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Minutes for the February 1993 Meeting

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Minutes of February 1, 1993                                       

The monthly meeting of the Jericho-Underhill Water District's trustees was held on Feb. 1, 1993 in the basement of the United Church of Underhill. The trustee's January monthly meeting had been canceled due to date conflict and there was no business that could not be postponed. The February meeting was called to order by President Harold Sargent at 7:37 P.M., a delay from the posted meeting time of 7:00 P.M. The delay caused no inconvenience as no citizens showed up to attend. Also present were trustees Peter Mitchell and Bob Fowler and clerk Evelyn Sargent.

The minutes of the previous meeting of December 7, 1992 were reviewed and accepted.

The District's Cash Flow Statement's for the months of December 31, 1992 and January 31, 1993 plus the Water Supply and Distribution System Improvements Project for December 1992 and January 1993, inclusive were reviewed with discussion and approved.

Operator Marc Maheux was not in attendance but had reported to Harold the following:

a.Water use is holding at approximately 62,000 gallons per day, somewhat high but seems to be our norm-possibly still some leaks besides suspected leaks on Maple Ridge. This is much improved over the 1985, '86, and '87 typical daily uses of 100,000 to 114,000 gallons per day.

b.Marc has not provided the meter readin s for water use at Jeri-Hill's stone washing. 2-0)600

c.There have not been any water emerge cies in the last two months. There was a leak in the fluoride tank drain, so the tank from Pump House #1 was used to replace the leaky one. Marc noted we need to order more fluoride and he will place the order.

d.There have been three (3) more connections in Valley's Edge development since the first of December 1992, they are Lots #12; #24 and #27.

e.Marc also suggested we schedule the hydrant and line flushing for April or May.

Old Business:

a.We are still waiting for formal notification of our Wellhead Project's extension

request to April 1„ 1993.           Rec’d 2-?-93

b.A 6' chain-link fence with 3 strands of barbed wire was constructed to our satisfaction around the two new wells with two gates. We need to have some fill added this summer to grade around the fence in a couple of spots to make the fence secure.

c.The grading at the end of Liberty Lane at the new blow-off has been completed by Gary Lunderville (Road & Site).

d.The ditch at Joe O'Brien's has been constructed (also by G. Lunderville), this was done to prevent washout of the O'Brien's driveway when the tank overflows.

e.Harold presented a proposed letter addressed to Palmer Real Estate regarding their subdivision. The trustees approved the letter as presented.

f.The deeds relating to the controversy over ownership of land near the Hudsons need to be photocopied and sent to our legal counsel, Vince Paradis. Mr. Paradis will review the deeds and if he agrees that a recording error occurred, will propose a resolution. Bob will obtain copies of these deeds from the Jericho Town office.

g.Harold informed the board that the two final canceled checks, (for the tree removal and the fencing of the wells) have been sent to Marc Smith, chief auditor for The state's Department of Environmental Conservation in Waterbury. Harold had spoken with Mr. Smith, who informed him that we should be receiving in 1 to 2 months the report of 'State Grant' funds due us on the Project. A final grant check would follow acceptance of the final audit report by 3 to 4 weeks.

h.Harold was in contact with the owner of land (Mr. Foran) adjacent to the District's upper reservoir and had learned that the tree cutting work done was satisfactory.

i.Peter did an extensive review and search of information regarding the need to keep electric power connected to the old Pump House #1. He presented his calculations which showed that too little energy loss (theoretically) would occur so it's inconceivable that it would keep the cable dry. He needs to see the specs of the cable that was installed. Peter will pursue this matter to obtain an answer as to whether or not there is a need to keep the approximately 1000' of buried electric cable charged with electricity so it will remain serviceable.

New Business:

a.The possible need for a rate change was raised. This lead to a review of future District's needs. The probable need of a part-time operator and what the duties might be were discussed. In this discussion mention was made of the new sampling requirements that the new federal and state regulations are requiring. The cross-connection control program mandated by the State, the need to check the control building daily, the daily fluoride testing, meter readings, meter changes and new installations, data entry (ties) and general trouble shooting and inspections as jobs an operator would do. Bob suggested we write up a job description for an operator, then consider the financial needs to support one. Harold agreed to put a proposal together to present to the Board at the March meeting. Bob and Peter will make proposals for a rate structure to support the new demands being imposed by Federal and State agencies.

b.Peter had worked up a proposal for what our computer needs might be and suggested all review it and make appropriate notations. It was suggested the Board contact other similar 'businesses' and note their operations. Ed Moore in town has set up similar programs for the two towns, we will want to co-ordinate our map files with theirs. When we know what we need the Board can seek bids.

c.We have only one delinquent customer at this time.

d.Harold has the 'Operator's Certification' papers and will get them to Marc for him to execute and return to the Dept. of Environmental Conservation.

e.The new State requirements for water sampling were discussed under a. of this section.

Other Business:

a.Bob said he had put the additional 6 hydrant flags out where they were needed.

b.Harold picked up 3 locks the Board ordered from Marc. These are needed to lock the power switches in the ON mode at each well and at the control building.

c.Harold mentioned that he had voiced his concern about the hydrant that is owned by and located behind the Browns River Middle School with Principal Paul Corologos. Mr. Corologos said that he proposed that they eliminate that hydrant when the addition is built. The Board's concern is that the hydrant is served only by a 4" main which limits its value as a fire fighting element. It's also hidden out behind the school and has been the subject of vandals.

d.Harold also had talked with Joe O'Brien at the I.D. School. Their meter had broken in December. Harold informed Mr. O'Brien they don't need the three inch meter but could use smaller meter (1" or 11/4") instead. Harold also advised them they should hook their sprinkler system feed line upstream of the meter to yinsure reliable service if needed. He reminded Mr. O'Brien that there will be a $50.00 sprinkler fee assessed quarterly starting January 1, 1993

The bills were unavailable, the clerk will seek the Trustees' signatures during the coming week.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:24 P.M.

Respectfully submitted:


Evelyn Sargent, Clerk


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