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Minutes for the July 1992 Meeting

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Minutes of July 6, 1992                                          

The monthly meeting of the Jericho Underhill Water District's trustees was held on July 6, 1992 in the basement of the United Church of Underhill. The meeting was called to order by Harold Sargent at 7:12 P.M. Present were trustees Doug Keith and Peter Mitchell and clerk Evelyn Sargent. Also in attendance was contractor Warren Palmer of Palmer Real Estate and Development of Jericho, Vermont.

The minutes of the June monthly meeting were reviewed and passed with the following corrections, at the bottom of page 1 sampling results for P06 should be PO4 and Cu should be added. Midway on the left hand margin on page 2 the word 'pursue' was misspelled. The minutes of the Emergency meeting of June 4th were reviewed and accepted. It was noted that the leak behind the Baxter's home on Maple Ridge in the plastic line that serves the former Ryan property has been repaired. Replacement of the plastic pipe serving a portion of Maple Ridge needs to be done.

The Treasurer's reports of the District and the Project were reviewed and accepted.

The Operator's report was passed over to listen to Mr. Palmer's concerns. Re-novations are being made to the former Kingsbury barn on Rt 15 to convert it into living quarters. Water service was discontinued a few years ago by the district due to a ruptured plastic service line. A new service line needs to be laid from the building to the curb stop, which is situated south of the Kingsbury property opposite Warren Palmer's development. This involves going across Mr. Palmer's property (Lot #6 on Rt 15). Mr. Palmer proposed serving his Lot #6 by the existing Kingsbury 'barn' property curb stop and that the Kingsbury tap go straight to the main and he (Mr. Palmer) will pay for this tap.. Doug made the motion to accept Mt. Palmer's proposal to make arrangements with the Kingsbury property owners to use their existing curb stop and he (Mr. Palmer) will pay the cost of connecting the Kingsbury line from a new curb stop to the 8" main opposite the Kingsbury property. Peter seconded the motion and the motion passed. Mr. Palmer also brought up the matter of service to his five lots without a hydrant. The Board said they would need confirmation from the Fire Department that the hydrant was unnecessary. The Board will postpone their decision until after hearing from the Fire Department.

Also under agenda item #4, customer's concerns, Doug said the meter reader had advised him of reported bad taste, brown water and low pressure at the Dale Thompson property. Doug will follow up on this with a phone call to Mr. Thompson. Also another customer (the Tortolano's) have been buying bottled water due to bad taste. Doug asked if we still had an outstanding water bill due from Dianna Brownell (a former renter of the Ryan now Derouchie property). Ms. Brownell still has not responded to a certified letter sent June 15, 1992 advising her of her outstanding Oct 11, 1991 bill of $74.32 plus interest. Doug will try to reach her by telephone.

The operator Marc Maheux had submitted his report in writing. Report is filed with last month's reports. The Board questioned number 4 following D; Harold will contact Marc for an explanation. Harold reported that he received the PO4 and chlorine test kits that the clerk ordered for the District.

Old Business:

a. Harold had talked with Ron Poor and Al Mosey twice regarding the blow-off screening and gravel well lightning arrester. He had also talked with Stan Wilbur.

b. There will be an onsite visit by EPA representatives the last of July. The board discussed the hiring of someone to do the field survey work. It was suggested that an emergency meeting might need to be held after receiving more information on the wellhead project.

c. The zoning variance has been applied for but there is no word yet of a hearing.

d. The bacteria report was negative (good). The fluoride was 1.0 ppm on June 24th, free chlorine residual was 0.25 and the pH was measured to be 7.9.

e. This item was covered in the Operator's report.

f. This item has boon taken care of with Mr. Palmer's visit.

g. Harold explained how he believes Pump House #1 can be 'mothballed'. The Clerk was asked to call CVPS to inquire what the monthly base fee would be with electricity turned off at Pump House #1. Harold will try to set up a meeting with Marc at the pump house to go over the possibilities.

h. Two raw samples were collected. One was sent to Kjell Labs for Lead, Copper, Nitrate, PO4 and Iron and the other sample was brought to the State Lab for verification of Mn.

i. The Board has purchased personal liability insurance from Hasting-Tapley Insurance through the 'Vermont League of Cities & Towns'. Coverage is for $1,000,000. each occurrence with a $1,000. deductible. The annual premium is $689.07 plus membership fee for VLCT of $250.00. This insurance also covers contractual personnel i.e. the meter reader and fluoride tester.

New Business:

a.l. Peter Mitchell will contact Dave Kelly for any information regarding the old (Paul Jones) water supply on Maple Ridge. Harold will contact Marc for an estimate of the cost to put a new service to the Derouchie (former Ryan) property.

a.2. Harold will write to the State regarding funding for extending our line on Poker Hill Rd.

a.3. Peter will investigate what needs to be done to get the hydrant painting done.

b. It was suggested we purchase a 20 minute time delay control device to delay start of the second pump. Doug made the motion to authorize Harold to purchase up to two time delay devises from Erickson Co. The motion was seconded and passed. Harold had talked with Allen Davidson regarding the possibility of such a purchase.

c. It has been evident that some sort of file cabinet is needed in the new Pump House #2. A motion was made to authorize up to $50.00 for the purchase of a used file cabinet. The motion was seconded and passed.

d. After some discussion Doug made the motion to pay off Blow & Cote, Inc. Contract *3 (Poker Hill job) the outstanding balance of $7,000.00 plus interest. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

e. Harold will write a letter to the Department of Environmental Engineering advising them of the completion of our Water Supply Improvement Project and ask for an audit. Harold will also call Don Weller regarding the cost under run.

f. The clerk made note that as of July 1, 1992 we are serving 254 units/households with 203 meters and 4 non-metered. 198 plus 6 'no charge' bills were mailed 7/10/92.

The monthly bills were reviewed and signed. The meeting was adjourned at 11:23 P.M.


Respectfully submitted:

Evelyn O. Sargent, Clerk


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