Meeting Minutes

Minutes for the May 1996 Meeting

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May 6, 1996
7:00 p.m.
Basement of the United Church of Underhill


Harold Sargent                                   Marc Maheux                        Rev. Duane Hodgeman

Peter Mitchell                                   CLERK PRESENT                   Walt Culver

Michael Sacco                                Katharine Koniuto

President Harold Sargent called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.

  1. 1.    Review & Approval of Previous Minutes. The minutes from the April 1, 1996 were reviewed and approved unanimously.
  2. 2.    Review & Approval of Financial Statement. The statement for April 1996 was reviewed and approved unanimously.
  3. 3.    Red Hed presentation on new meter reading concept. (7:15)

Marc Maheux had spoken with Walt Culver of Red Hed Supply and demonstrated for the board a possible new meter reading system with a variety of options. He described how new meter heads and readers would operate, the changes needed in the system and the costs of the same.

  1. 4.    Operator's Report.
    • a.  Water use.- 36,750 gals. average daily use. The average daily use has noticeably decreased due to the repairs on Palmer Lane and Poker Hill.
    • b.  GMWEA meeting in Rutland. Harold reported that he thought it had been a good meeting and had attended three training sessions and now qualifies for his operator's license.
    • c.  Hydrant flags picked up. (Mike & Peter) The flags have all been picked up and stored for the summer.
    • d.  Article to Ht. Villager. (Harold) Harold's article was published in the May 2, 1996 issue of the paper giving thanks to those who shoveled hydrants out and cooperated in the running water program.
    • e.  Other.
      • 1.  (Fluoride) - The fluoride tank has been cleaned and flushed by Marc (operator).
      • 2.  In anticipation of flushing the system during the last week of May and first two week of June, chlorine has been added to the water. The clerk will put a notice of the flushing and chlorine addition in The Burlington Free Press, Essex Reporter, and The Mountain Villager.
      • 3.  The leak on Poker Hill at P. Wells trailer was apparently aggravated by the work done when the meter and backflow prevention device were installed. The leak was repaired on Saturday when the board learned of it.
      • 4.  The area of the Maple Ridge Project on the Sacco property has washed considerably and will be loamed and seeded the week of May 20. Marc and Harold will meet with Mike Sacco to discuss whether or not to install a copper service line.
      • 5.      Reverend Hodgeman of the United Christian Assembly Church request. Rev. Duane Hodgeman discussed this church's upcoming construction of a new building on Raceway Road. They had believed that the church would only need a 1 1/4" or a 1 1/2" line, but now they find that they must have a sprinkler system which will necessitate a 5" or 6" line. Rev. Hodgeman asked if the board would approve a hook-up fee based on the domestic needs (1 1/4" or 1 1/2") since the larger sprinkler line probably will never be used. Peter suggested that Rev. Hodgeman petition to have that request on the agenda of our annual meeting in October. Harold mentioned that the board can move to do the same. A special meeting versus the annual meeting was discussed, but it was felt there was no need for a special meeting. The church can pay the fees, go ahead with the construction and they will be reimbursed if the vote is in their favor. A motion was made to place an article in the warning of the 1996 Jericho-Underhill Annual meeting that would read "Shall the voters of the district approve that The United Christian Assembly of Jericho pay only the costs of a domestic service connection fee instead of a fee based on sprinkler flow. The church will assume the costs incurred for the hook-up. The motion was carried unanimously.

6. Customer concerns.

  1. a.  Buchanan. The board received a letter from Mr. Buchanan regarding the brown stain in his dishwasher. This is either caused by iron and/or manganese in the water or an iron pipe in the building. It was suggested by Bill Cornish of Water Solutions in Connecticut that adding 1 tsp. of TANG to each load of dishes might correct this problem Mike will test this theory and report back to the board.
  2. b.  Morris. Lewis Morris of Maple Ridge is concerned about his low water pressure since the installation of the backflow device. Harold suggested that two swing check valves be installed to replace the spring loaded double check valve. He will also speak with Diane Erikson and Gary Lavigne of Maple Ridge about putting in a small storage tank in an effort to relieve Mr. Morris's water pressure problem.
  3. c.  Fuhrman's meter. Harold will check into this.

7. Old Business.

a. Installation of backflow prevention devices - Harold (Report). Since the installation of the backflow device at the P. Wells trailer aggravated a leak there, it was discovered in the repair of same that the pipe servicing the trailer is plastic. Our regulations state that this must be replaced. Harold has sent P. Wells a letter saying that the pipe may be replaced at the time we do the Poker Hill Project which is consistent with treatment of this rule where a new line is imminent.

b. Completed Projects.

  1. 1.  Harriman connection. Done.
  2. 2.  Storage shed repairs. Done.
  3. 3.  Backflow project. Done.

c. Source Protection Plan progress. - Harold has talked with Kenneth Bannister who says that he can do the plan for $1200. to $1400. A motion was made to approve up to $1400. for Kenneth Bannister to do our Source Protection Plan. The motion was carried unanimously. Harold will write a letter to the state requesting an extension to the deadline of June 1, 1996.



Walt Culver of Red Hed Supply was present by request. He discussed various meter systems (gun read, remote read, phone read, radio read, etc.) including costs, pro, and cons of the same. He handed out descriptive materials to each board member.

c. Source Protection Plan Progress. (continued) - A discussion was held on whether to have Marc Maheux work with Ken Bannister on the S.P.P. We will need to have the S.P.P. done by June 1, 1996 or request an extension. A discussion of the responsibility for the completion of the S.P.P. and how to have ours completed in a timely fashion ensued. A motion was made to 1. Rescind the previous motion of 5/6/96 to have K. Bannister do the S.P.P., 2. To authorize Marc Maheux to request an extension to October 31, 1996, 3. To authorize up to $1400. for the completion of the S.P.P. by 10/31/96 and for him to(bilk)us monthly. The motion was seconded and carried unanimously.

Maple Ridge project. The original work that was agreed on will be completed. Harold and Marc will meet at the Sacco residence to view and discuss remaining work.

e. Priority of projects.

    • Source protection plan.
    • Poker Hill projects (Main & two connection replacements.)
    • Tank painting (Outside surface.)

f. Getting set up for computer billing. Roger is continuing on the Dbase program. Mike will look at his Quickbooks program and develop a bill on it for the next meeting.

7. Other old business.

1. The residents in the K. Mitchell house for the winter did not pay rent so we will not bill them for the water usage._ Kenneth Mitchell was granted free water several years ago by a-different board.

8. New Business.

  1. Water service to Maple Ridge Lot # MR 018. It appears that the house will be situated sufficiently low to obtain at least 35 psi. at the kitchen tap and therefore be eligible for service.
  2. Proposed charge account (Hardware). A motion was made to open a charge account at Jeri-Hill Hardware. The motion carried unanimously.
  3. Hydrant Painting. A motion was made to authorize Bob Fowler to paint eleven hydrants at $12 each for a total cost of $132. The motion carried unanimously. Harold will get in touch with Mr. Fowler.
  4. d.  Tax free status. The clerk will look into this for the district.
  5. Other new business.

A recent car accident smashed the electric box in front of the old Mitchell house. An insurance claim is being filed with the insurance company representing the driver in the accident. This box provides electric power to the back-up wells near the Mitchell property.

9.     Bills to review & approve for payment. The bills were reviewed and approved for payment.

10. Adjournment. The meeting was adjourned at 10:02 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Katharine A. Konuito




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