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Minutes for the October 1993 Meeting

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Minutes of October 4, 1993                                      

The first monthly meeting of the fiscal year was held on October 4, 1993 in the basement of the United Church of Underhill. The meeting was called to order at 7:05 P.M. Those present were Harold Sargent, Peter Mitchell, John Fowler and clerk Evelyn Sargent.

1. The minutes of the previous meeting which was held on September 6, 1993 were reviewed and approved.

2. The financial reports of both the District's finances and the project’s financial status were reviewed and approved.

3. Operator's Report: Operator Marc Maheux was not in attendance.

  1. Harold stated that when he checked the pump house on Sept. 29, usage was at 53,200 gallons per day, a small increase over last month's average daily use.
  2. The tank inspection completed by Civil Engineering Assoc., Inc. took place Sept. 30, 1993. Marc had everything ready for them and assisted during the inspection as planned. The inspection went well and was completed by noon. Civil Engineering Assoc. reported the tank was in very good condition on the interior and needs some touch-up on the exterior. They found no serious defects. Harold suggested the chlorine be turned off Wednesday, Oct. 6th.
  3. The culvert near the corner of the access road to Pump House #1 was lowered and gate repairs were completed by Marc. Gary Lunderville was hired to assist Marc
  4. Village Service Garage has requested connection and they are working with Marc regarding installation of the service line.
  5. The gate valve that serves the hydrant (#28) by Mrs. Towne's home has been located and raised to grade.
  6. Harold will see if he can get someone to straighten the rail post by the hydrant (#24) at the park.

4. Customer Concerns:

  1. Complaints of roily water were registered by six residents in the Park St. vicinity on the 25th and 26th of Sept. (Harvest Market Week-end). This was caused by the rescue demonstration performed by the Fire Department when they opened the park hydrant (#24).
  2. Linda Langlois, a tenant of Ken Smullen on the corner of Rte 15 and Raceway called regarding colored water. Harold stopped to look at the problem and suggested they might need to flush their hot water tank. Harold will contact the owner and advise him of the possible sludge problem.

5. Old Business:

  1. Harold stated that he had met with Doug Heath of EPA and Ken Bannister of Wagner, Heindel and Noyes to review the Wellhead Protection Report and comments of Doug Heath. There is still some work that the firm needs to do. Portions of this report have to be submitted to the State as part of the requirements for closing out the Construction Project. The Board will proved Underhill and Jericho towns a copy of the report when it's available.
  2. We still have not received plans from David Ashley of Freeman,-French and Freeman regarding the pipe work needed to be done at the Browns River Middle School. Harold will contact Mr. Ashley.
  3. Still no progress to report on the computer operation.
  4. The lead and copper sampling results all passed. Lead was below detectable limits on all samples except two (of the 20). Harold will follow this up with a letter/report to the State as part of the requirements of the lead and copper rule.
  5. A letter dated Sept. 30, 1993 written by Jeff McDonald of Webster-Martin, Inc. to Glen Zuber of the State's Water Supply Division of ANR, DEC regarding the water system's Project status was reviewed. This letter explained the engineering rationale of why the Roaring Brook crossing was not insulated and why an extra valve was not installed where the new main made a 90 bend at Poker Hill Road.
  6. John met with a F. E. Hart Fence Company representative on Thursday, Sept. 30, 1993 to view the planned fence work for Well Site #1 (former Mitchell property). The contractor proposed to install 40 feet of sheep fence, including material and labor for $371.00. A motion was made to contract with F. E. Hart to do the fence work, not to exceed $371.00. The motion was carried. A second motion was made to put the brush-hogging work on hold at this time. This motion was carried.
  7. All but six hydrants now have 2" high black stick-on numbers. Harold reported that additional numbers have been purchased to complete the job. Harold called Peter Hartwick and learned that the stones and gravel have been removed from the valve box at hydrant #13 at Valley's Edge Development.
  8. Harold has not contacted the Mill yet regarding installation of an appropriate backflow device.
  9. A new house is being erected in the Creekside Development. No word or funds have been forthcoming from Mr. Palmer the developer. To date the Clerk has not received the connection fees due prior to water being turned on.


6. New Business:


  1. Considering the new mapping and numbering and other maintenance done on the hydrants plus the discolored water resulting from opening the hydrants the Board feels it would be good if one of the Board members could speak with the Fire Department, maybe at one of their regular meetings to advise them of our water system functions.
  2. At the Boards request the Clerk was asked to put out a notice with the October billing regarding the rate change that took effect Oct. 1, 1993, to be reflected in the January 1, 1994 bills.
  3. This item was covered under #3 (f) by Harold.


7. Other Business:


  1. The Warning of Annual Meeting copies for posting were signed by the Trustees.
  2. Harold will continue to pursue the cause of a large water draw-down on Sept. 21, 1993 at 7:00 A.M. Peter suggested questioning the Lumber Yard.
  3. The Board noted that our daily fluoridation test results range from 1.0 to 1.1 which is ideal for beneficial dental health.
  4. The Invoice for Permit to Operate Fee along with an accompanying letter were discussed regarding the equity of the billing system. Harold will verify these charges against our flow charts for comparison.
  5. Harold reported on a talk by a water chemist presented at the N.E.W.W.A. conference who used a venturi device to aerate water to remove gases such as hydrogen sulfide.
  6. Harold also advised of a call from Dave Erikson, at the top of Sugar Hill who plans to do some excavating and wanted to know where the service line was located on his property. Harold spoke with Marc and advised Mr. Erikson we don't know where the service line is specifically, but in general it is presumed to be between the upper (concrete) reservoir and his house.


8. The monthly bills were reviewed and authorized for payment.


9. The meeting was adjourned at 9:08 P.M.


Respectfully submitted:


Evelyn Sargent



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