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Minutes for the June 1992 Meeting

June 4 1992 Special Meeting

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Minutes of June 1, 1992                                                  

The monthly meeting of the Jericho-Underhill Water District was held on June 1, 1992 in the basement of the United Church of Underhill. The meeting was called to order by Harold Sargent at 7:07 P.M. Those present were trustees Doug Keith and Peter Mitchell, operator Marc Maheux and clerk Evelyn Sargent. Also present was Tom Nugent, realtor on behalf of Mary Bushnell.

Due to illness and thus the lack of a quorum on May 4, 1992 there was no May meeting.

The April 6, 1992 minutes were reviewed and accepted.

The Treasurer's April and May Cash Flow Reports for both the District and the Project were reviewed and accepted. The treasurer noted that $2,400.00 had been received from Peter Hartwick and will be reflected in the June 30th 'Hook-Up Fees' balance.

Item #4a of the agenda was taken up at this time. Mr. Nugent presented a letter dated May 14, 1992 addressed to Harold Sargent requesting that the Water District apply for a variance for property conveyed to the Jericho-Underhill Water District by Mary Bushnell. There is an application fee for the variance of $50.00 and Ms Bushnell requests payment of same by the District in accordance with terms of the purchase option. It was acknowledged that since the District owns the land that it should apply for the variance. Doug Keith made the motion to pay the $50.00 and to apply for the variance. The motion was seconded and was passed. Mr. Nugent offered to secure the necessary maps and deliver them to the Underhill Town Clerk's office.

Item #5 - Operator's report. Marc stated that

(1) most of the meter problems that surfaced with the meter reading of April 1st have been taken care of (notations of same on file).

(2) Peter Hartwick has hooked-up two more lots, #17 and #18.

(3) Doug mentioned the 'disconnect boxes' are easily accessible by unauthorized persons. The Board authorized Marc to order enough padlocks to lock the 'boxes', keying these locks with the rest of the District's locks.

(5) Marc noted there was a large draw-down at the time of the recent fire on Alpine Drive. He checked the control building and noted that both pumps came on as they should. Doug had talked with Dave Tillotson regarding these large draw-downs. It was suggested we ask the Fire Department to estimate the usage every time they hook-up to a hydrant and if it is for a fire to give us the name of the owner along with the amount of water used. Marc suggested speaking to Mr. Erickson regarding a 5 minute delay to pump #2's turning on, an Add-Tech control. Harold will give Mr. Erickson a call to see if this can be done. It is costly to the District whenever a high-use demand occurs such as is caused when both pumps are activated simultaneously. Peter suggested a warning on the annual meeting agenda regarding billing for water used during a fire. He believes most insurance companies would cover this cost for the homeowner.

(6) Marc said he hoped to flush the hydrants sometime between mid-June and mid-July. He will notify the clerk when he is more certain of his schedule so notice can get into the Free Press and if possible the Mountain Villager.

(7) Harold had talked with the Red Hed Co. regarding the repair of the hydrant on Steam Mill Road. When the bill arrives he will talk with Dave Tillotson, chief of the Fire Department regarding the firemen's damage to the hydrant in turning it on and off. Marc said we are still getting gravel and stone at the pumps ­no explanation as to why.

(8) The water sampling results for Fe, Mn, P04, Pb and are not back yet from Kjell Laboratories.

Item #4b. Mr. Dan Gerard's water still appears to have an iron staining problem. Harold purchased some 'Iron Out' and left some with Mr. Gerard and also with Peter Mitchell. It worked well at Peter's, but there's been no word from Mr. Gerard. Harold talked with Ron Villeneuve, the original owner of the Gerard property on Park St. Mr. Villeneuve said that he had put in plastic pipe. Harold said, however, that he's observed that steel pipe (all rusted) penetrates Gerard's basement floor and connects to copper pipe. Gerard and Mitchell each have boilers that supply baseboard radiation heat and domestic hot water.

Item #5a final payments have been made to Blow & Cote, Inc. and Hydro-Group, Inc., the two prime contractors for the two contracts. In addition we paid Mr. Erickson extra for electrical work they did recently to incorporate the new well (second well- #2) into the system. The access road upgrading work has been done using a good gravel/crushed stone mix from the Cliff Hill pit. This job included

1) raising the main gate

2) top soil to fix the deep ruts left by Hydro-Group

3) backfilling a small excavation across the river and

4) application of 8" deep gravel mix on access road and parking area. Still to be done, top soil applied, graded and seeded. Wayland Myott and Gary Lunderville did this work together. There are two items still to be done on the project, Mr. Douglas needs to install a lightning arrester and Webster-Martin will install a screen over the 6" blow off, both jobs are at the well site.

b. Due to a delay in starting the wellhead demonstration project (EPA grant) due to misunderstanding of award procedures, the Board will need to ask for an extension. Harold will participate in a conference call with Tara Tracy, Doug Heath, Tom Kneeland (of EPA) and Ken Bannister/and Jeff Noyes,(both of Wagner Heindel and Noyes) on June 2, 1992 to discuss this matter, provided the Board voted to pursue the Wellhead Protection Grant. The Board's decision was to apply for an extension of the grant.

c. A sulfur odor was reported to Marc by someone at the Greenmont Lumber Mill and also at Peter Hartwick's development. Harold had instructed Marc to turn the chlorinator on and we have heard of no more problems.

d. The bacti sampling reports for April and May were good (negative). April's fluoride report was good, no report yet for May.

e. The culvert on the access road to the old pump house (#1) was repaired by Marc and Gary Lunderville. We are still waiting for the Red Hed Supply Co. to repair the broken Steam Mill Rd. hydrant. Harold will call Red Hed again. Marc has repaired the school meter and billed them from him.

f. Warren Palmer called Harold two weeks ago and Harold verified to him that he is entitled to one water connection (to replace the hook-up formerly to the barn) to serve a single family home. He told Harold he plans to build eight (8) single family houses north of where the barn was situated.

g. Some loam needs to be added and seeded at the blow-off on Palmer Lane where repairs were made last winter.

h. Harold checked out Kingsbury's high water use and found it was due to additional family members visiting for an extended time. He spoke to Mrs. Kingsbury regarding service to the former Kingsbury barn that is being renovated by her nephew and reminded her that since the barn was served before that service could be resumed if new copper pipe was installed to the main.

Under new business

a. receipt of proposed state water system rules were noted. They will start charging 50(P a connection per year to help support the State's water program; new standards re: bacteria, lead and copper will be tightened. Harold noted the pH of our water ranges between 7.6 and 7.8 which is excellent.

b.1. Flushing to be done soon - see operators report. 2. Maple Ridge problem was passed over for future consideration. 3. Hydrant painting was passed over for future consideration. 4. The cost trade-off of draining Pump House #1 or insulating was discussed. Harold will ask Marc for an estimate for draining the pump house. 5.Harold received a proposal to inspect and remove sediment from the storage tank from Bill Cornish of Water Solutions in Connecticut. One option is to hire Marc to do the inspection. No decision was made. 6. and 7. were passed over for future consideration.

c. Harold has asked Green Mountain Earth Care NOT to mow at Pump House #1 and to slightly expand area mowed on the access road to the new control building and wells. Cliff Hill will cut as much of the grass on the side of the well point mound as he can get when he mows the meadow at well site #1.

The April and May bills were reviewed and signed. The meeting was adjourned at 11:13 P.M.

Respectfully submitted:


Evelyn 0. Sargent Clerk




Minutes of June 4, 1992 Emergency Meeting.

The District Board held an emergency meeting on the evening of June 4, 1992 at Harold Sargent's home to deal with a water main leak on Maple Ridge in Underhill and to take action on liability insurance. Those present were Harold Sargent, trustee Doug Keith and clerk, Evelyn Sargent. Harold called the meeting to order at 9:50 P.M.

Addressing the Maple Ridge problem, Doug Keith made the motion to give Harold Sargent the authority to give Marc Maheux, system's operator permission to proceed with the best solution to repair the water leak on Maple Ridge. The motion was passed. A large leak was discovered near the Derouchie (formerly Ryan) and Taft properties. Marc had found the curb stop, but was unable to turn the water off. Marc had done a chlorine test and found the running water was from the District's system.

Harold presented via the Vermont League of Cities & Towns a personal liability insurance policy of $1,000,000.00 for officers and agents performing duties of the District for an annual premium of $689.00. We would also have to become associate members of the Vermont League of Cities & Towns at an annual cost of $250.00. Doug Keith made the motion authorizing Harold Sargent to apply for the Public Officials Legal Liability Insurance to cover elected officials from Hasting -Tapley Insurance in the amount of $1,000,000.00 and to facilitate this by joining the Vermont League of Cities & Towns. The motion was passed.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:15 P.M. Respectfully submitted:

Evelyn O. Sargent Clerk



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