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Minutes for the September 1992 Meeting

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Minutes of September 14, 1992                                          

Due to Labor Day Holiday the regularly scheduled Trustees meeting was held on September 14, 1992 (the 2nd Monday of the month) in the basement of the United Church of Underhill. The meeting was called to order by the District President Harold Sargent at 7:02 P.M. Those present were Trustee Peter Mitchell, operator Marc Maheux and. clerk Evelyn Sargent. Also present was Mr. Warren Palmer of Palmer Real Estate and Development.

The minutes of August 3 and 4, 1992 were reviewed and accepted. The minutes of the Emergency meeting held on August 10, 1992 were also reviewed and accepted.

The Treasurer's reports of the District and the Project were reviewed and accepted.

Mr. Palmer presented detailed water system drawings depicting water lines to serve his proposed development situated at the intersection of state Route 15 and Raceway Road (near the electric transformer station). The Trustees had opportunity to individually review these plans prior to the meeting and after a brief discussion Peter made the motion to approve Mr. Palmer's plans dated July 20, 1992 titled Creekside by Schreib Engineering Inc. of East Fairfield, VT consisting of two sheets, No. 3 and No. 5. Mr. Palmer requested to pay for the 8'! main tapping fee in five (5) payments to be made with each connection fee. Peter made the motion to accept Mr. Palmer's request to pay the $6,000.00 main line connection fee in 5 equal increments as each regular house connection fee becomes due. Accordingly, $2,400.00 will be due as each completed house is connected for service. The motion passed unanimously.

Operator Marc Maheux reported the following:

(a) Two new meters were installed at Valley's Edge (P. Hartwick's) Development.

(b) The hydrant maintenance has been completed.

(c) The broken hydrant on Steam Mill Rd. has been repaired.

(d) Marc voiced the need to do a preliminary leak detection survey as water use is increasing (74,000/day).

(e) Mothballing of the old Pump House (#1) was discussed. This was approved to be done at an earlier Board meeting. Marc will install the 8" valve and dewater Pump House #1.

(f) Gary Lunderville still has to bring some fill to complete the blow-off job repair on Liberty Lane done last winter.

There were no customer concerns.

Under Old Business:

(a) The letter dated August 6, 1992 signed by Rodney Pingree of the State's Drinking Water Division of the Dept. of Environmental Conservation was reviewed and discussed. Harold had talked with Jeff McDonald of Webster-Martin, Inc. (new water source Project Engineers) regarding completion of the check list items issued by the State. Harold asked Jeff to determine the water tests the State wants and to let him know.

(b) Nearly all of the field data of the District's watershed has been obtained by Christiana Keith. She has completed 110 units with 11-12 to do. Harold has done Greenmont Lumber, Riverside Campground, Grace Mills and Dwyer Mills. We still haven't received the verification of the extension from EPA (Boston - Tara Tracy). Harold has tried to make contact with her.

(c) A letter dated August 20, 1992 signed by Marian Fay, Chairman of the Underhill Zoning Board granting approval for a variance of 2.1 acres from the minimum lot size requirement (5 a) for our property on River Road was received.

(d) Water sampling reports were good. Harold will contact Rinette Seals to request the test results from the State's testing.

(e) Mothballing Pump House #1 was discussed in the Operator's report above. (f) Harold will call the Fire Department Chief to advise them that repairs have been completed on the Steam Mill Rd. hydrant.

(g) The time delay has been installed at the control building to to prevent the second pump from coming on too soon.

(h) Bob Fowler will give us an estimate to cut away grass, wire brush and paint the hydrants. Doing the worst 14 , at this time. A motion was made to approve paying up to $15.00 per hydrant to have this work done. The motion passed.

(i) Gary Lunderville has been notified by Marc to complete soil grading on Liberty Lane at the blow-off.

(j) A copy of the Kenneth Mitchell, Sr. property's water agreement was reviewed. It was decided by the Board • that the clerk should bill Mr. Mitchell when he rents the property as per the agreement.

(k) Pump House #1's hay/grass was mowed by Cliff Hill. Part of the metal roof on the Pump house has come loose. Harold and Peter will take care of this repair.

(l) Harold presented a letter noting a death in Alaska due to fluoride poisoning for the Trustee's information.

(m) The fire department's use of the hydrants was discussed.-After a fire on Pleasant Valley Rd. the Cambridge trucks filled up at one of the District' hydrants.

(n) Harold stated that he spoke with Mr. Corologos, Principal-of the Brown's River Middle School concerning the improper hydrants (2) the school district owns. Mr. Corologos said he will propose that they install a new hydrant to replace the none-standard one in front of the school and agreed they will eliminate the none-standard one in the rear of the building. A six inch water line serves the front hydrant, but the rear one is only served by a four inch line (too small).

Under New Business:

(a) The new state sampling requirements were discussed. It was suggested that three sample points be established in the system for rotating samples collection points. One will be the Harold Sargent’s, Peter Mitchell’s .and Rinette Seals home with Dave Damkot being an alternate sample point. Harold will contact the Damkot’s and Seals and if satisfactory will send a letter to the State with our proposed sample plan.

(b) Harold has asked LaFayette Co. for an estimate to put a fence around the wells. They were to have been out to the area last Wednesday. The Board has received verbal State assurance the fence would qualify as State Grant basis. We should look into welding caps on the observation well and the Board discussed fencing around both wells. There are four (4) large trees that need to be removed as they could cause damage to the well heads if blown down. Peter made the motion to authorize Harold to look into tree removal cost at well head site and also at the upper reservoir (concrete) and installing a woven wire fence at the well site. The motion passed.

(c) Peter presented a proposal for changes in the Regulations of the Jericho-Underhill .Water District regarding hydrant use. This will be taken up in a special Emergency meeting or the regular meeting with the full board present.

(d) There was discussion of purchasing the 0.25 acre near the control building from Mr. Hudson. Peter made the motion to authorize Harold Sargent to offer Mr. Hudson $500.00 for this approximately 0.25 acre which appears to be adjacent to the control building access road. The Board should also offer to have the deed prepared. The motion was passed.

October 26, 1992, a Monday has been set for the Jericho-Underhill Water District's annual meeting to be held in the United Church of Underhill at 7:00 P.M.

In reviewing and approving the bills for payment, Harold suggested taking, the bills for the repairs of the Steam Mill Rd. hydrant to Red Hed Supply to discuss a possible adjustment.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:37 P.M.

Respectfully submitted:

Evelyn Sargent, Clerk



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