Meeting Minutes

Minutes for the July 1996 Meeting

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July 15, 1996
7:00 p.m.
Basement of the United Church of Underhill

TRUSTEES PRESENT                           OPERATOR PRESENT                GUESTS PRESENT

                                                           Marc Maheux                                 Randy Clark

Peter Mitchell                                      CLERK PRESENT                          Elmer Bogue

Michael Sacco                                    Katharine Koniuto                           Isabel Baslow

In the absence of President Harold Sargent, Peter Mitchell called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.

1. Review & Approval of Previous Minutes. The minutes from the June 3, 1996 meeting were reviewed and unanimously approved.

2. Review & Approval of Financial Statement. The statement for June 1996 was reviewed and approved unanimously. The clerk reported that after researching various financial institutions, it appeared that the current checking and money market accounts would generate more interest and less monthly account expense than a sweep account because of the amount of activity of our accounts.

3. Underhill Cemetery Association trustees (Water Main)

The Board explained to the cemetery trustees that a hydrant is needed in Wonderhill Estates for fire safety reasons and in order to flush the water line there. The water main that serves Wonderhill Estates has never been deeded to the Water District and the deed is needed for maintenance purposes. The Board is seeking a deed from the Cemetery Association for that portion of the water main that crosses cemetery property. Elmer Bogue reported that there is a 30 foot right of way and, therefore, the Water District has access to that line. Whether the Water District needs a 30 foot right of way or only a 20 foot one was discussed. It was decided that the exact location of the water main was needed before that decision could be made. Marc will locate the water main. Once that is done, the Board will draft the appropriate letter containing the width of the right of way and the transfer of ownership of the water main.

4. Operator's Report.

  1. Water use.- 50,000 gals. average daily use.
  2. Source Protection Plan Progress. - Marc presented copies of the Source Protection Plan to the Board to review and approve. He reviewed the various sections of the report with the Board.
  3. Other. A discussion was held of the collection of a delinquent bill and possible shut-off of service to a customer.

5. Customer concerns.

a. Iron - samples collected (Buchanan, Brunelle, Wells No. 1 & 2).

Harold collected samples on 7/9/96 and we are waiting for the results of the tests.

b. David Langlois has reported a possible leak on his property because he has found a sink hole.


6. Old Business.

  1. Maple Ridge project. There are still a few minor details to be finished.
  2. Getting set up for computer billing. The clerk has begun to enter customer data into the Quickbooks program. Mike will provide assistance in printing a bill showing the information reflected on the computer screen.
  3. Charge account - Jeri-Hill Hardware. A charge account has been set up. The trustees and Marc may charge necessary materials there.
  4. Hydrant painting. John Fowler has completed painting the hydrants and has submitted his bill for the same.
  5. Tax free status. The Water District has tax free status and that number is 047816.
  6. Wonderhill Estates hydrant. No new information was reported.
  7. Electric box to old pump house repaired and locked. This has been done. The insurance rebate was more than the actual cost of the project because new fuses were not needed. The board decided to return the extra money to the insurance company if they will accept it.
  8. Creekside deed. We have received the deed to the water main in the Creekside Development. Our lawyer, Vincent Paradis, has it.
  9. Other. None.

7. New Business.

  1. Lead and copper summer sampling. This is on the agenda to be done.
  2. Brush cutting. The board authorized Harold Sargent to hire someone to cut the brush across the river from the pumphouse, at the reservoir, and at the cistern.
  3. Date of next meeting. The next meeting will be August 5, 1996.
  4. Other. A motion was made and passed that all new meters purchased should be the new model that is compatible with computerized reading.

7. Bills to review & approve for payment. The bills were reviewed and approved for payment.

8. Adjournment. The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,


Katharine A Koniuto 





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