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Minutes for the March 1993 Meeting

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The monthly meeting of the trustees of the Jericho Underhill Water District was held on March 1, 1993 in the basement of the United Church of Underhill. The meeting was called to order by President Harold Sargent at 7:07 P.M. Present were trustees Peter Mitchell and Bob Fowler and clerk, Evelyn Sargent.

1.   The minutes of the February meeting were reviewed and in so doing it was noted that water usage at Jeri-Hill's stone washing (3 b) was reported by Marc to be 20,000 gallons which will be billed accordingly. Also of note (4 e), Mr. Palmer had received the letter Harold sent 2/2/93. The minutes were accepted as written.

2.   The financial statements were reviewed and accepted.

3.   The operator was not in attendance.

  1. Harold noted the average daily water use is about 59,000 gallons per day. This is still more than the board would like to see for daily use.
  2. Limited chemical sampling is underway as proposed by Water Solutions. They offer quarterly sampling as a free service for Pb, Fe, Mn, POA_, Cu and Hardness in connection with the polyphosphate we purchase from them. Marc will take samples at his home and at the flower shop. Harold will take samples at Big John's store and at the Control building. These are early morning samples (1st draw).

4.   The clerk will ask Marc if the water has been turned on at Guillette's property.

5.  New business:

  1. Approval has been received for an extension to April 1, 1993 for the Wellhead Protection Grant Project. We also received an advance payment from EPA of $9,148.00 and then paid this amount to Wagner, Heindel & Noyes which the District owed for partial payment on the Wellhead Project.
  2. Three new locks were picked up by Harold for the electric power switches at the Control Building and two wells. They will be attached as soon as a remote drill can be located to drill out holes for the locks.
  3. Peter's proposal for computer needs was discussed. Peter will set up a meeting with Ed Moore soon to include the board and treasurer. The board also discussed the advisability of developing a budget for proposal and adoption at the next annual meeting.
  4. As noted earlier, Mr. Palmer indicated verbally to Harold that he received the recent letter.
  5. Bob obtained copies of deeds pertaining to the present Hudson property. Harold left them together with Peter's deed search report with our legal council Vince Paradis two weeks ago. Mr. Paradis will review the information and propose a resolution.
  6. We are awaiting final payment of grant monies from the state expected to be authorized by Marc Smith auditor, of the Department of Environmental Conservation in Waterbury. Harold will follow up with a phone call.
  7. Peter's letter of 2/12/93 'Recommendation to disconnect electric service to decommissioned Pump House #1' was discussed. Peter made a motion to ask CVPS to disconnect electric power to Pump House #1 pending no disagreements by CVPS to the letter of 2/21/93 at the power companies earliest convenience. The motion was unanimously passed. Peter will call Mr. Charles Hurley of CVPS for verification of CVPS' concurrence. The clerk will follow up with a letter of formal request. Peter reported that a clerk at CVPS said re-connection would be $10. or $20. and Mr. Hurley said it would take anywhere from 2 hours to a day to make re­connection.

6. New business:

  1. In discussing the possibility of a water rate increase, three things need to be determined: 1) an operator's job description needs to be developed, 2) what increase will a part time operator and added sampling add to the budget, and 3) how will the increase be accomplished. A copy of a water rate survey received from the Northeast Rural Water Assoc. was shown and copies will be made for the trustees for their information.
  2. Harold spoke to Robert Hill and asked him to plow more frequently to insure the Control Building is assessable at all times. It was voted to authorize Harold to purchase a snow shovel to be kept at the Control Building.
  3. The meter at the I.D. school has failed but water will pass through it. The clerk is issuing them estimated bills. Harold has discussed replacement with Principal Joe O'Brien and suggested they use a smaller meter. The present one is too large at 3" in diameter. Mr. O'Brien said they want to do the necessary replacement work this summer after the annual I.D. School meeting and anticipated budget approval. Meters, backflow devices and the sprinkler systems need to be addressed at both the I.D. School and the Browns River Middle School. Browns River is under design now for additions and the Board must meet with the engineer to insure the correct backflow device and hydrants are selected.
  4. The Board was asked for their endorsement of Operator certification for our operator Marc Maheux and also his employee Jim Kenehan of Hardwick. Harold will apply for certification as back up.
  5. Harold explained the testing requirements for copper and lead. The new rules require 20 samples for each constituent collected from 7/1/93 to 12/31/93. This testing will cost the District approximately $400. over the next 6 months. Then if the Cu and Pb results pass, another round of samples for Cu and Pb must be collected during the following 6 months.
  6. Harold read his list of operator duties for a part-time operator should the Board vote to go this route. Comments and suggestions were noted and Harold will have a completed draft for the April meeting along with a proposal which will include consideration of hiring a contractor to operate the system much like we do at the present time with Countryside Heating and Refrigeration.

7. Other business:

  1. Because of freeze ups under Park St. in front of the parsonage in past winters we requested that a small flow of water be run at all times. A stream that measures approximately 1/8" diameter 6" below the issuing nozzle seems to do the job. We will issue them a credit of 200 gallons per day on their bill during the 1st quarter billing.
  2. It was noted that the bacteria sample taken 2/23/93 came back negative.
  3. Harold presented a letter he had received from Rodney Pingree of the Water Supply Division of the Agency of Natural Resources dated 2/18/93 regarding the status of our Project. He's still in need of some items that Webster. Martin, Inc. needs to supply.

8. The District's bills were reviewed and approved for payment.

9. The meeting was adjourned at 10:07 P.M. Respectfully submitted,


Evelyn Sargent, Clerk


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