Meeting Minutes

Minutes for the January 1997 Meeting

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January 6, 1997
7:00 p.m.
Basement of the United Church of Underhill


Harold Sargent                       Marc Maheux                     Donald Wheeler

Peter Mitchell                   CLERK PRESENT

Michael Sacco                    Katharine Koniuto

President Harold Sargent called the meeting to order at 7:08 p.m.

1. Review & Approval of Previous Minutes. The December 2, 1996 minutes were reviewed and approved as presented,

2. Review & Approval of Financial Statements. The December 1996 financial statement was reviewed and approved as presented.

3. Operator's Report.

  1. a.  Water use.- 40,500 gals. average daily use.
  2. b.  Other.

Colored water was reported in the apartment in Rick Grzywna's house. Tests confirmed colored water at 60 units and an elevated iron reading of 0.8 mg/l. Roily water was also reported recently by the Roy family, next to the Post Office. The recent addition of chlorine to the system on a daily basis may be part of the cause of these roily water conditions. Marc felt a need to flush the system to reduce the residue that may be caused by adding the chlorine. He and Harold will do this during the next warming trend.

4. Customer concerns.

a. Mr. & Mrs. Donald Wheeler's water bill. The clerk noticed an unusually high meter reading for the last quarter. She reported this to Harold who investigated and found that their meter appeared to be reading correctly for low amounts but incorrectly for longer runs. There were no leaky toilets, etc. He replaced the meter on 12/14/96. The Board said to bill the Wheelers for 160 days at 190 gallons per day and from 12/14/96 through the next meter reading at the actual rate plus two $30 base fees (one for each quarter). This plan was acceptable to Mr. Wheeler.

5. Old Business.

  1. a.  Maple Ridge (Sacco) agreement. The Board has received a bill for a Sacco/Board agreement and quit claim deed from the Board's attorney, Vincent Paradis, but no papers to date. Harold will contact Vincent Paradis regarding the status of the paperwork.
  2. b.  Computer billing progress. (Ready for January billing?) The clerk reported that not all addresses will be in the computer in time to be used for the January billing so she plans to send the bills as in the past. The plan is to have addresses entered as soon as possible so the first quarter billing can be done by computer.
  3. c.  Report on water connection to Bernasconi building lot. The connection was made on 12/12/96. We have not received the connection fee as yet. The clerk was instructed to bill Gerard Bernasconi for this amount.
  4. d.  Other. None.


6. New Business.

a. Fee for use of United Church of Underhill room. The motion was made and unanimously carried to pay the United Church of Underhill a sum of $140, the same as 1996, for the use of their room for meetings during 1997.

b. Maintenance and/or capital fund established. Harold brought up the possibility of the need some time in the future for a second storage tank to perhaps be located on upper Palmer Lane or Alpine Drive. Such tank would serve as a back up should something happen to the present storage tank on Maple Ridge or during such times as the present tank should need painting, etc. and would add fire protection and hydraulic balance to the system. A discussion was held on the need for such a tank. Harold suggested that such a tank would make our system more reliable. Mike asked about the possible coupling with nearby water systems to back each other up during emergencies and asked that this be further investigated. Harold plans to attend a meeting to learn about the funds available for such projects on January 7, 1997 in St. Albans. Planning for this and other projects is needed. Harold suggested that we consider raising the base fee from the present $30 per quarter to $40 per quarter as a way to finance heavy maintenance items and projects in the future and to reduce the impact of bonding. Harold also will call Webster-Martin for a quote on painting the tank and will check the interior for paint deterioration.

c. Rule changes needed?

1. Harold suggested that when we have a need for a rule modification that we include a rule that prohibits use of water for heating or cooling homes or commercial buildings. This was discussed. The board felt the need to give it further thought. Other rule changes for the future include different charges for emergency shut-off of water than for shut-off for non-payment of water bills, and consider changing dates for making connections to be consistent with dates the towns allow open cuts for crossing roads. No action was taken on these three areas of possible rule changes. Harold wanted only to alert the Board to the possible need for considering these issues the next time rule changes are made.

d. Other. None.

7. Bills to review & approve for payment. The bills were reviewed and approved for payment.

8. Adjournment. The meeting was adjourned at 9:35 p.m.

Respectfully submitted

Katharine A. Koniuto



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