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Minutes for the July 1993 Meeting

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Minutes of July 12, 1993                                      

The monthly meeting of the Jericho-Underhill Water District's trustees was held immediately following the Special Meeting dealing with water rate fee changes on July 12, 1993 in the basement of the United Church of Underhill. The meeting was called to order by Harold Sargent at 7:38 P.M. Present were H. Sargent, trustees Peter Mitchell and John Fowler, clerk Evelyn Sargent and Kenneth Mitchell, Sr.

1. The minutes of June 7, 1993 were reviewed and accepted with two corrections. The words "to use it" found under item #9 a. at the end of the first line was deleted. Mr. Mitchell requested that under #1 b. about half way down where it states "Mr. Mitchell said he has always graded and maintained the road from route 15 to his yard area to a point where the road leaves his area and leads westerly to the well site", 'and all the way to the well area' be added. It was agreed and the minutes as corrected were accepted.

2. The financial reports were reviewed and accepted.

4. The meeting moved to item #4 Customer concerns:

Kenneth Mitchell, Sr. brought property maps of land, R.O.W. and an easement some of which he claimed was an incorrect reflection of land and land rights he sold to the District in 1970/71. The board agreed to work with him to try and straighten out discrepancies so an accurate map of these properties can be filed with the town clerk's office. Mr. Mitchell also questioned the boards interpretation of the agreement of Oct. 1, 1979 between the Mitchells and the Board of Trustees. Harold agreed to talk with Alan Morse and Robert Greenia, trustees at that time for clarification of the intent of this document which pertained to the granting of free water to the Mitchells.

3. Operator, Marc Maheux had submitted a written report of the month's activities. In his report the following was noted:

  1. Water use was down to 50,000. The repaired break at Odlum's contributed to the recorded low water use.
  2. Work done on the hydrants and valves was documented (see report). The trustees agreed that items A and E should be replaced to start since they involve inoperable hydrant valves. Harold will contact Marc for two estimates for the work that needs to be done. The first estimate for the priorty work (A & E) and an estimate for the rest of the work.

5. Old Business:

  1. The Wellhead Protection Grant is being reviewed by the Federal Government. Doug Heath, a federal hydro-geologist is doing the technical review. Page 19, item 1 of the report Harold will discuss with Ken Bannister of Wagner, Heindel and Noyes. He will also inquire of Mr. Bannister if his firm has sent a copy of the report to the state.
  2. The computer has arrived. Harold and Peter unpacked and set it up. Peter has had a chance to check it over and feels pleased with the system. Peter has purchased some computer supplies. We will order WordPerfect for Windows, DOS is already on the computer. Regarding other supplies, Harold will pick up some note books and inserts for the trustees and clerk's use. The hydrant behind the Browns River Middle School has been removed. The School District's representative and engineer did not show at the meeting set up with Harold and Marc Maheux. Harold will contact them again. Marc will order the reduced pressure zone backflow prevention device.
  3. We are required to collect 20 samples for lead and copper and we have until Dec. 31, 1993 to do the collecting. Harold will put together a list of people who might be willing to do this sampling or have the samples taken from their tap.
  4. We have had no proposals for the tank inspection. Harold had contacted Richard Downer at UVM, but he no longer inspects tanks. He suggested Chuck Dunham, a civil engineer who might do this. The outside also needs painting. The board suggested we have professional inspection of any tank painting that is done.
  5. The Kenneth Mitchell property map filing was discussed under #4, Customer concerns.
  6. The Fluoride and coliform bacteria sample results were reviewed - all acceptable.
  7. Harold will put in the backflow preventer at the church before the painters begin working on the painting job at the church.

6. New Business:

  1. a. Harold has found a good price on a chair and will purchase it for computer use. Tables will be purchased later as we establish size necessary for the computer and accessories.
  2. b   Harold brought up the need for a compound meter and backflow device for the Greenmont Lumber Co. He asked John and Peter to give this some consideration for discussion at the next meeting.
  3. Joan Stoddert, who is giving up the meter reading job, took Owen Boardman, our new meter reader on a tour of the meter locations to assist him in locating meters and readers. Joan has been an excellent representative for the District. The board felt a letter of appreciation to Joan was in order. The clerk will take care of this item.
  4. On July 5th around midnight Harold received a call from-the Fire Department that they had to tie into one of our hydrants to control a lumber pile fire at the lumber yard at Greenmont Lumber.
  5. We have received the final operator's report from Webster-Martin, Inc. and record drawings.

7. Other Business: none

8. The month's bills were reviewed for payment. Harold will check with Webster-Martin regarding their final bill and also check with the state for eligibility for grant participation (35%) and if okey, we'll submit this bill for State grant monies.

9. The meeting adjourned at 10:20 P.M.

Respectfully submitted:


Evelyn Sargent, Clerk




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