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Minutes for the December 18 Special Meeting

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at the United Church of Underhill
December 18, 1995

Harold Sargent, President of the Board, called an emergency meeting of the board for the purpose of deciding whether or not to provide new service to a home on Route 15 owned by Paul Harriman and occupied by Richard Steffan. The meeting was necessary to approve construction for this service in view of the date since Paragraph 15 of the Regulations of the JERICHO-UNDERHILL WATER DISTRICT reads:


New service or extension of mains shall not be constructed during the period December 15 to April 15. However, on approval of the governing body and if the customer assumes all extra expense over ordinary construction costs by written consent, cold weather construction of a service line may be permitted.

Peter Mitchell, Richard Steffan, and Kenneth Mitchell, Sr. joined Harold Sargent at 9:06a.m. at the usual place of meeting, the basement of the United Church of Underhill, to consider whether or not to begin the project. A discussion was held concerning reasons for the construction. Richard Steffan stated the the house has contaminated drinking water from its current source and that bacterial and mineral testing had been done to confirm this. Discussion also considered how the construction would have to be done and where the connection would be made.

After discussion of the project a motion was made to connect the Harriman house by a service line to the water line on the property of Kenneth Mitchell, Sr. and that owner, Paul Harriman, would pay the excess costs incurred by doing the project in cold weather. Mr. Harriman would have to send a letter stating that he will absorb any extra costs of the project. The motion carried unanimously.

The meeting was adjourned by unanimous vote at 9:45 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,


Katharine A. Koniuto



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