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Minutes for the April 1994 Meeting

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Minutes of April 4, 1994                                          

The monthly meeting of the trustees of the Jericho-Underhill Water District was held on Monday, April 4, 1994 in the basement of the United Church of Underhill. Present were; President Harold Sargent, and Trustee Peter Mitchell, operator Marc Maheux and clerk/treasurer Evelyn Sargent. The meeting was called to order by Harold at 7:07 P.M.

1. The minutes of the April 4th meeting were reviewed and accepted with one correction. In #5 a., the date in the next to last sentence should read "December 30, 1993 Board's letter", not "December 30, 1994".

2. The Cash Flow Statement was reviewed and accepted with one clarification. On the back of the report where the freeze-up costs were broken out it should be noted that these February costs were paid out in March.

3. Operator's Report:

  1. Water use was down to 69,000 gpd. on March 30, 1994.
  2. All freeze-ups have been taken care of except for Jennings.
  3. Homes to receive backflow devices will need a "Governor 80" pressure relief or an expansion tank on the domestic hot water. We have about 20 houses in this category. Marc's understanding is that the customer will be billed for the pressure relief device, but the dual check valve and a new meter and reader plus installation by Marc will be paid for by the District. (Harold will draft an informative letter that will to be sent to the homeowners, and a list of the addressees and their telephone numbers will be sent to Marc.)
  4. A backflow (009 RPZ) device has been installed at Greenmont Lumber Corporation.
  5. John Fowler had noted and reported earlier that the curb stop in front of Odium's house has been damaged and needs repair.
  6. Marc noted that where water line repairs were made at the Fire Station, Odlum's and Malaney's there will need to be repairs to the grounds.
  7. Getting work approved and meters installed at Palmer's Creekside was discussed.
  8. There was discussion regarding the billing of a homeowner through the District when the problem is the homeowner’s responsibility. The Board concluded that this would be allowed if the homeowner wished to handle it this way.

4. Customer concerns:

  1. Odium's problem was discussed in 3. e.
  2. Harold brought up Mr. Buchanan's concern regarding high water use. Harold has spoken with Mr. Buchanan twice and explained the procedure set forth in the rules for checking meters. It is up to Mr. Buchanan what is to be done. He also mentioned some brown staining.
  3. It has been noted that the type of dishwasher detergent used may be causing the discoloration. Palmolive brand seems work the best in reducing stains.

5. Old Business:

  1. We have received notification that our Wellhead Protection Study Grant deadline has been extended to July 31, 1994. Harold called Wagner, Heindel and Noyes and relayed this information via a secretary to Ken Bannister. 
  2. Clerk/Treasurer Peg Sargent notified the board that she plans to resign as Clerk and Treasurer and would like to turn over the positions as soon as a replacement could be appointed. It was suggested that a notice to that effect go out with the upcoming water bills.
  3. The wellhead protection report is all that is needed to complete and wrap up the Construction Project.
  4. Harold will see to setting up the next round of testing for lead and copper.
  5. Some workmen at Greenmont Lumber reported an odor of sulfide to Marc recently. It has not been noticed to exist at the control building this winter. Harold will check the control building again for H2S.
  6. Regarding the Mill's backflow device installation, (see 3.d. above), Harold will write a letter of appreciation to Greenmont Lumber Corporation.
  7. The Clerk received information from FmHA that we might be eligible for better terms on our Construction Loan through the Vermont Bond Bank. The treasurer will investigate this possibility.
  8. Mr. Listenik had hired P & P Septic to thaw out his water service pipe at the time we had so many problems with frozen pipes. He did this without notification of either the Board or our operator and we had no report or notice from P & P Septic. Mr. Listenik then sent the bill for this work to the District Clerk and asked the District to reimburse him for payment. A motion was made and passed to split the cost 50-50 with Mr. Listenik as the Board could not determine the location of the freeze and because he engaged an outside contractor without notice to thaw his pipes. This represented an invasion of sanitary integrity of the system. The motion was passed unanimously.
  9. The Board should seek a waiver of a surface water intrusion study. Harold will call the Drinking Water Program people at the State to follow up on this matter.

6. New Business:

a. Bob has started picking up the hydrant flags and will be done with that shortly.

7. Other Business:

a. A copy of the proposed 'housekeeping' changes to the Regulations as they were voted (by Resolution) needs to be attached to the March minutes.

8. The District's bills were reviewed and approved for payment.

9. The meeting was adjourned at 9:25 P.M.

Respectfully submitted:

Evelyn Sargent, Clerk


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