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Minutes for the November 1992 Meeting

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Minutes of November 2, 1992                                  

The monthly meeting of the Jericho Underhill Water District's trustees and president was held on Nov 2, 1992 in the basement of the United Church of Underhill. The meeting was called to order by Harold Sargent at 7:05 P.M. Those present besides Harold were trustees Peter Mitchell and Bob Fowler and clerk Evelyn Sargent.

The October minutes were reviewed and accepted with the Proposed Revisionsto the Regulations of the Jericho-Underhill Water District attached.

The treasurer's Cash Flow report was reviewed and accepted. There was only a change of interest added-to the Project funds with a balance of $5,919.08 at the end of October 1992.

Marc Maheux, our operator was not in attendance but had given a verbal report to Harold and be reported the following:

  1. Pump House 41's pipes have been drained and the facility 'moth-balled'.
  2. In making inspection of the trench for the water main into Warren Palmer's Creekside Development he noted that the electric and telephone lines appeared to have been placed on top of the water main. Peter moved to authorize Harold to write a letter informing Mr. Palmer that placement of electric conduits in close proximity to water mains was not approved on the plans. The District's Regulations do not permit this close association of water main and buried electric cable. The motion was seconded and unanimously approved.
  3. Marc will attend to the reported leak off Poker Hill this week. Stearns/Druke reported this when paying their water bill on Oct. 26th.
  4. No Halloween problems this year. The only customer concern was expressed by Peter. He mentioned they are again getting brown stains on their dishwasher--no answer seems to be apparent for he has not switched from the electric tank to the boiler for domestic hot water.

Under Old Business:

  1. Wagner, Heindel & Noyes has prepared a 'request for extension from Sept through Dec 1992' to EPA. Peter made a motion to pass a resolution to authorize Harold to act upon this request for an extension. The motion was passed.
  2. F. E. Hart Fence Company had given a bid of $2,463.25 to put in 215' of 6' fencing around each of the two wells on the well site south of Browns River. Harold said that he had contacted Labor and Industry and was informed we are authorized to lock the on/off switches in the 'on' position. Peter moved that we install the fence in accordance with F. E. Hart's estimate. This motion was seconded and was so voted.
  3. Ned Meehan has agreed to remove troublesome trees up on the upper (concrete) reservoir property on Maple Ridge and he is willing to transplant a half dozen young- maples to help screen the tank from the Foran property. The trees must stay 20' from the tank. Peter made the motion to authorize Harold to contract Meehan Tree Service to do this work at the upper reservoir property for a cost of between $180 to $300. This motion was seconded and so voted.
  4. Harold will contact Gary Lunderville to complete the grading on Liberty Lane left last winter during repair of the blow-off.
  5. The Palmer Real Estate project was addressed under the operator's report 'b'.
  6. Peter reported no change or progress on the Hudson property. He will try to obtain maps from Underhill Town to establish the nature of the problem. There are some maps to be looked over in the safe deposit box we have at Merchant's Bank.
  7. Water sample reports for coliform bacteria and fluoride from the State Health Lab were good. Also the radiological sampling done on the new "test" well showed results of 1/5 of the standard of 15 pic/1.

Under New Business:

  1. Da mid-October a limb fell and cut electric power to the tank. This caused the steel water tank to overflow. This eroded Joe O'Brien's driveway and some on the Town Road. Peter made the motion to authorize Harold to contact a contractor to bring in some gravel and re-construct the ditch uphill of the O'Brien's driveway, not to exceed $500.00. Joe O'Brien gave permission for this to be done. The motion was seconded and so voted.
  2. Leaks were discussed in the operator's report under 'c'.
  3. A brief discussion took place regarding a an inquiry about possible service outside the district east of Mary Bushnell's. As we had no formal inquiry, no action was taken.
  4. Clearing trees and brush at the upper reservoir was discussed under Old Business 'c'. 
  5. Under item #7 of the agenda Harold presented the following proposal for consideration, he suggested asking one of our district representatives to the State Legislature to amend our No. 317 An Act To Establish and Incorporate the Jericho Underhill Water District, Sec. 6 Officers to consist of three (3) trustees instead of two (2) trustees and one (1) president and make other changes to make the directive relevant with this change. This will need a little work, Harold will contact the Secretary of State's office for some guidance.
  6. Harold said Mr. Charles Hurley of CVPS informed him that it is preferred to leave the buried electric cable charged (to Pump House #1) in order to keep water out of the electric conduit. Peter will make some inquiries regarding this situation. This is a difference of cutting the power off at the telephone pole on Rte 15 or leaving it on with no power draft at the Pump House.

The month's bills were reviewed and signed. The meeting was adjourned at 10:15 P.M.

Respectfully submitted:


Evelyn O. Sargent, Clerk


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