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Minutes for the January 1992 Meeting

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Minutes of January 6, 1992                                     

The monthly trustees meeting of the Jericho-Underhill Water District was held on Jan. 6, 1992 in the basement of the United Church of Underhill. The meeting was called to order at 7:05 P.M. by Harold Sargent. Also present were trustees Doug Keith and Peter Mitchell, operator Marc Maheux and clerk Evelyn Sargent.

The minutes of the previous meeting of Dec. 2, 1991 were reviewed and accepted.

The treasurer's Cash Flow Report and the report of the Project's funds were reviewed and accepted.

The operator's report consisted of several items.

(a) Marc said Joe O'Brien reported a leak on Maple Ridge near the former Paul Jones property. Marc investigated and stated that the Ryan property was a real possibility. This will need to be repaired in the spring time or sooner if possible.

(b) He brought up, fluoridation testing. Harold spoke with Ruth Taylor, Technologist of the Health Dept. She is firm in her recommendations that we test daily. It was suggested that due to the maximum safeguards on our system and the fact that there has been no incidence of any problems in Vermont might help negotiate a reduction in the testing requirements to 3 times per week. A breaker box and a second flow switch could be added. The Board reaffirmed the desire to continue fluoridation. Harold stated the primary benefits start with the fetus up through children to 3 to 4 years of age. There is also some benefit to the bones of adults and especially the elderly. Marc recommended the Board send a letter of explanation to the customers requesting their input. It was agreed to send a letter with the January 10th billing.

(c) Marc spoke with Walt Douglas regarding the electrical work that needs to be done to get the second well of the project operational. Mr. Douglas stated he would start the 15th or 16th of January. Marc suggested contacting Gary Lunderville to move Mr. Douglas and equipment across the river. The Board agreed and Marc will confer with Mr. Douglas and Mr. Lunderville and work out suitable arrangements.

(d) Marc reported a problem with the Flow recorder whereby the charts don't move. He will continue to work at getting this fixed. (e) Three accounts were turned over to Marc for collection and were collected.

(e) Marc suggested we run the old pumps in our old back-up system quarterly.

No concerns or comments were forthcoming in item #4 of the agenda.

Under old business items:

(a) note the Operator's report. Harold had been in contact with Webster-Martin regarding Mr. Douglas' statement earlier that he was waiting for the electrical panel from Hydro-Group. Webster-Martin stated that Hydro-Group would mail the panel to Mr. Douglas in time so the well should be in use by February 1, 1992.

(b) The Wellhead Protection Grant was signed for and accepted by former President David Damkot. We never received a check list. Harold had talked with Tara Tracy who advised him to contact Lois Adams.

(c) We haven't received the source to control building materials list from Webster-Martin yet. Harold has the lead container sample kit and will give it Marc to collect the follow-up sample for Lead.

(d) A payment of $8,000. was made to Blow & cote on Contract #3 (see Treasurer's report). Balance due is $9,125. We are paying monthly interest on the outstanding balance at 9%.

(e) The Singer Valve has been adjusted. Marc worked on the surge control system and resolved the problem.

(f) See the operator's report section for discussion of Fluoride testing.

(g) Harold had attempted to contact Fire Chief Tillotson but was not successful. He will continue trying. Peter said he had called the Town of Jericho regarding Warren Palmer's plans for the 'Wheeler' property on Raceway Road. The town had no knowledge of a planned development.

(h) The clerk had contacted our Inter reader, Joan Stoddert regarding meter to reader verification. Joan felt it would be more convenient for her and the customers if she did this during warmer weather (April).

(i) Peter Mitchell had done some water usage calculations to determine the number of new customers our system could accommodate and figured we could serve approximately 120 additional units. Peter had zoning maps from the Jericho Planning Program. Harold will get maps of the Jericho-Underhill Water District to Peter and also to Doug. Doug will coordinate possible grow potential from the Underhill Planning Commission. The Board needs to develop a fair way to allocate water for anticipated new connections. The clerk was asked to review the file for water requests. Since the moratorium has been lifted on new connections, the Board needs to be sure anyone seeking water can be accommodated.

New Business items:

(a) Three weeks prior to the meeting average daily water use was 60,000gpd. Maximum daily water use was 82,000gpd. Marc stated earlier that the average daily use had risen to about 80,000gpd. This may be a result of the leak on Maple Ridge.

(b) Doug made the motion that the District make a payment of $100.00 to the United Church of Underhill for use of the building for our monthly meetings. The motion was seconded and so voted.

(c) The possibility of doing some promotion of the water system at Harvest Market was brought up by Doug and it was discussed. No action was taken.

Under Other Business:

(a) Peter brought to the Board's attention an article Spectrometer will monitor plant nutrients for NASA which mentioned that possibly other industries could benefit from this new technology. This might sometime be available for water system's use. Harold said, he would check into the possibility of such a continuous monitor's availability.

(b) A work plan needs to be made regarding painting the hydrants this summer. (c) Harold suggested the Board consider purchasing a limited membership to the American Water Works Association for our operator. Doug made a motion to purchase said membership. The motion was seconded and passed.


The District's bills were reviewed and approved for payment


The meeting was adjourned at 10:45 P.M


Respectfully Submitted:


Evelyn 0. Sargent, Clerk



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