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Minutes for the October 1991 Meeting

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Minutes of October 7, 1991                                  

The monthly board meeting of the Jericho-Underhill Water District was held on Oct. 7, 1991 in the basement of the United Church of Underhill. President David

Damkot called the meeting to order at 7:05 P.M. Those present were Dave, trustee Doug Keith, operator Marc Maheux and clerk Treasurer Evelyn Sargent. Also in attendance were Peter Mitchell, customer/member and Warren Palmer, builder/contractor of Jericho.

The minutes of the previous meeting held on Sept. 5, 1991 were reviewed and accepted.

The financial reports of the District were reviewed and accepted. The treasurer asked permission to transfer some of the project funds into a better paying account. This request was approved by the Board.

Mr. Warren Palmer appeared at the meeting to request approval for water service to serve a proposed 8-unit condominium project on the former Wheeler property off Rte 15 and Raceway Road. The Board gave him verbal assurance that there would be water available for this initial phase of his project. Mr. Palmer was informed that the Board will need a formal request along with detailed drawings and specifications plus the connection fee before the Board will issue final approval. Mr. Palmer was given a copy of the Regulations. An informal discussion of the Board's requirements followed.

Operator, Marc Maheux reported a busy month. Inspection and the installation of a water meter was made at the house on Lot 1-1 of Valley's Edge Development. Ken Gaynor of Hydro-Group asked Marc to check for leaks. Marc worked with Webster-Martin testing the deep well, installed a smaller drain pipe on the deep well pump valve. On Oct 7th Marc worked with Webster-Martin installing the Position Indicator. The surge control valve shuts too fast. A Singer Valve technician from Flow Control, Inc. is to come up for an inspection. The 1" Globe Valve caused high pressure. This has been corrected, the surges have been modulated and we now have a control and equipment arrangement that minimizes water level drawdown rather than maximizes. The recording device was taken apart and adjusted, we now have a straight line at 150g.p.m. Donald Girard, the first customer on the system from the new well complained of stained fixtures, Marc talked with Bill Cornish and sent their lab 6 samples. Marc made the suggestion to the Board that it authorize increasing the Aqua -Mag and chlorine prior to flushing which should be two times a year. The Board's response was, considering the high cost of flushing, that flushing be accomplished once each Spring. Marc noted that the Aqua-Mag is down to the level where it should be. Marc said he will check for possible Beaver activity. He also noted that there was no well development done this last spring at well site No. 1 (1971 site). He feels this should be done as part of future maintenance. Mr. Baxter has not contacted him regarding making the connection to the new service line. Harold will check this matter. Marc stated that there is a check valve in the first house on line at Valley's Edge, but not in the second house. He will take care of the matter.

Under old business, the second payment to Blow & Cote's work on Poker Hill was tabled. Further review of our financial situation needs to be made. Harold Sargent had contacted Jeff McDonald of Webster-Martin, Inc. and he was informed that Hydro-Group will be installing a pump in our test well in a week or two.

Under new business, it was reported that Joan Stoddert, our meter reader had fallen and broken a bone in her shoulder and was unable to finish the quarter readings. It was suggested that her son might be willing to finish for her. Dave will talk with them regarding that possibility. Doug will take the responsibility of getting the flags out on the hydrants. There was a discussion of the necessity of getting the tie mapping done. There was a suggestion that the Board look into the possibility of getting this done through the 'court diversion program'.

The bills were reviewed and signed. The meeting was adjourned at 9:47 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,


Evelyn 0. Sargent, Clerk



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