Meeting Minutes

Minutes for the January 1996 Meeting

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January 2, 1996
7:00 p.m.
Basement of the United Church of Underhill


Harold Sargent                                              None                                    None

Michael Sacco                                         CLERK PRESENT

Peter Mitchell                                         Katharine Koniuto

President Harold Sargent called the meeting to order at 7:07 p.m.

  1. 1 Review & Approval of Previous Minutes. The minutes from the December 4, 1995 were reviewed and approved unanimously. The minutes from the Emergency Meeting held on December 18, 1995 were reviewed and unanimously approved with correction to the second line in the fourth paragraph so that it reads "in front of the property of Kenneth Mitchell". The minutes from the Emergency Meeting held December 21, 1995 were reviewed and approved unanimously.
  2. Review & Approval of Financial Statements. The statements for October, November and December 1995 were reviewed and approved unanimously. A discussion was held with regard to the cash balances versus the debt.
  3. Operator's Report.(Given by Harold Sargent in the absence of Marc Maheux.)

a. Water use.- 42,500 gals. average daily use.(55.9 gal/person)

b. New connection - Baldwin - Baldwins are now connected to the system. They have 38 psi or 34 psi with the backflow device.

c. Letters Harold has to write.


    1. Letter to the State of Vermont requesting an extension to 5/31/96 for the permit for the Harriman project.
    2. Letter to Wonderhill Estates residents regarding the installation of a hydrant.
    3. Letter to Wesley Jacobs regarding deed for land in order to install the hydrant in Wonderhill Estates.

d. Other.

    1. An asbestos sampling kit was ordered and sampling has been done.
    2. A notice requesting volunteers to shovel the fire hydrants will be sent to THE MOUNTAIN VILLAGER and Janet Peryea who writes the Underhill column in the same publication. The same notice will also be posted in the Underhill Post Office.
    3. The Browns River Little School has now been connected.
4.      Customer concerns - Two customers in the Valley's Edge development opened a hydrant without permission on December 11, 1995 to flood an ice rink. Several customers from the development called to report dirty water. Harold Sargent and Peter Mitchell went and turned off the hydrant and spoke to the two customers regarding their actions.
  1. 5.      Old Business.
    1. a.  Plaque for control building - Harold. No action taken.
    2. b.  Completion of backflow prevention devices - Harold. No action taken.
    3. c.  Boulders to replace posts - Spring? No action taken.
    4. d.  Maple Ridge project status. The project is near completion. An agreement with the Saccos is being prepared
      1. P. Harriman project status. Suspended until spring. (See Operator's Report # c. 1.)
      2. Hydrant flags are up. Flags to mark the hydrants for the winter have been installed.
    5. Other.
      1.  Tom Mitchell will be contacted again in the spring regarding the repairs to the storage shed.

6. New Business.

a. Permit expires - reapplication. We received a letter on December 23, 1995 that our permit would expire December 31, 1995. Reapplication is necessary by the end of the month. A Temporary Operating Permit was received on January 2, 1996 through December 31, 1996. We do not have a Source Protection Plan and we will need to have one by July 1, 1996 for a regular permit to be issued January 1, 1997.

c. Other.

  1. Before the Harriman project is completed in the Spring, we will need to plan for traffic control.
  2. We need to get fluorescent orange vests, replacement MEN WORKING signs, and a chlorine test kit. A motion was made and unanimously carried to purchase these items.
8.     Bills to review & approve for payment. The bills were reviewed and approved for payment.
9.     Adjournment. The meeting was adjourned at 9:24 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Katharine A. Koniuto, Clerk/Treasurer



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