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Minutes for the August 1993 Meeting

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Minutes of August 2, 1993                                                  

The monthly meeting of the Jericho-Underhill Water District's trustees was held on August 2, 1993 in the basement of the United Church of Underhill. The meeting was called to order by Harold Sargent at 7:08 P.M. Those present were H. Sargent, trustees Peter Mitchell and John Fowler, operator Marc Maheux and clerk Evelyn Sargent.

1. The minutes of July 12, 1993 were reviewed and accepted. Comments were asked for on the minutes of the Special District Meeting on July 12, 1993. The word 'eminent' should be 'imminent'.

2. The Cash Flow Statement was reviewed and accepted. The Project's financial Statement was also reviewed and a question arose as to what use the District can make of the remaining funds. Harold will consult Vince Paradis regarding the question.

3. Operator Marc Maheux reported a quiet month.

a. Water use is at a very favorable level.

b. Of the two valves that would not operator, Marc was able to get the one by The Sinclair Inn to turn. The one by the Wrisley property still needs to be repaired. A motion was made to authorize Marc to do the necessary work raising valves and exercising valves as necessary, except the hydrant problem at Valley's Edge Development. That problem should be corrected by Peter Hartwick, developer. The motion was passed. Harold will notify Mr. Hartwick of the hydrant that needs clearing of rocks. Marc also mentioned that curb stop valves at the Flower Shop and former Kingsbury property need some work in order to operate.

c. Marc stated he had been conversing with Paul Harriman regarding mapping of the District.

d. Harold noted for Marc's information that he had talked with the Fire Department and they will flush the hydrant on Rte. 15 west of Big Johns Riverside Store.

4. Customer concerns:

a. Harold presented a letter written by Alan Morse dated August 2, 1993 regarding the question of free water for Kenneth Mitchell, Sr. A motion was made that as long as Mr. Kenneth Mitchell, Sr. owns and occupies or owns and maintains his residence vacant he will not be billed for water. The motion was passed. This is based on the letter from Alan Morse dated August 2, 1993. Mr. Morse said he consulted with Robert Greenia, another trustee at the time of the agreement Corporate Resolution effective October 1, 1979 was drawn up and signed, and that the intent was to provide Mr. Mitchell with free water while he owned and occupied the chalet.

b. Harold received a call from Amy Morse complaining of a sulfur odor. Harold will look into this problem. Harold said it may be a magnesium rod in the hot water tank.

5.   Old Business:

  1. a. Harold had been unable to make contact with EPA (hydro-geologist) who is conducting the technical review. He will attempt to make contact. Harold had talked with Ken Bannister of Wagner, Heindel and Noyes, Inc. and had discussed some of the concerns Peter Mitchell had raised during his review. Harold will ask to have a copy of the review letter by Doug Heath sent to him
  2. b. The computer has yet to be tackled. There was a retail error in this billing for WordPerfect for 'Windows'. Peter took care of this matter and/the package should be enroute.
  3. Marc is working with the I.D. school on installing a meter and RPZ. Harold will speak with Joe O'Brien regarding testing the backflow twice a year. Harold will also contact Gordon Root pertaining to meters and a backflow proposal for Browns River Middle School. In discussion with Peter Bestenbostel it was learned the School District is serious about installing a proper hydran on the north side of the loop (across the road from Browns River School) and a new 6" main will be installed to serve it (if they have sufficient project money).
  4. Harold handed out copies of lead and copper rule information pertaining to sampling. John and Harold will be responsible for sampling seven sites each and Peter will do six sites. Designated sampling locations were assigned. Nitrate sampling also is needed. Harold will obtain the bottles and do this sampling. Nitrate samples must be collected by December 31, 1993.
  5. The DiStrict has received two proposals for the tank interior and exterior inspection. Water Solutions at $2,900 would include inspection and cleaning. Civil Engineering Assoc., Inc. would include inspection of inside and outside for $750 to $1,000. After discussing what exactly we could best afford and what must be done, the Board decided to look into a water draw-down and visual inspection including a video of the inside of the tank. Harold will contact Civil Engineering Assoc., Inc. to see if they would be interested.
  6. Harold will contact Vince Paradis regarding the filing of a map of the Kenneth Mitchell as requested by Mr. Mitchell.
  7. The hydrant valve repairs were covered under the operator's report.
  8. The need for a backflow protection device at Greenmont was discussed. Harold will pursue this matter and contact the mill owners. Peter mentioned the possible need for a compound meter.

New Business:

  1. A table for the computer was passed over for discussion when our needs are better understood.
  2. Harold provided Paul Harriman a Webster Martin map of the distribution system which included hydrant flows. Mr. Harriman is working with the Fire Department on fire flow designations. Harold offered a proposed/hydrant numbering system working clockwise from the source. Peter moved to adopt the suggested numbering plan as proposed. It was so voted.

7.   Other Business:

  1. Harold summarized a letter dated July 19, 1993 that he had received from Glen Zuber of the Water Supply Division of the Agency of Natural Resources. This letter listed four items their office felt were still outstanding. Harold will resolve these items to facilitate closing out the Project. A letter dated July 19, 1993 was received from Dwight Weller of the Public Facilities Division of the State designating $3,750.79 of miscellaneous expenditures that have been determined eligible for State grant funding.
  2. Vince Paradis reviewed the proposed deed from Peter Hartwick's attorney for Valley's Edge Development. In his (Vince's) letter to the District dated June 21, 1993 he set forth his comments and suggestions after reviewing the proposed deed. Harold will send a letter to Peter Hartwick's attorney incorporate most of Mr. Paradis' suggestions for the Board.
  3. Harold will provide Paul Harriman and the Fire Department with a copy of the water distribution map designating the numbered hydrants.
  4. Starting with the new fiscal year we need to set up a payroll system as the need for additional work entails payroll. The clerk asked for permission to seek help in setting this system up. The Board approved this request and Bob Fowler offered to contact an accountant who may have time to assist the clerk in getting started.
  5. The idea of installing a plaque in the new control building with the names of the trustees, contractors and engineers who worked to bring the Project to completion was suggested by Harold. It was recommended the trustees give this some thought and be prepared to discuss it at the next meeting.
  6. f. The New England Water Works Assoc.'s annual conference is being held in South Burlington this year. There will be a good presentation of the Lead and Copper Rule on Tuesday plus other useful information. Operator Marc Maheux had indicated an interest in attending one day of this 31/2 day conference. A motion was made to provide Marc with the $80.00 to attend one day at the conference. The motion was passed unanimously. A motion was made to finance this conference for one trustee, should he choose to attend. This motion was passed unanimously. Harold will be in attendance as a engineer for the State Health Department.
8. The month's bills were reviewed. Approval was turned down for membership in the New England Rural Water Assoc. All other bills were approved.

9. Due to Labor Day, the next trustee meeting was set for Wednesday, September 8, 1993 at 7:00 P.M.

10. The meeting was adjourned at 10:40 P.M.

Respectfully submitted:



Evelyn Sargent, Clerk




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