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Minutes for the February 1994 Meeting

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Minutes of February 7, 1994                                  Page 1 of 2

The monthly meeting of the trustees of the Jericho-Underhill Water District was held on Monday, February 7, 1994 in the basement of the United Church of Underhill. Harold Sargent called the meeting to order at 7:05 P.M. Also present were trustees Peter Mitchell, John (Bob) Fowler, operator Marc Maheux, clerk/treasurer Evelyn Sargent. Warren Palmer, developer of Creekside Development was also in attendance.

1. The minutes of the previous meeting, January 3, 1994 were reviewed and accepted.

2. The Cash Flow Statement was reviewed and accepted.

3. Operator's Report:

  1. Water use has been up. On Feb. 2nd use was 48,500 gallons.
  2. 'There were several freeze-ups where the lice line runs under the road. 1) Fuhrmann's freeze-up was very extensive, the curbstop had to be dug up. 2) Freeze-up at the U.C.U. parsonage was taken care of with the steamer. 3) A freeze at Stygles resulted in a broken meter base. 4) A freeze-up at Ann Howard's was due to the heat going off. Their old meter was replaced with a new one.
  3. The meter and reader were replaced at Jacob's I.G.A. Marc also repaired and rebuilt five meters. There was also a leaking meter repaired at Gluck's. Meter's were installed at Valley's Edge on lots #19, #28 and #23 and water was turned on on lot #22.
  4. Fluoride needs to be ordered. Marc said he would order it.
  5. Word had been received that the fire station has a freeze-up. More are sure to follow with the continued cold weather.
  6. A dual check yoke was discussed. Marc will try one out at his home.
  7. Marc mentioned a device that will turn repaired meters back to zero, he will check into this further.

4. Customers concerns:

a. Harold mentioned Andrew Buchanan's concern over what he feels is his high water use and will make contact with Mr. Buchanan.

5.  Warren Palmer, developer of Creekside, was in attendance to request that the Board postpone it's requirements of the fulfillment of the District's regulations before further water connections can be made at Creekside Development. Specifically, the Board had requested that the engineer's certification of construction of the line be received before water service will be provided the remaining lots. A great deal of discussion followed, questioning the portion of our regulations regarding acceptance in Section 25, as this portion of the regulations was not precise. Mr. Palmer said the state had established September 1994 as the date by which certification is due its Water Supply Division (Dept. of Environmental Conservation). Peter made a motion to suspend the provision of the Board's as stated in their letter of Dec. 30, 1991 to Mr. Palmer until September 30, 1994 or the date of the State's requirement of certification which ever comes first. The motion was seconded and unanimously approved. Harold will put this action in a letter to be sent to Mr. Palmer.

6. Old Business:

  1. The need for a part-time operator becomes increasingly eminent as more requirement and demands are made upon the Board. Board members were urged by Harold to continue to keep this in the forefront of their minds regarding how we would do this.
  2. We have received a second request from EPA to request grant payment of the Wellhead Project. The final report has bcen received from Wagner, Heindel and Noyes, however their bill was in error (too large) so a corrected bill will be sought by the clerk.
  3. The clerk needs to set up a time to work with Mary Mitchell to finish the final draft of our regulations.
  4. Harold spoke with David Ashley of Freeman, French and Freeman to make certain the hydrant location and 6" service line are properly located to prevent freezing (from storm drain) and damage from a back-hoe to the existing 4" line that will remain a domestic service line to BRMS.
  5. Harold will send Record Drawings, Operator's Manual and well test results to the Department of Environmental Conservation to help satisfy requested information for final approval. The one unfinished document is the Wellhead Protection report by Wagner, Heindel & Noyes.
  6. The lead and copper test results were submitted as of January 10, 1994. A second round of testing needs to be done again by July 1, 1994. Harold asked for authorization to purchase another 20 kits ($400). We need to send test results for nitrate, which was done this past Fall and found to be below detection level of the State lab. Harold informed the Board that it must either test our water to prove it does not require filtration or ask for a waiver from testing for particulates. Due to excellent coliform test results (never a positive sample in 2 years), 2 impeding geologic formations, 165' deep wells and the information found in the Wellhead Protection Plan he felt we have a good chance to obtain a waiver so as to avoid some very expensive testing.
  7. The backflow protection device was discussed in the operator's report (f).
  8. Harold reported he had noticed there was no odor of H2S at the control building when the surge control valve wasted water one day in January when he was at the control building.
  9. In proof-reading the typing of our regulations, several 'housekeeping' items were observed to require a regulation change. Harold kept a list and plans to address this matter soon with a proposal to the Board.
  10. The mill is completely on the District's water system and the District's system and their system is completely separated. They will use their system during the summer for wetting their logs. Harold will send them a letter regarding the necessity of having a back-flow preventer installed because of their special water use needs at the shop and mill.

7. New Business:

a. Housekeeping regulations changes were addressed in Old Business 'i', (items will need authorization to change).

8. Other Business: There was none.
9. Bills were reviewed and authorized for payment.
10. The meeting was adjourned at 9:50 P.M.


Respectfully submitted,


Evelyn Sargent Clerk



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