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Minutes for the December 1992 Meeting

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Minutes of December 7, 1992                                                                        

The monthly meeting of the Jericho-Underhill Water District's trustees was held on Dec. 7, 1992 in the basement of the United Church of Underhill. The meeting was called to order by President Harold Sargent at 7:07 P.M. Also present were trustees Peter Mitchell and Bob Fowler, clerk Evelyn Sargent and Russ Allan, right-of-way agent for Central Vermont Public Service.

The minutes of the November 2nd trustees meeting and the minutes of the Emergency Board meeting held on November 9, 1992 were reviewed and accepted.

The District's Cash Flow Statement and the Project's financial reports were reviewed and accepted.

Russ Allan, the right-of-way agent for CVPS presented for examination and signing a document giving the power and telephone companies an easement for service to their lines, pole(s) and other fixtures and appurtenances. After review by the Board a motion was made to pass a resolution to grant the easement as requested by CVPS iden­tified as CV/NE HWY. 61 Rev. 1/90, easement deed. The motion was seconded and passed.

4. Operator's report. Operator Marc Maheux was not in attendance due to an injury.

a. Harold noted that water use has dropped since the Druke/Stearns water line repair and has averaged 62,000 gpm.

b. Marc Maheux was hired by Druke/Stearns to install a new service line to their home replacing the inferior polyethylene pipe that had ruptured. Arrangements have been made between the owners and the District whereby payment for the work was made by the District and the owners (Druke/Stearns) have agreed to make equal monthly payments at 5% interest over a period of two years. Mr. & Mrs. Stearns expressed how pleased they were with the service and concern shown them by Marc and the Board. We need to obtain a sketch of the service line placement with ties from Marc.

c. The District received a request from Patrick O'Brien of O'Brien Realty owners of Jeri-Hill Associates .to use a hydrant to wash some dirty stone for a new leach field. We asked Mr. O'Brien to sign an agreement to have Marc present during the water use at their expense. The flow rate was not to exceed 150 gallons per minute and the water was to be metered. A motion was made approving the use of the hydrant as was stipulated by Harold Sargent in the agreement of November 15, 1992. The motion was seconded and passed.

5. Under Old Business:

a. We have had no word on the Wellhead extension request. Harold will contact Tara Tracy of EPA.

b. The fence is up around the wells. One of the gates needs adjustment. Harold will talk with Mr. Hart of the fence company located in Williston. Bob offered to put his high waders down in the pump house for use in crossing Browns River when necessary.

c. and d. Liberty Lane grading, the ditch at Joe O'Brien's, gravel for settlement

at the recent hydrant repair on Steam Mill Road and grading at Pump House

#1's valve installation area are to be done by Gary Lunderville of Road &

Site. He's postponed the work a couple of times.

e. No word regarding the Palmer Real Estate project. Still have received no certification from his engineer regarding construction of the water main and testing.

f. Peter Mitchell did a thorough search and prepared a detailed report regarding ownership of a small strip of land on the south side of the access road to Pump House #2. This is about 0.33 acres of land that we were lead to believe belonged to G. & J. Hudson of Jericho. Peter appears to have found an error in the Jericho deed records. After reading Peter's report dated November 25, 1992 and in concurrence with Peter's recommendation Harold contacted Vince Paradis, our attorney, to alert him of the apparent error. Mr. Paradis indicated that this could be corrected and the clerk was asked to get copies of the pertinent deeds for Mr. Paradis review. Both efforts will save the District attorneys fees.

g. We are very close to final approval of the new well Project. The sampling requirements have been met, tree removal has been accomplished and a fence installed- The 0 & M manual and the record drawings still need to come from our engineers. Harold will follow up on this with Webster-Martin.

h. The tree cutting and brush removal at the upper reservoir and the new well site has been completed by Meehan Tree Service. A very satisfactory job.

i. Peter put up the hydrant flags. He indicated we need about a half dozen more flags. A motion was made to authorize Harold to purchase up to 6 hydrant flags. The motion was carried. Harold will also check into spacers to be welded onto the six flags for use on hydrants with gaps between the. hose connection cover and the hydrant.

6. Under New Business:

a. A motion was made to raise the operator's pay to $75.00 per month effective Jan. 1, 1993. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously. A brief discussion followed regarding the upcoming State regulation requirements and the possible need for a part-time operator in the not to distant future. Along with the new regulations Harold will take care of working-up a sampling schedule. The Board received papers for operator application for a certificate of operation which will be forwarded to Marc.

b. In doing research for the Hudson Property Peter had the opportunity to speak with Ed Moore about our need to get our system set up on a computer. Peter said he would check into the possibility of an IBM grant to help with this need.

c. Harold mentioned that he felt a small rate increase in water rates will be necessary to support new state requirements for operation and sampling. Harold also mentioned a potential need to modify the manner in which the Board deals with customers who wish to be disconnected from the system.

d. A motion was made to make a $100.00 donation to the church in appreciation for use of their facilities for our meetings. The motion was seconded and approved unanimously.

e. Harold reported that he spoke with Robert Hill who said he is willing to do our plowing for the same rate as last year. A motion was moved to suspend plowing to Pump House #1 for the winter of 1992 and 1993. The motion was passed. A motion was made to hire Robert Hill to do the plowing at Pump House #2 this year. The motion carried.

7. Under Other Business:

a. Marc has ordered three new locks; one for each on/off switch that serves the main control building (outside) and the two well heads at the well site.

b. A motion was made to authorize each Board member to make purchases up to $25.00 out of pettycash as needed for District use. This motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

The month's bills were reviewed, signed and approved for payment. The meeting was adjourned at 10:50 P.M.

Respectfully submitted:


Evelyn O. Sargent, Clerk



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