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Minutes for the December 1991 Meeting

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Minutes of December 2, 1991                                           

The Jericho Underhill Water District's monthly board meeting on December 2,1991 was postponed to a later hour due to the funeral service being held for Donald McClellan a long time resident of Underhill, a friend and former clerk of the Water District.

The meeting was called to order by Harold Sargent at 8:12 R.M. Those present were trustees Doug Keith and Peter Mitchell and clerk/treasurer Evelyn Sargent.

The minutes of the previous meeting held on November 4, 1991 were reviewed and accepted.

The financial reports of the District were reviewed and accepted. It was noted that another connection fee was due from Valley's Edge Development. This will enable the district to make an $8,000.00 payment to Blow and Cote on the Poker Hill extension project. Balance due on this Contract will be reduced to $9,125.00 upon payment of the $8,000.00.

Operator, Marc Maheux 'had submitted a written report. (See attached) In reviewing the test results of the sampling mentioned in Marc's report Harold expressed a need to obtain a list of materials used from pump to control building to determine if there are any sources of lead. The test may be a fluke as follow-up testing showed only 19 mg/l by two different labs (Kjell and Vt. State). Harold will contact Webster-Martin and request a materials list. He will also talk with Webster-Martin regarding the Singer Valve people's inspection. The question regarding a back-up operator was passed over for a discussion at a later date. A letter from Ruth Taylor regarding daily testing for fluoride was discussed. It would cost $2,085.00 annually to comply with daily testing which would be costly for the District. Harold said he would talk with Ms. Taylor about the request. The Board proposed that Harold contact Ms. Taylor and propose to sample twice a week (Monday and Thursday) due to the numerous safety features built into our new system. Peter noted that for the amount of money it would cost to comply with the testing requirements more safety devices could be installed. Marc's sampling proposal was taken under consideration, the board needs to pursue its options further before deciding on the more extensive sampling.

As there were no citizen/customer concerns or comments the Board moved on to old business.

(a) Harold had talked with Walt Douglas (electrical sub-contractor of Hydro-Group) who said he was awaiting approval of an electrical panel before proceeding to complete the connection of the second well. Harold then contacted Jeff McDonald of Webster-Martin who stated Mr. Douglas had the go-ahead and has all the materials to finish. Harold will make a follow-up call to Mr. Douglas.

(b) A letter and advertising packet was reviewed from Horsley Witten Hedqemann, Inc-, consultants in Water Resources and Land Planning. They would like to be selected to do our Well-Head Protection Plan Report.

(c) A follow-up sample will be collected to test for lead after the materials list is developed and reviewed.

(d) The hydrant flags were mounted by Doug and Peter on Sunday, the 10th of Nov. They did not flag the hydrants by Browns River Middle School, they discussed this with Dwain Austin, chief custodian at the school. He concurred. He will take the responsibility of keeping the hydrants cleared of snow. 1104mg and Peter also toured the system and were concerned by an on/off switch that is unprotected. They were also concerned about other outside switch boxes that appear to leave the wells unprotected.

(e) Payment to Blow & Cote was addressed during the review of the financial reports.

(f) Review by a Singer Valve technician was addressed in the boards review of the operator's report. (g) Harold sent a letter to Mr. Warren Palmer regarding his proposed condominium project off Raceway. Road on behalf of the Board. The Board reviewed and agreed with its content. Harold will contact David Tillotson, Fire Chief as a follow-up to this letter.

Under new Business:

(a) Harold stated he had called Robert Hill to confirm his verbal contract to do the snow plowing at both Pump Houses. The Board discussed the value of keeping the old system in working order. Mention was made of the availability of back-up water at Villeneuve's should both sources be knocked out. It was suggested by Doug that we consult with Dave Villeneuve to arrange for testing of their water when they start up next spring.

(d) Discussion of an allocation plan was passed over for a later meeting. Peter mentioned that we should review Jericho's Town Plan.

Last year our meter reader read all the meters and outside readers to verify their compatibility. The Board had voted then to verify the meter readings at least once a year. The clerk was asked to contact Joan Stoddert, our meter reader, to inquire when she felt this could most conveniently be accomplished in view of her recent injury.

The bills were reviewed and signed.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:43 P.M. Respectfully submitted:


Evelyn 0. Sargent, Clerk


January meeting: January 6, 1992. at 7:00 P.M.



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