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Minutes for the May 1991 Meeting

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Jericho Underhill Water District

Underhill, Vermont  05489


Minutes of May 6. 1991

The May 6, 1991 Board meeting was called to order by President David Damkot at 7:01 P.M. in the basement of the United Church of Underhill. Those present in addition to the President, were Trustee Doug Keith, Operator Marc Maheux, and Randall Baxter,: member of the Jericho-Underhill Water District.

1. The minutes of the April 10, 1991 regular monthly meeting were reviewed and amended as follows: #3D last sentence changed to "Doug Keith agreed to help Harold Sargent check for possible cross connection and test water from Greenmont Lumber's water system". #4 1st. sentence changed to "Marc put in 4 1/2 hours correcting a faulty control design with Walt Douglas, Electrician, a representive from Hydro Group, and Ron Poor, Engineer from Webster-Martin, Inc. Doug Keith then made a motion to accept the minutes as amended, seconded by Dave Damkot and motion passed unanimously.

  1. a: The Treasurer's Report on "Water Supply and Distribution System Improvements Project" was reviewed, and upon motion made to accept by Doug Keith, seconded by Dave Damkot, was passed unanimously.
    1. b: The Treasurers Report on the "Cash Flow Statement" was reviewed. Doug Keith made a motion to accept, Dave Damkot seconded and motion passed unanimously. A note was made by Marc Maheux that the expense for electrical charges should be lower next month due to (1) summer rates will be in effect and (2) the old pumphouse was only used to test pumps for a short time. Usage should be reviewed by board at a later date.
  2. A lengthy discussion was held concerning the probable leak and low pressure t Randall Baxter's house. After said discussion; referral to "notes to board from Harold Sargent", and several diagrams on blackboard, a motion was made by Dave Damkot d seconded by Doug Keith to authorize Marc Maheux to construct a new water line rom Randall Baxter's house to water main near hydrant on Maple Ridge. The Water pt. will be responsible for the line from the main to and including the curb stop. . Baxter will be responsible for the line from the curb to his house. The Board also authorized Marc Maheux to do some "Exploration" on Maple Ridge while digging equipment was there. This motion passed unanimously. The Board decided to talk about the rest of Maple Ridge at the next meeting.
  3. A resolution was proposed by Dave Damkot and was passed unanimously to: move that the Board resolve to press appropriate negotiations and/or legal action with Hydro Group and /or Webster-Martin, Inc. to effect complete resolution to attain an acceptable production yield from our new well site.
  4. Marc Maheux reported that: 2 containers of Aqua-Mag received, hydrants need flushing, (he will meet with fire chief and arrange to borrow hose, call schools and Mountain Villager to warn about flushing), 9 yards of topsoil was purchased from John Leo @ $16.00 per yd. and used at Binex, Doug Keith's, Meadow Lane and Pump House, also pitless adapter was fixed and new well site pumping at 148 gallons per minute.
  5. Ken Gaynor from Hydro Group called Dave Damkot about money to finish project. He and Bill Armstrong may want to meet with us sometime around third week in May.
  6.  Dave Damkot  and Harold Sargent met with attorney concerning possible negotiations with Hydro Group and Webster-Martin, It was decided that the Board wants a new well 2 feet from test well.
  1. Kenny Bannister, was invited to next meeting to explain management plan.

9. Harold should call Craig Heindel concerning recorder to chart water level of new well at least weekly.

  1. Board must remind Peg Sargent to pull all invoices concerning costs paid for by District for work needed to activate system. This is for work that was the responsibility of our contractors.
  2. Concerning testing fluoride: The Board does not feel that they can test more than once a week.
  3. A note was made that the Board sent a letter to the state to request for additional pump for well #1.
  4. The Board adjourned at 9:30 P.M. by unanimous vote.
  5. Dave Damkot had to make another trip to basement of church to pick up notebook of "minutes of meetings" which Doug Keith forgot.

Respectfully submitted,

Douglas L. Keith, Trustee



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