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Minutes for the May 1994 Meeting





Minutes of May 10, 1994                              

The monthly meeting of the trustees of the Jericho-Underhill Water District was held on May 10, 1994. The meeting was duly posted in the Free Press and Underhill Post Office, and held in the basement of the United Church of Underhill. Those present were Harold Sargent (President), Trustees John (Bob) Fowler and Peter Mitchell, operator Marc Maheux, clerk/treasurer Evelyn Sargent and Henry Listenik, a customer/member of the water district. The meeting was called to order by Harold at 7:07 P.M.

1. The minutes of the April 7th meeting were reviewed and unanimously accepted with one correction. Under 1. it should read "the minutes of March  7th meeting were reviewed and accepted".

2. The Cash Flow Statement was reviewed and accepted. Note was made of the last of the freeze-up costs in the 'Repair & Maintenance' item.

3. Operator's Report:

a. Marc said that water use was down to 49,800 gpd. the first week in May.

b. Jenning's frozen pipes thawed on their own around the first of April.

c. David Liberty, road foreman for Jericho, will notify us when they are through drawing water from our hydrants for road clean-up.

d. Three backflow devices have been installed at the homes of Marc Maheux, Elaine Bolio and William Vandermaer.

e. Marc recommended hydrant flushing commence. As we have no hose to flush with, Marc suggested the Board purchase 100 ft of hose at a cost of $395.00. Marc proposes to cut the hose into 25' lengths. Three extra sets of couplings would cost $95.00 each plus the cost of an adapter. Bob made a motion that Marc purchase what he needs to do the flushing within an $800.00 limit. The motion was passed unanimously. Notice of the proposed flushing will be posted at the Post Office and published in the Free Press for the last week in May and the first week in June.

f. Marc brought up the garden hose that was used at Booths at the time of their freeze-up. Harold stated he had picked that up and it was in the control building.    

g. Marc informed the Board that Mr Palmer did not install the fitting properly. The new service line for a new house on Lot No. 2. Marc said this was needed to insure electric conductivity. Marc had informed Harold that Mr. Palmer wanted him (Harold) to call him. Marc said the ditch was backfilled and graded without verification of the tightened screws. Marc had also advised Mr. Palmer of the need to cap service line pipes as they are laid so stones and other debris don't get into the pipes and foul up the meters. Marc reminded the Board of stones in the meter of the first Palmer home which may have been caused by this practice of not covering the service pipe ends when laying it.

The Board unanimously acknowledged that a continuity check with heavy amperage or excavation of the service line will need to be performed before water service is provided to this house, at the expense of the owner. Marc will follow, up with Mr. Palmer. (Note) Harold informed the Board that he had tried twice to reach Mr. Palmer by telephone but his effort was in vain.

4. Customer's concerns:

a. A list of persons running water during the freeze-up period was reviewed and four names were added to the list, R. Sokol, D. Keith, Green Mountain Foam and S. Berkowitz.

b. Mr. Listenik was in attendance because he did not agree with the decision to split the cost of having his pipes thawed by P & P Septic. He stated his reasons for his request for full reimbursement. The Board decided to review his points with Marc and take his request under consideration at the next board meeting. (Marc had left the meeting and Mr. Listenik had dealt with Marc on the matter.)

c. Mrs. Pirog of Valley's Edge had voiced a concern over brown water several weeks ago, the Board could not relate any incident which might have been the cause though Jericho Town had drawn water for the street sweeper at about that time.

5. Old Business:

a. Harold will continue to move the Wellhead Project on to completion with Kenneth Bannister.

b. Work with the computer awaits the appointment of a new Clerk.

c. We are waiting for the revisions of the Operations and Maintenance Manual from Webster-Martin, Inc. Harold has talked with Jeff McDonald on this matter who has agreed to make the update for our final approval.

d. Harold will attend to the 2nd round of Lead and Copper testing and other district matters. He will get the list of names and the materials to the trustees as soon as he can.

e. Transferring our second bond from FmHA to the Vermont Bond Bank is a possibility. The clerk explained that we have received lengthy forms to apply for acceptance by the Vermont Bond Bank when they award these funds in July.

f. Harold has sent a letter to Mr. Pingree requesting a waiver on the tests for surface water intrusion. A copy of the letter was reviewed and discussed.

g. Bob has picked up all the hydrant flags and they are in the storage building.

6. New Business:

a. As there was a large number of applications/resumes for the clerk/treasurer's position the Board decided to individually review the applications, and at a later date ask those most qualified to be interviewed. Bob will start the review, then Peter and then Harold.

b. A letter from the State Drinking Water Program stating the time schedules for compliance with the various testing that must be done was reviewed and discussed.

7. Other Business:

a. Harold mentioned that he felt the district is going to need a Water System Manager to perform the duties of managing the Water District affairs. This would mean consolidating some of the various jobs as we operate at this time. The Board was asked to give this matter some serious thought with the idea of pursuing this possibility at a near future date.

8. The bills were reviewed and authorized for payment.

9. The meeting was adjourned at 9:31 P.M.

Respectfully submitted:


Evelyn Sargent, Clerk



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