Meeting Minutes

Minutes for the December 21 Special Meeting

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of the
at the United Church of Underhill
December 21, 1995

Harold Sargent, President of the Board, called an emergency meeting of the board for the purpose of deciding whether or not to continue with the Harriman water connection project on State Route 15.

Peter Mitchell and Michael Sacco joined Harold Sargent at 6:36p.m. at the usual place of meeting, the basement of the United Church of Underhill, to consider whether or not to continue with the project. Heavy snow storms had created conditions of construction that might be considered unsafe, being close to State Route 15. Abutting property owner, Kenneth Mitchell, Sr. and Richard Steffan, tenant of the Harriman house were notified on this day of the considered need for a 6:30 p.m. emergency meeting. Mr. Steffan had informed us that he could speak for owner, Paul Harriman, except in matters of money regarding this water connection project. Neither person attended the meeting.

After discussion of the project's work conditions, Peter Mitchel made the following motion which was seconded by Michael Sacco and passed unanimously. A motion was made to suspend the Harriman project, which was to provide drinking water, due to unusual weather conditions which are believed to have made the job unsafe due to its close proximity to Route 15, until after April 15, 1996.

The meeting was adjourned by unanimous vote at 7:06 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Harold E. Sargent, President Minute Taker

NOTE: The clerk had other previously scheduled meetings and was unable to attend.


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