Meeting Minutes

Minutes for the December 1994 Meeting

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December 5, 1994
7:00 p.m.
Basement of the United Church of Underhill


Harold Sargent                          Marc Maheux                      None

John Fowler                        CLERK PRESENT

Peter Mitchell                     Katharine Koniuto 


President Harold Sargent called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m. 

1. Review & Approval of Previous Minutes. The minutes were reviewed and approved as presented.

2. Review & Approval of Financial Statement. The statement was reviewed and approved as presented.

3. Operator's Report.

  1. a.     Water use dropped from 47,000 gallons to 37,000 gallons per day.
  2. b.     The meter at the Marc Maheux residence has been repaired and a rebuilt meter has been installed at the Derouchie residence.
  3. c.     Marc described a new type of remote reader to the Board for possible use in the future.
  4. d.     Marc reported that his liability insurance has been cancelled due to his work with the water district. He asked if the district's liability insurance would cover the work he does for us since he is classified a subcontractor (operator). We will need to get in writing from our insurance company whether or not Marc is covered and to what extent. Harold will look into this.
  5. e.     Marc described to the Board some of the difficulties he is experiencing in his application process for a Master Plumber's License.

4. Customer Concerns.

  1. High pressure - Hathaway, Valley's Edge. The customer was advised by Harold to have a plumber install a pressure relief valve. The problem was thermal-induced pressure.
  2. H,S -Walker, Brookside Drive. The odor was determined to be an isolated incident as no other complaints have been reported throughout the district.

5. Old Business.

  1. a.  Wellhead zone maps and - status. No change. Approval from the E.P.A. has been received but not from the state.
  2. b.  New hydrant at B.R.M.S. status. Harold will write to the school regarding the hydrant not draining.
  3. c.  SOC sampling update. SOC sampling due in 1995 may be required to be taken once instead of four times.
  4. d.  Water Solutions, Inc./Kjell Labs test results. A raw sample taken at the control building showed an elevated lead and copper content. We believe there was some error. A resampling was done to check the validity of the tests.
    1. e.  Mill (Greenmont Lumber) plans re water pipe replacement. No word as yet
    2. f.  Computer status. The clerk was asked as to her progress in moving to a computer based billing system. She reported that she is completing the tutorial programs for Windows and WordPerfect and hopes to work on the new billing system after the first of the year.
    3. g.  Other old business. None

6. New Business.

  1. a.  Hydrant flags are up. All flags are up except for six locations. Marc will obtain six more flags.
  2. b.  Contribution for office use. A motion was made and passed to award $100. to the United Church of Underhill for the use of a meeting room for our monthly and special meetings.
  3. c.  Other new business. Peter Mitchell discussed the possibility of the Water District buying the present Waters Library building if it goes up for sale.

7. Other business. None

8. Bills to review approve for payment. The bills were reviewed and approved for payment.

9. Adjournment. The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,


Katharine A. Koniuto,



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