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Minutes for the February 1992 Meeting

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Minutes of February 3, 1992                                         

The monthly meeting of the Jericho-Underhill Water District was held on Feb. 3, 1992 in the basement of the United Church of Underhill. The meeting was called to order by Harold Sargent at 7:06 P.M. Also present were trustees Doug Keith and Peter Mitchell, operator Marc Maheux and clerk Evelyn Sargent. Also present later in the meeting was Rinette Seals, a customer/citizen of the District.

The minutes of the previous meeting of Jan. 6, 1992 were reviewed and accepted with one correction and three typing/spelling corrections. Under the operator's report section (e) it should read 'Marc suggested we run the old pumps in our back-up system on a quarterly basis unless problems deem it necessary to activate the pumps more frequently.

The treasurer's reports were reviewed and accepted. Mention was made of an additional hook-up fee that had come in after the report was compiled.

The operator Marc Maheux reported a very busy month with the new well.

(a) Gary Lunderville had worked with Marc and Walt Douglas, the electrician moving equipment across the river to wire up the new well. Marc had met with representatives from Webster-Martin, Inc., Hydro-Group (the contractors) and an electrical engineer from Dufresne-Henry. Marc explained that the electrical control box should be wired so the 'lag° pump will come on if the 'lead' pump fails to raise the water level in the storage tank. Hydro-Group needs to provide additional controls in the panel. There is no sub-trol control to cut power to the new pump if it draws too much current for some reason Kris Khatri of the State of Vermont concurred with the need and desirability of having the second pump come on if the water level in the tank continues to drop with the 'lead' pump on. Harold will contact Mr. Khatri for a written statement to verify this point. Marc said he and Walt Douglas expect to start up the newly wired system this Wednesday (Feb. 5) with Barry Miller of Hydro-Group. Harold will contact Jeff McDonald of Webster-Martin to make sure they provide the technical assistance required here to get what we want for pump controls.

(b) Marc will take another chemical sample on the 5th to check on Lead in the line from the pump to the control building (after 6 hours of contact). He will also get the fluoride system back on line.

(c) Marc presented a letter to the Board advising them of his hourly rate change from $30.00 to $35.00.

(d) Marc also addressed the damaged hydrant on Steam Mill Rd. which became damaged when the fire department drew water to fight a fire on Pleasant Valley Road, outside the district. The hydrant would not shut-off, Marc stopped the water flow after considerable effort as the main 6" branch valve cover was under ice. A plastic bag has been placed over the hydrant. It has not been determined if the break occurred when the hydrant was opened or when they tried to shut it off.

(e) The meter problems discovered during the reading of meters have not been addressed yet, but will be taken care of as soon as Marc can get to them.

At this point in the meeting we moved to item #7. Rinette Seals, a customer/member of the District arrived at this time and expressed her desire to take on the job of monitoring fluoride in the system's water. The importance of this testing and it's procedure were discussed. Mrs. Seals offered to do this job in return for free water from the District. The clerk read four notes/letters that were received in response to the letter January 10th explaining the District's future anticipated costs and requirements and asking the customers for their feelings regarding fluoridation and anything else regarding the system. We also inquired if there was someone interested in taking on the job of the daily testing of fluoride. Most of the comments favored fluoridation with one stating we should stop fluoridation to give people the choice of fluoride drops or pills at home.

Under old business:

(a) Project status and progress was covered during the operator's report(a). Harold had asked Jeff McDonald of Webster-Martin what we could expect to pump if both pumps are on line. With the aid of a computer, Jeff came up with 240 gpm with both pumps operating simultaneously.

(b) Harold is still making efforts to reach the grants coordinator for guidance. An employee change has slowed things regarding the status of the Wellhead Protection Grant. Complications (Government regulations, requirements etc. regarding minority group involvement) were discussed. Harold will follow-up and keep the Board apprised.

(c) As stated in the operator's report Marc will do the Pb (lead) follow-up testing Wednesday (5th). Harold had received a materials list from Webster-Martin and there was no apparent lead source in the materials listed.

(d) Water bacteria sampling continues to be good.

(e) Refer to the operator's report (b) regarding repair of the fluoride piping.

(f) Harold reached David Tillotson of the Fire Department and he agrees with the Water District's placement of hydrants requirement that structures be within 250 ft. of a hydrant.

(g) The hydrant that was damaged by the Fire Department was also covered in the operator's report (d).

(h) Exercising Pump House #1 was discussed. The possibility of deactivating the old Pump House to affect electric power savings was also discussed. Further discussion of this option or greater winterization of the building needs to be included on a list of projects for spring and summer. Doug made the motion to exercise the Pump House #1 on a quarterly basis-. The motion was seconded and unanimously passed.

(i) The clerk reported she had reviewed the "request for water connections" file. These are former applicants for water service made to the Board during the moratorium on new connections (1983-1991). The Board asked the clerk to contact those individuals either by letter or phone to let them know water is available. The Board suggested that when the new gravel well is on-line and both wells are accepted that a notice go our via newspaper explaining that new water sources are on-line and the moratorium against new water connections has been lifted,

(j) Referring to the article Peter brought to the Board's attention last meeting about new monitoring devises on the horizon, Harold said he would watch for anything along this line that might be used by our water system.

(k) A restricted membership to the American Water Works Association was obtained by the district for our operator, Marc Maheux. (1) Harold brought two copies of a map indicating the District's boundaries as they were best defined in 1987 by the Board after considerable research into lands that represent the District. Doug will check to see what he has for maps for the next meeting. The District's boundaries need to be more accurately defined as we consider future requests for water.

Under new business:

(a) Harold presented a copy of Valley's Edge's revised Site Plan (12-18-91) converting the multi-family units to single family lots for a total of 28 houses versus the prior plan for 24 houses and 8 multi-family units. He also had a copy of Valley's Edge's Typicals and Details, Sewage/Erosion Control, Storm & Landscaping  (12-18-91). The trustees were concerned about lot #7, #11 and #25 whereby the leach beds are on the front lawns where the water service line will cross. The service lines must be 25 ft. from the leach field. Doug Keith made the motion to approve the new site plans with the stipulation as stated on drawings #1, #3 and ill regarding the 25 ft between the leach field and water line. The motion was seconded and unanimously passed. Harold will write Mr. Hartwick a letter of approval. Act 250 and Jericho Planning also have to concur before work can proceed.

(b) Fluoride testing applicants were discussed. Rinette Seals' proposal was to do the job in exchange for the cost of her water. Doug made the motion to offer Rinette Seals the daily fluoride testing job. The motion was seconded and unanimously passed. Harold will inform Rinette of the Board's decision with a telephone call and confirming letter

As there was no other business the trustees moved on to review and approve the monthly bills presented.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:30 P.M.

Respectfully yours,


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