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Minutes for the September 1993 Meeting

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Minutes of September 8, 1993                                   

The monthly meeting of the Jericho-Underhill Water District was held on Wednesday, September 8, 1993 (postponed from the first Monday of the month due to Labor Day) in the basement of the United Church of Underhill. The meeting was called to order at 7:07 by president, Harold Sargent. Those present besides Harold were John Fowler, trustee and Evelyn Sargent, clerk.

1.   The minutes of the August meeting were reviewed and accepted.

2.   The treasurer's financial statements were reviewed and accepted.

3.   The operator Marc Maheux had submitted a report in his absence. See report attached. The Village Service Station's request for hook-up was noted and installation requirements were discussed. The chlorinator was turned on to maintain chlorine in the water for the tank inspection.

4.   Mrs. Brunelle a customer on Raceway, reported sulfur again. She will call Harold when she notes it again. Amy Morse of Valley's Edge also reported a sporadic sulfur smell. Harold noted a sulfur odor in the control building today, as has Marc in the past. Harold is looking into the problem and will propose a solution.

5.   Old Business:

a. Harold reported that Kenneth Bannister is making changes to the Wellhead Protection Grant report by Wagner, Heindel and Noyes. Doug Heath of the Federal Government is doing a technical review. Harold had talked with Tara Tracy _regarding final payment. It was felt final payment will be made When the report is completed and approved.

b. Peter took the 'Windows' manual to look over. The clerk hopes to begin work on the computer by getting the rules and regulations put on the computer.

c. The I.D. school had the RPZ and new meter installed which the Board requested. The Browns River Middle School also plans to install a new meter being designed by Gordon Root. David Ashley of Freeman, French and Freeman is designing a new water line to serve a new school hydrant.

d. The required 20 samples for lead and copper have been collected thanks to the trustees and our operator.

e. Civil Engineering Assoc., Inc. has been given the go ahead to perform the tank inspection (inside and outside). Marc Maheux will work with the company and the work will be done this month.

f. Trustee Peter Mitchell in his absence presented a written report on the fence and culvert work that needs to be done on the 1971 well field property reflecting recommendations informally discussed at the time of the inspection. See attached report. A motion was made to take action on 1. lower the culvert, 2. repair gatepost and hinge and straighten gate stop stake, 3. Place a lock on the gate, 4. Replace broken stake, 5. repair the 30 or 40 feet of fence that is down and to "brush hog" the fence perimeter. The motion carried unanimously. Marc will attend to the items #1 and #2. John and Peter will make arrangements to have this work done.

g.See Marc's (operator) report for an update to the hydrant valve repairs.

h. Backflow protection at the Greenmont Lumber Co. still needs to be addressed. Harold will contact the Villeneuve's.

6.   New Business:

a. A letter dated August 30, 1993 from the Water Supply Division of the State's Agency of Natural Resources regarding fees for Permits to Operate a public water system was received. Enclosed was a pro-rated bill for the period 1/1/93 to 5/31/93 at a rate of $0.50 per connection (225) for $46.88 which the Board agreed to pay. Regarding the letter of July 19, 1993 signed by Glenn Zuber of the Water Supply Division pertaining to administrative completion of the construction project, Harold stated that Jeff McDonald of Webster-Martin, Inc. was working on the two outstanding engineering items.

b. A letter dated September 1, 1993 by Harold Sargent was sent to Warren Palmer regarding the Creek Side subdivision stipulating several requirements of the Board that must be met before water can be provided was noted..

c. A motion was made, seconded and unanimously passed deferring application of the new water rates to start October 1, 1993. This will facilitate billing as this date starts a new billing quarter. The effective date of these new rules is September-10, 1993, which is 60 days from passage.

d. The board noted Harold's letter of September 8, 1993 to Joseph Fallon, attorney at law explaining our attorney, Vince Paradis' comments on Mr. Fallon's proposed Easement Deed, Property Transfer Tax Return and his Report and Opinion of Title for the Valley's Edge subdivision property.

7. Other Business:
  1. with some information furnished by John Fowler's daughter, tax information has been sent for regarding the setting up of payroll system.
  2. Harold will attend to getting the numbers onto the hydrants.
  3. The month's bills were reviewed and signed for payment.
  4. _A motion was made to set the Jericho-Underhill Water District's annual meeting for the 3rd Tuesday in October, October 19, 1993. The motion was seconded and so voted.
8. The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 P.M.


Respectfully submitted:

Evelyn Sargent, Clerk


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