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Minutes for the April 1992 Meeting

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April 6, 1992

Meeting of the Jericho-Underhill Water District Board at the United Church of Underhill

The meeting came to order at 7:08 P.M. with Trustees Peter Mitchell and Harold Sargent and Operator Marc Maheux in attendance.

Past minutes and financial reports acceptance was postponed to later in the meeting when the full Board would be present.

Operator's Report.

a. Marc said we need to order more polyphosphate (Aqua Mag Product). Harold will order it.

b. More Sodium Fluoride crystals are needed and Marc will place the order.

c. Marc met an hour with Walt Douglass (electrician for Hydro-Group, the well contractor) April 1. Mr. Douglass still was not able to wire the system to work as planned. He's not getting support plans he needs from the electric engineer. Harold will call Al Mossey of Webster-Martin and discuss the problem.

d. Marc mentioned Dan Girard had called him regarding iron stains. Harold will call previous owner Ron Villeneuve to learn what material was used for the service line. The house was built in 1965 and was probably served by the old water system (pre-1971 system).

e. Marc needs to pick up 20 new meters with outside readers. Then he can replace Tim Owen's and Green Mt. Foam defective ones. f. A large culvert near the corner of Pump Ho. #1 access road needs repair or replacement. There's a cave-in near the upgrade end and water flow is being restricted. The board agreed it needed to be taken care of.

Customer concerns.

Dan Girard had also called Harold Sargent and explained his iron problem. He said he gets rust-colored water following each use of hydrants along Steam Mill Rd. Use during the Halloween fire at the mill (Greenmont Lumber) and when the Fire Department used and broke the hydrant on Steam Mill Rd. caused a full day of rusty water and he claims it resulted in severe staining of his new Kitchen Aid dishwasher. Harold will investigate the matter.

Old Business.

a. Project Status: Project is still not complete, but close to it. Blow & cote wants to be paid their final payment of $9,716.52. Somehow the payment order did not get circulated for approval by all four parties. Harold will check into this matter. One problem has been getting the replacement subtrol unit from the contractor under the guarantee. It's been nearly a year since it mal-functioned.

b. Wellhead Demo Grant. No change. The Board needs to sign a contract with an appropriate contractor by July 1 to validate the grant. Otherwise the grant is lost. Harold will follow-up.

c. Water Solutions (Aqua -Mag supplier/distributor) has sent 4 sample bottles and Marc has them. He'll sample at Big John's, Dan Girard's and his own home and mail to the designated lab. We need this data to periodically evaluate the effective of sequestering the iron and manganese. We also need this info to further evaluate the trace amounts of lead-found in water between the wells and control building.

d. Doug Keith filled us in on the erratic test results he got when he tested daily for fluoride when Rinette was on vacation. His results ranged from 0.45ppm to 1.2ppm. Rinette called Marc with a 0.8ppm reading which alerted Marc to purchase more crystals.

e. Harold will contact Red Hed to repair the hydrant on Steam Mill Rd. that was damaged by the Fire Department.

f. Hydrant flushing was discussed. It appears to be necessary to perform again based on information given by Dan Girard and because it's been a year since last flushing. Marc will be contacted to arrange flushing.

g. Harold called the David Sullivan’s' to inquire when their barn fire occurred. It was April 28, 1986 and 26 head were buried down near the river. The burial site is estimated to be'800 to 1000 feet upstream of the municipal wells. We have two impeding geologic formations, one above the other which provide protection to the aquifer we draw from at 165-170 feet. However, there is concern that decomposing organic matter may produce H2S which may be the cause of the sulfur odor that a couple of families have reported.

New Business.

a. Use of Hydrant. During a controlled barn burning (owner Warren Palmer of Jericho) the Fire Department used 36,000 gallons (verified by chart at control building). The Board passed a motion that was made and seconded, to send a bill to Warren Palmer for the water used.

b. Summer Projects.

(1) Pump House #1. Annual electric costs were $1,300.00 last year. Consideration was given to possibly 'de­commission' the pump station by installing a main valve, and drain line and valve to drain the pipes so heat could be shut off. With two wells at the new well site, there is not the need to maintain this site 'ready for service'. It should be preserved, however, in the event the new well site becomes contaminated.

(2) Maple Ridge needs to be addressed. There's a leak that needs to be stopped, but to enable stoppage, we need to install a new line to serve former Ryan and Dyck properties.

(3) Poker Hill Extension. Harold will contact Department of Environmental Conservation to alert them of our project needs in case there is Federal grant money shaken loose to support a public works program.

c.     (1) Harold spoke to Paul Corologos, Principal of Browns River Middle School to recommend they obtain a new hydrant cap so it can be tightened to prevent vandalism (debris placed in hydrant).

(2) Hydrant flags will be picked up by Doug Keith and Peter Mitchell next Saturday.

(3) Insurance (personal liability) offered by the Pomerleau Agency: for $500,000 its $2,256/year; for $1,000,000 its $2,920/year - -this is with a $5,000 deductible. Harold will seek another bid or two. d. The Board unanimously passed a resolution proposed by Harold Sargent to spend up to $2,000.00 of Project under run monies to upgrade the new control building access road with crushed rock and a good bank-run wear surface.

Minutes. The minutes were unanimously accepted by the Board.

Treasurer's Reports. The Financial Reports of the Project and District were reviewed and unanimously accepted by unanimous vote by the Board.

Bills were reviewed and signed. Meeting adjourned at 10:50 P.M. Respectfully submitted,

Harold E. Sargent


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