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Minutes for the March 1994 Meeting

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Minutes of March 7, 1994                                       

The monthly meeting of the trustees of the Jericho-Underhill Water District, was held on Monday, March 7, 1994 in the basement of the United Church of Underhill. Harold Sargent called the meeting to order at 7:05 P.M. Also present were trustees Peter Mitchell and John (Bob) Fowler, operator Marc Maheux and clerk/treasurer Evelyn Sargent.

1. The minutes of the February 7th meeting were reviewed and accepted with one correction. #3. b. should read 'corporation stop' not 'curb stop' had to be dug up pertaining to Fuhrmann's freeze-up. The minutes were accepted with the noted correction.

2. The Cash Flow Statement was reviewed and unanimously accepted.

3. Operator's Report:

  1. Water use was high at 89,000 gallons per day.
  2. Marc noted that the Fire Department's line was frozen on both sides of curb stop. The freeze-ups at Berkowitz, Sokal and Keith's were not the District's responsibility.
  3. Marc will get the cross-connection protection device installed at his home as soon as the freeze-up problems are resolved.
  4. The action of the Pulse De-icer was explained and concluded that it was a wise investment.
  5. There was discussion regarding the charges for non-District work with the Pulse de-icer. The motion was made to charge a rental fee of $25.00 for use of the steamer and $50.00 for use of the pulse de-icer, but under the use of our operator. The motion was passed.

4. Customer concerns:

a. Peter suggested we make up a list of the people with freeze-up problems this year. He suggested we might send out a notice regarding this problem with the October or December billing in the future, to specific "problem" area services.

5. Palmer Creekside reconsideration:

a. Harold said he attempted to reach Warren Palmer on Friday (3/4/94). He wasn't at his phone so Harold left word for Mr. Palmer to call back. However, a Board agenda was sent to Mr. Palmer. Harold suggested the Board modify it's action of last month regarding suspension of the December 30, 1993 letter to Mr. Palmer as it was based on incorrect information provided by Mr. Palmer. Based on the Board's discussion, a motion was made to modify the previous board meeting's action regarding the submission of the Engineer's certification and record drawings to establish September 30, 1994 as the date by which all requirements of the regulations as stated in the December 30, 1993 Board's letter by the President are due. The motion was passed unanimously.

6. Old Business:

  1. Harold has requested an extension of the EPA Wellhead Protection Grant to 7/31/94. He talked with Kenneth Bannister regarding this action and felt that his attitude was positive and he resolved to get this report modified and completed.
  2. Peter is working at getting a better understanding of the computer before starting to put our billing and bookkeeping records on and starting to work off the computer.
  3. We are still awaiting the completion of the Wellhead Protection report from Wagner, Heindel and Noyes so we can close out the project.
  4. The next round of lead and copper testing needs to be completed by June 30th. Harold will get out the prior list and we need to make adjustments so none of the samples are taken at a business.
  5. Harold has been in contact with the Vincent's on Willow Lane who had previously complained about hydrogen-sulfide. They have not noticed the H2S this winter. They will alert us if it returns.
  6. Copies of the revised regulations were reviewed and signed.
  7. Harold presented a letter he had written to Greenmont Lumber for the Board's review. The Board agreed it said what the Board intended.

7. New Business:

  1. Peter suggested a step by step sheet be developed for developers to explain item 25 of page 12 of the regulations. Harold will check with Marc regarding deletion of the 20 feet removal of service pipe. Harold will also check the disconnection law. A motion to approve a resolution to incorporate the proposed housekeeping changes to the Regulations as discussed and noted on the draft sheet be advertised for rule adoption at the annual meeting in October 1994. The motion passed unanimously.
  2. The clerk has been advised by PMHA to look into the Vermont Bond Bank for a better interest rate. The clerk will continue to pursue this matter.
  3. It was agreed to charge only the base fee ($30.00) for those individuals who have been asked to run their water a pencil stream to prevent freeze-up.
  4. A motion was made to approve payment of the Pulse De-icer as was described in item 3. e. The motion passed unanimously.
  5. Harold suggested the Board apply to the State Department of Environmental Conservation for a waiver of extensive testing requirements of the surface water intrusion rule. The well depth, two impeding layers, and no coliform bacteria for two years are arguments for a waiver. A motion was made, seconded and unanimously passed to authorize the President to request a waiver of the D.E.C. requirement's for surface water intrusion testing.

8. Other Business: None

9. Upon review of the monthly bills due, the bill from Henry Listenik regarding a bill for thawing his pipes by P & P Septic Service was taken under advisement to be acted upon at the next meeting.

10. The meeting was adjourned at 10:19 P.M. Respectfully submitted:

Evelyn Sargent, Clerk


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