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Minutes for the June 1993 Meeting

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Minutes of June 7, 1993                                         

The monthly meeting of the Jericho-Underhill Water District's trustees was held on June 7, 1993 at the United Church of Underhill. The meeting was called to order by Harold Sargent at 7:02 P.M. Present were H. Sargent, Peter Mitchell and John Fowler, trustees, Marc Maheux, operator and Kenneth Mitchell, Sr. citizen. The clerk was absent due to illness.

1.   The minutes of the May 3, 1993 meeting were reviewed and unanimously accepted.

2.   The District's cash flow statement dated May 31, 1993 was reviewed and unanimously


3.   Operator Marc Maheux reported:

  1. Water use increased for 3 weeks to about 70,000 g.p.d. until a leak at the Odlum property was detected and reported by the Odlums and Bob Fowler. It was repaired (by Marc).
  2. Patrick Manley installed a 3/4" type "K" copper service line. This involved a tap into the 8" main. Marc Maheux oversaw the tap and inspected the work and installed the water meter.
  3. Hydrant flushing is completed except for the Rte 15 hydrant west of Big Johns. Marc will follow-up with the Fire Department chief, Dave Tillotson as he had indicated they would flush that hydrant.
  4. Marc and Jim received their operator certificates for class III from the state.

4.         Kenneth Mitchell raised two concerns:

  1. He requested the board file a property map referenced in deed papers he has copies of. He says it’s a plan developed by design engineers, Fenton G. Keyes, Associates. of Providence, R.I. at 321 South Main St. The Job No. is C6954 with sheet #WF-1 at the time the property was sold by him to the Water District. The map is undated, but shows the route of access road to the well site. The Board agreed to obtain a copy (if available) from Keys Associates and file it with the town of Underhill. He also inquired whether the R.O.W. roadway to the well site will be maintained. The Board did not plow the R.O.W. this past winter because the new wells had been on line 11/2 years (by October 1992) and given the District dependable service. The well points at Well Site 41 (former Mitchell property) are being maintained for emergency back-up use. Mr. Mitchell said that when the property was sold (including the R.O.W.) that the board at that time agreed to maintain the road in good condition as a verbally expressed commitment. The Board reminded Mr. Mitchell it had just last spring (1992) hired a contractor who re-set a culvert in the R.O.W. road near the gate to the well site. The board has also added gravel twice over the past twenty years. Mr. Mitchell said he has always graded and maintained the road from route 15 to his yard area to a point where the road leaves his area and leads westerly to the well site. The Board could not debate the question immediately as it was 8:00 o'clock P.M. and executive session was about to be entered into for the purpose of interviewing applicants for a meter reader person. However, the Board indicated to Mr. Mitchell before he left that it intended to maintain the road as it had done in the past. The Board was reluctant to commit future Board's to a specific maintenance plan, however. The Board took note that the deed said it has the "right to construct a road with culverts and... maintain said right of way---". This does not seem to mandate maintaining of a road, however. Regarding plowing of the snow, Mr. Mitchell said he did not mind if it wasn't plowed. He requested that the gate be kept shut, bower, and thought it needed some work. The Board will check the gate and repair it if needed to make it close.

5.  There were no customer concerns.

6.  At 8:04 P.M. motion was made and seconded to enter into Executive Session for the purpose of interviewing candidates for a meter reader. The motion was passed unanimously. At 8:51 P.M. a motion was made and seconded. to move out of Executive Session. The motion was passed unanimously. A motion was made by John Fowler and seconded by Peter Mitchell to offer the meter reader position to Owen Boardman. The motion was passed unanimously. Harold will notify the candidates of the decision.

7.  Old Business:

  1. Harold reported three draft copies of the wellhead protection report were received on June 4, 1993 from Wagner, Heindel and Noyes. Peter had some comments, the most important concerning absence of a clear map showing where the computer-determined wellhead protection zone exists with respect to the old assumed zone. He also felt property tax map should be interlocked with this information. Other board members should have comments for the next meeting.
  2. Bob Fowler made a motion to a:cept Peter Mitchell's proposal for a computer and a printer not to exceed expenditure of $3,500.00. The motion was seconded by Harold Sargent. The motion was passed with Peter Mitchell abstaining.
  3. Harold Sargent also received water system certification for class III operator.
  4. The Board discussed increasing rates slightly to offset increased cost in sampling, fees to the state and increased operator costs. A motion was made to pass a resolution to change the water rates to eliminate the 3,000 gallons from the base fee of $30.00, add an unoccupied home base fee of $30.00 for non-metered services with $10.00 per quarter added for each person in the unmetered home plus overtime rates for water shut-off, restoration and collection commensurate with what the state law permits at $37.50. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.
  5. Harold will follow-up on I.D.-and Browns River schools backflow and meter installations slated for this summer.

8.  New Business:

  1. Tank inspection (inside)--Harold will check with other water tank inspectors to see if there are comparable services for less cost than proposed by Water Solutions ($2,900.).
  2. The Board authorized Harold to pick up the 20 Cu and Pb sample bottles from the state laboratory. The cost is $20.00 per sample bottle ($400.).
  3. The Board discussed the possibility of holding extra meetings or moving to meeting theist and 3rd Mondays. The Board was amenable to this in deference to long late meetings. Harold will check this possibility out with the Board of Trustees of the Church.

9.  Other Business:

  1. Harold brought up the possible need for the church to use water prior to anticipated painting this summer. The Board voted to permit such water use without charge in consideration of the meeting use it is granted by the church.
  2. A tentative next meeting date was set for July 12, a Monday. This is done to avoid the 4th of July holiday (July 5) and to hold a Special Meeting for a small rate increase.

Bills were reviewed and signed for authorization for payment.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:30 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Harold E. Sargent, President


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