Meeting Minutes

Minutes for the July 1999 Meeting

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July 19, 1999
7:00 P.M.
Basement of the United Church of Underhill

Harold Sargent                           Marc Maheux                             Debbie Fowler
Peter Mitchell                            CLERK PRESENT                   Kenneth Mitchell, Sr.
Kenneth Crimmins                    Katharine Koniuto

Harold Sargent called the meeting to order at 7:10 P.M.

1.  Review & approval of previous minutes.  The proposed June 7, 1999 minutes were reviewed and unanimously approved.

2.  Review & approval of financial statements.  The June 1999 financial statement was reviewed and unanimously approved.

3. Operator's Report.  
    A.  Water use.  68,906 gpd.  Use is up compared to the 3 previous years, possibly drought-related.
    B.  Charts & report. Marc presented the written reports and a graph comparing this year's water usage with that of the 3 previous years.
    C.  Other.
          1. Marc is now serving on the Town of Underhill Y2K Committee.
          2. Ken Crimmins suggested that we try a generator to see if it would serve as an adequate source of energy in the event of a Y2K crisis.
          3. Marc will check for leaks at the Nelson Davis and William Tortolano properties.
          4.  Five delinquent accounts were turned over to the collector.  Four were collected and water was turned off at one house after the customer did not  pay the delinquent bill or return calls to the collector or the President.

4.  Customer concerns/comments.
     A. Kathy Cummings water taste problem - Harold.  On 6/14 Harold visited the customer who had called regarding the taste of the water in her home.  Because the water is served through an old steel (galvanized) service line, he suggested that she let the water run for two minutes in the morning prior to usage.  She agreed that the procedure solved the problem for she did not detect the taste after morning use.
    B. Ken Mitchell, Sr. was present and expressed concerns regarding the property of old pump house.
        1. The fence on the back of the property near the creek is undermined and about to fall into the creek.  He suggested that the fence be disconnected and taken out.
        2. The portion of the main ditch that was not cleaned last year is in need of cleaning..  He had Wayne Russin take care of it and paid $140.00 to have it done.  It was moved and unanimously approved to reimburse Ken for the $140.00.  Harold is to speak to Mr. Mitchell about obtaining approval for work if he expects to be reimbursed in the future.
        3. The field portion of the District's property needs mowing.
        4. There are 4 culverts under the road.  They have a life expectancy of 30 years which will be up in the year 2001.  He suggested that the Board should start thinking about replacement soon.
The Board authorized Harold to engage a contractor to dredge the remainder of the ditch and obtain a cost estimate to remove the fence along the creek and bank.  

5.  Old business.
     A. Radios - Harold is applying for permit.  Harold is working on this.
     B. Digital camera.  The Board has decided against getting a digital camera at this time.
     C. Emergency water source at 379 Vermont Route 15.  Harold could not find evidence of a holding tank at the barn.  Ken Mitchell said that he destroyed the walls of the spring box when he constructed the pond.  He remembers that the water was contaminated.  There was a discussion as to whether or not to test the spring water where it feeds the man-made pond.  The pros and cons of testing were discussed and Harold indicated testing would not be of any value.  The Board was curious as to the actual wording of the deed that states that the owners are to have free water.  A resolution was made and unanimously passed declaring the water source at 379 Vermont Route 15 no longer an acceptable emergency water supply.  Harold Sargent was asked to review the deed and check with our attorney regarding the matter.
    D. Across the Fence tape. The District has two copies of the Across the Fence tape in which the District is featured.
    E. Summer work:
        1. Location of curb stops. Debbie Fowler was present.  Measuring for the curb stops and the data needed was discussed.  The clerk will provide Debbie with a list of customer names and locations.  Marc will provide Debbie a property code list for the District.
       2. Seal well vent.  Harold Sargent will do this.
       3. Status of valve box for Fire Department service line.  Harold spoke with Lee Dumas again.  A letter from Chief David Tillotson is to be forthcoming regarding this issue.
      4. Meter replacement. There is a need to address replacement of the older meters.
      5. Rip-rap for Browns River bank.  This has been done and the bill has been paid.
      6. Poker Hill.  This was put on hold pending Marc Maheux's availability.
      7. Paint hydrants.  This project has been completed.
    F. Electric bill -  Peter. The cause of the higher rate was our demand.  CVPS will send an explanation of their rates.  The Board should look into a way to control the demand for electricity.
    G. Pager for the 3rd trustee - Peter.  Peter now has a pager (802-878-5386).  It was tried and is not yet operable.
    H. New chemical pump for sodium hypochlorite removed - it did not work.  Need to return it. Harold wrote to E.J. Prescott requesting instructions for returning the pump.  A representative from the company is coming Wednesday, July 21 with a new, different model chlorine pump.
    I. VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) collected sample May 3, 1999 - Harold.  Results good.
    J. Other. None.

6.  New Business.
    A. Computer acquired. Peter purchased a computer through IBM and will present the bill in six months.  The bill for $1,049.38 will include the computer, monitor, and hard drive.  He also purchased and has been reimbursed $240.50 for the printer, paper, and cable.
    B. Curb stop work. See 5.e.1. Above.
    C. Tom Morse's service line.  No word has been received from Tom as yet.
    D. Ditch work for Pump House No. 1.  See 4.b. Above.
    E. Shall we join NERWA? A motion was made and unanimously approved to join the New England Rural Water Association.
    F. Other.
        1. A motion was made and unanimously carried to put a new meter and reader in the United Church of Underhill.
        2. The next meeting will be held on Monday, August 9, 1999 due to the vacation schedule of Board members.

7.  Bills to review & approve for payment.

8.  Adjournment.  The meeting was adjourned at 10:17 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Katharine A. Koniuto


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