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Minutes for the October 1992 Meeting

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Minutes of October 4, 1992                                  

The monthly meeting of the Jericho-Underhill Water District's trustees was held on Oct. 4, 1992 in the basement of the United Church of Underhill. The meeting was called to order by Harold Sargent at 7:05 P.M. In attendance were Trustees Doug Keith and Peter Mitchell, clerk Evelyn Sargent and Bob Fowler a member of the District.

The September minutes were reviewed and accepted.

The treasurer reports, Cash Flow and Project reports were reviewed and accepted.

Operator, Marc Maheux was ill but had given a verbal report to Harold.

  1. (1) The owner's service line (plastic) leak at the Kuhn property (former Kearns property on Palmer Lane) has been repaired by the installation of approved Type "K" 3/4 inch copper pipe. (2) Two connections were made, one at Lot #13 of Valley's Edge and one for Guillette on Maple Ridge. (3) Harold brought up 'mothballing' Pump House #1 and Marc said he plans to do this next week.
  2. Item #4 was passed over as there were no customer concerns.

Old Business:

  1. (a) The State audit for the construction project has been done and is on hold pending cutting some trees on the wells site and installation of fencing. One fence company contacted is too busy to do it. Harold will contact F. E. Hart to invite a proposal to do the fencing. Harold will obtain an estimate from a local tree surgeon for Fall cutting. Final approval is within sight. The Test Bottles have been bought and Harold will sample the gravel developed well. 
  2. (b) Kenneth Bannister of Wagner, Heindel and Noyes is writing an 'interium' Well Head Protection report to submit to the State Department of Environmental Conservation as part of obtaining final approval. Christie Keith has completed a majority of the field information survey work. Harold will follow through with the survey completion. 
  3. (c) Water sample reports for coliform bacteria and fluoride were good. 
  4. (d) See Operator's report. 
  5. (e) John (Bob) Fowler has been doing the hydrant painting reported that all 7 hydrants on Raceway have boon completed. Hydrants on Route 15 have been primed. There are numbers to be affixed to each hydrant for identification when the painting is completed. 
  6. (f) Harold will check with Marc regarding soil grading at the end of Liberty Lane. 
  7. (g) See (a) above.
  8.  (h) Harold and Peter contacted Mr. George Hudson. He doesn't think the small piece of land he owns in Underhill near the access road to Well Site No. 2 protrudes beyond the water ditch. Accordingly, he sees no reason for the District to purchase that-piece of land since the traveled roadway is east, of the ditch. Doug andPeter will check into this further. 
  9. (i) Doug and Peter will set-to getting the hydrant flags mounted sometime after Halloween. (j) Harold and/Peter repaired the southeast corner of the metal roof on Pump House #1 one Saturday in September.

New Business:

  1. (a)The proposed rule changes were discussed at length. Peter made the motion to pass a resolution to propose amendments to Section 1. DEFINITIONS; Section 11. CROSS CONNECTIONS; Section 23. FIRE HYDRANTS; Section 25. WATER MAIN EXTENSION, PLAN APPROVAL AND CONSTRUCTION; and Section 28. CONNECTION FEES as spelled out in the attached sheet. Doug Keith seconded the motion and the motion was unanimously passed. (b)No further business was brought before the end of the meeting.


The monthly bills were received and approved.


The meeting was adjourned at 10:43 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Evelyn O. Sargent, clerk



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