Meeting Minutes

Minutes for the August 1996 Meeting

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August 5, 1996
7:00 p.m.
Basement of the United Church of Underhill

TRUSTEES PRESENT                          OPERATOR PRESENT                 GUESTS PRESENT

Harold Sargent                                       Marc Maheux                                   None

Peter Mitchell                                     CLERK PRESENT

Michael Sacco                                     Katharine Koniuto

President Harold Sargent called the meeting to order at 7:03 p.m.

1. Review & Approval of Previous Minutes. The minutes were reviewed and unanimously approved.

2. Review & Approval of Financial Statement. The statement for July 1996 was reviewed and approved unanimously. The clerk noted the $100. not used to repair the damaged electric box was refunded to State Farm Insurance.

3. Operator's Report.

  1. Water use.- 46,900 gals. average daily use.
  2. Source Protection Plan Progress. - We have received a verbal message of acceptance. More surveys are still being received and will be added to those we already have in the report.
  3. Other.

Langlois - A listening device showed no evidence of a leak. Stoddert - The curb stop at the Stoddert residence was lowered. Fuhrmann - A new meter was installed.

4. Customer concerns.

a. Iron - samples collected (Buchanan, Brunelle, Wells No. 1 & 2).

Due to erroneous results from the first set of samples taken, Harold collected samples again at the end of July. We are awaiting the results from the second set of samples.

5. Old Business.

a, Maple Ridge project(Finalization). A small indentation has formed from run-off. Marc has some work to complete there. The water district needs to finish what was started or make further arrangements regarding the same.

  1. Getting set up for computer billing. Sample bills were shared with the board. The board discussed what might be important to have on the bill form. The clerk will be attending a class on DBase 3 given by Ed Moore. The board authorized up to $75. for tuition to that class, if necessary.
  2. c.  Wonderhill Estates hydrant. Marc located the PVC water valve in the cemetery and raised the valve box to 2 inches above grade. A discussion was held regarding the easement. The Board will need an official copy of the deed. Peter Mitchell will call Vince Paradis regarding the width of the easement. Wesley Jacobs wants a letter guaranteeing water for future owners. The board is not willing to promise water if it is not available, but will be guided by the regulations. Harold will draft a letter to Mr. Jacobs regarding his request.
  3. d.  Pb and Cu Sampling plan. (August) The members of the board took sampling kits for the fourth round of sampling. Harold gave instructions on how samples were to be taken and the accompanying paperwork done.
    1. Brush cutting project. Harold had not contacted Dave Keszey to date on cutting brush at the upper reservoir, main reservoir and well site No. 2 (near Browns River), but he will soon. Cliff Hill has been asked to cut the grass at Pump House No. 1 and he has agreed to do so.
    2. Other. The United Christian Assembly Church will begin construction of its new church building in September. The proposed drawings were reviewed by the board. The board authorized Harold to approve a 6" line if he determines the plans are in acceptable form.

7. New Business.

  1. Date of next meeting. The next meeting will be September 9, 1996. This is one week later than the usual date due to the Labor Day holiday.
  2. Other. Harold did the bacteriological sample for July on 8/1/96 and for August on 8/2/96. He said this was acceptable to the State Drinking Water Program people.
  3. 7.    Bills to review & approve for payment. The bills were reviewed and approved for payment.
  4. 8.    Adjournment. The meeting was adjourned at 9:04 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Katharine A. Koniuto, Clerk




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