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Minutes for the March 1992 Meeting

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Minutes of March 2, 1992

The monthly meeting of the Jericho-Underhill Water District was held on March 2, 1992 in the basement of the United Church of Underhill. The meeting was called to order by Harold Sargent at 7:04 P.M. Those also present were trustee Doug Keith, operator Marc Maheux and clerk Evelyn Sargent.

The minutes of the previous meeting on February 3, 1992 were reviewed and accepted.

The treasurer's reports were reviewed and accepted. Doug Keith made the motion that we make a payment to Blow & Cote, Inc. on Contract #3 in the amount of $2,125.00. This will leave a balance due on Contract #3 (Poker Hill work) of $7,000.00. The motion was seconded and passed.

Marc reported that the test well is now electrically connected. Controls are still a problem, the anti-surge control is not functioning. The telemetry system is also giving a problem. Marc said Walt Douglas (the electrician hired by Hydro-Group, Inc.) had talked with Webster-Martin regarding the electrical problems. Harold stated he also had spoken with Al Mosey of Webster-Martin regarding replacement of the defective sub-trol. It is the sub-contractor (Erickson's) responsibility under the Blow & Cote contract. Marc indicated it may be wise to purchase a 4-20 milli-amp regulator eventually to calibrate and set the controls that turn the pump on and off based on water level in the tank. (b) There was a leak on Palmer Lane, frost appears to have raised the blow-off and the plastic pipe snapped near where the G.I. pipe was connected. This has been fixed with some modification. (c) Marc said he needed to pick up some supplies at Red Hed, then he will attend to the leak problem at the Calvary Church. (d) The old Pump House #1 was operated to waste and all is in good order. The board discussed de-activating the old Pump House, draining pipes etc. so we wouldn't need to heat the building. The cost of de-activating and savings in electric bills needs to be compared. (e) Also discussed at this time was a couple of complaints of sulfur odor in the water. Harold will ask David Sullivan when his animals were buried. (f) Harold will try to acquire a fluoride test kit for Pump House #2.

No citizen/customer's concerns or comments were forth coming so item #4 of the agenda was passed over.

Under old business the first item (a) was covered in the operator's report. In addition Harold stated he had had no further word from Ken Gaynor of Hydro-Group. Harold said he had been in contact with Walt Douglas, the electrician, it has been three weeks now with the controls working improperly. (b) Harold reported he had talked with a person from EPA who seems knowledgeable and is the supervisor of special grants. We need to show we have sought bids from other contractors, but for grants under $20,000. we may award the job to the contractor of our choice. There is a need to look for minorities to perform sub-contract work if possible. (c) The 6 hour lead sample came back .026 ppm taken at the control building and representative of water at rest in the main between pump and sample point. We need to take a sample when water has been running at the Pump House and also there needs to be a further check on materials used in the well. (d) Water samples are good on Pump #1, needs to be tested before it goes on line. (e) Harold stated he had reviewed the fluoride testing procedures again with Rinette Seals. She will be gone 10 days in March and Doug will do the testing in her absence. (f) Doug had maps of the District's boundaries. Harold will have 5 or 6 copies made up. Harold and Doug will plan a visit with. Don Balch to see if he can help furnish them with further information on landowner's property boundaries. (g) Our meter reader, Joan Stoddert reported that Barnerd Coffey had refused her access to his meter for the 2nd quarter in a row. Harold saw him February 28th and explained the need and our rights to read the meter. Mr. Coffey said that this summer he'll have an outside reader installed and for April 1st he will let the meter reader in the bulk head door. (h) The clerk/treasurer reported - that she had sent out 38 'past due notices'. These are sent out 30 days after the billing date, shut-off notices will be sent out after 60 days of non-payment.

Under new business, Harold requested permission to spend up to $115.00 for test kits to test for chlorine and phosphate. Dour made the motion to grant Harold's request and it was unanimously passed.

Under other business, Harold mentioned he felt the Board should review the water rates to be certain they appear equitable.

The District's bills were reviewed and signed. The meeting was adjourned at 9:45 P.M.

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