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May 3, 1999
7:00 p.m.
Basement of the United Church of Underhill


Harold Sargent                        Marc Maheux                               None

Peter Mitchell                      CLERK PRESENT

Kenneth Crimmins                  Katharine Koniuto

Harold Sargent called the meeting to order at 7:07 p.m.

1. Review & Approval of Previous Minutes. The proposed April 5, 1999 minutes were reviewed and unanimously approved.

2. Review & Approval of Financial Statements. The March and April 1999 financial statements were reviewed and unanimously approved.

3. Operator's Report.

a: Water use. 74,557 gpd.

h. Charts & report. Marc presented the written reports and a graph comparing this year's water usage with that of previous year's.

  1. Major leak repaired. A major leak was detected in the 700 foot long service line to Pat Waters' property at 5 Dumas Road on April 22. Jay Metazuski from the NERWA worked with Marc Maheux in locating the leak using a sensitive listening device. The ruptured line was 100 lb. test black plastic pipe 1 inch in I.D. and the leak may have been aggravated by the water hammer the system experienced earlier this year when the fire department was found to be using quick-acting valves during use of hydrant No. 34. The curb stop was shut off and Mrs. Waters arranged for a new 3/4" Type "K" copper replacement line to be installed the following weekend.
  2. System flushing. The system was flushed on Tuesday, April 20 by Harold and Marc. The flushing went well and the new two-way radios proved most helpful.
  3. e.  Other.

1. The fluoride saturator was cleaned by Marc and the filter changed on April 29th.

4. Customer concerns.

a. Howard and Karin Scott of 14 Meadow Lane have suggested that an outside reader be installed on their property as the water meter is located in their tenant's apartment and accessing it has been a problem for the meter reader.

5. Old Business.

  1. a.  Radios - Harold has applied for FCC permit. Harold will mail in the application.
  2. b.  Digital camera - Ken to investigate availability and cost. Ken is still researching this. This item should be moved to the Pending Items List.
  3. c.  Emergency source at 379 Vermont Route 15. Recommend postponing discussion until after examination of that source when the snow is gone. No action has been taken.
  4. d.  Across the Fence showing. The April 21 filming of the water system, Marc and Harold will be shown on WCAX-TV, Channel 3, on Tuesday, May 4th at 12:10 p.m. Filming went well and the Board looks forward to seeing the


e. Summer work:

  1. 1.   Location of curb stops. A discussion of curb stop locating was held. Marc shared the computer program he has designed for storing the data collected including photos of each house. Eventually, it would be desirable to plot all houses on an aerial map. How to do the locating was discussed. It was felt that Members of the Board should do the first ten to fifteen locations to determine what is needed, how to best attain that, etc. From what they learn, they will then show Deb Fowler what the Board's needs are so she can complete the project. Harold will talk with Deb Fowler regarding the curb stop work and get copies of the present files made. It was noted that the present computer owned by the District that the clerk uses is not capable of handling this information.
  2. 2.   Seal well vent. Harold will do this.
  3. 3.   Seed lawn by Davis property. Harold will contact Dave Keszey to seed the area on the Davis property at 347 Vermont Route 15 that was dug up for water district business.
  4. Meter replacement. Discussion postponed until June meeting.
  5. 5.   Rip-rap for Browns River bank. Barry Cahoon examined the area with Marc and Harold. He will send Harold an application for a permit.

f. Other. Ken Mitchell spoke with Peter Mitchell regarding the possible disposition of the land around Pump House #1. He offered to pay $1.00 for it if The Board no longer need it. It was the consensus of the Board that they were not ready to make a decision to sell the land. The Board needs to review all its water sources and what the implications would be if that old well site was given up.

6. New Business.

a. Pager for the 3rd trustee - Peter to report on this item. Peter reported that he has a pager he can use. It needs to be keyed to respond to our District signal, however.

  1. b.  New chemical pump installed for sodium hypochlorite. The new pump has been installed, but there have been problems with it since installation. Marc has tried unsuccessfully to correct the problem. He found a valve that was installed incorrectly by the manufacturer and thinks that his reversing it will correct the problem.

c. VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) collected sample May 3, 1999 - Harold. Due to the improperly operating chlorine pump, this sample has not been taken.

d. Browns River bank erosion. A motion was passed for a resolution to allow Harold to authorize expenditure of up to $2500. to repair the river bank. He will apply for a permit and obtain a cost estimate for the work and, if reasonable, will proceed. Steve and Wendy Guay's permission is required as they own some of the land on each side of our access to the well site.

  1. e.  Hydrant flags to collect. Peter Mitchell has collected the hydrant flags. He noted that Hydrants No. 8 and 17 have chains in need of repair.

f. State Contractor Whitcomb paving botched valve box covers. The paving company paved over the curb stops at several locations along Vermont Route 15 last summer. Marc used special equipment on April 19 to uncover the curb stops and then fixed them so they are operable.

g. Poker Hill project - review. Tabled until the June meeting.

  1. h.  Other.

1. There was a leak in the basement of the William Tortolano home last year. No shut-off was installed at the time of the repairs. A shut-off needs

to be installed and possibly a new service line. The owners will be contacted and notified a shut-ff valve needs to be installed, if possible. They should be urged to replace their service line.

  1. The Board approved spending $10 each for Harold and Marc to attend a conference arranged by the Northeast Rural Water Association and held by the Agency of Natural Resources regarding writing the Customer Confidence Report.
  2. Peter Mitchell contacted CVPS regarding our unusually high electric bill for the month of March. He was told that the bill was high because our demand exceeded our allowed limit and our rates then moved the High-demand rate of $19 per kwh. The electric heater may be the cause of the high demand. The Board should look into the suitability of a gas fired heating unit.
  3. Peter will look into the possibility of a new computer system for the district and develop a proposal for the Board.
  4. Bills to review &. approve for payment. The bills were reviewed and approved for payment.
  5. Adjournment. The meeting was adjourned at 9:43 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,




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