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Minutes for the April 1991 Meeting

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Minutes of April 10, 1991                               

The April 10, 1991 Board meeting opened at 7:06 P.M. in the basement of the United church of Underhill. The meeting had been postponed because a quorum could not be obtained for the usual first Monday of the month (April 1). Proper meeting notice was given through the Burlington Free Press. Those present were President David Damkot, trustees Doug Keith and Harold Sargent and later in the meeting Marc Maheux, operator.

  1. March meeting minutes: Regular and Emergency. a. The minutes of the March 4, 1991 regular monthly meeting were reviewed and a motion to accept same was seconded and the motion was passed unanimously. The minutes of the March 16, 1991 emergency meeting were reviewed and a motion to accept same was seconded and the motion was passed unanimously.
  2. Treasurer's Reports. a. The Treasurer's Report of the District's "Cash Flow Statement" was reviewed and on a motion by Doug Keith to accept, seconded by Harold Sargent was passed unanimously. The Treasurer's 'Project Report' was reviewed and on a motion by Doug Keith to accept, seconded by Harold Sargent was passed unanimously.


3. Concerns/Request/Observations of District Members. a. Baxter low pressure problem (Maple Ridge). Our meter reader Joan Stoddert, said the Baxter's mentioned their low pressure problem again when she read the meter. Harold agreed to check into this matter. He had attempted before but couldn't arrive at an agreeable time ...with the Baxter's to visit the premises.

  1. David Damkot reported that the Jericho Zoning Board requested a letter from him regarding the water system. He said he typed one up and mailed it to them.
  2. Doug Keith reported that he read the Greenmont Lumber Co., Inc. meter on April 10, 1991. It read 05415100. This is the large meter situated in the crawl space.
  3. Some concern was expressed by the Board regarding a possible cross connection with the mill water. The mill uses their own well water to spray the logs during summertime and may be able to force their water into the Jericho-Underhill system. Once their well system is on-line Doug Keith agreed to check out the possible cross connection.

4. Operator's Report. Marc was not present for his report but had presented a written report that Dave Damkot read. Some of the points of the report are included below:

  1. Marc put in 4 1/2 hours correcting a faulty control design. Whereby when the wiring was was installed in accord with the plans, the telemetering controls would not operate the pump, as specified. It's been corrected (by Marc) to activate the well pump to come on when the storage tank water level has dropped to 27 feet and will shut off at 29 feet.
  2. Marc inquired about purchase of certain cleaning items for the new pump control building. The Board voted unanimously to authorize Marc to purchase a wastebasket, a broom, a dustpan, soap, paper towels and a rack the next time he's near an appropriate store. Doug will inform Marc to go ahead and purchase the above authorized items.

5. Old Business.

  1.  The management plan Harold agreed to be in charge of is on hold for the time being until a map is made available by the engineers (Webster-Martin, Inc.). The map is a necessary basis for developing the plan. Harold will follow-up on a request by the Vermont Dental Division that we test for Fluoride levels daily, as opposed to the present weekly test frequency.
  2.  The Board briefly discussed present water bill collection practices that involve Marc, but postponed further discussion until Marc and clerk, Evelyn Sargent can both be present.
  3. The Board decided to postpone replacement of the galvanized iron pipe at the end of the system on Meadow Lane. A recent leak showed excessive corrosion in the old 1 1/2" G.I. pipe that extends beyond the 8" A.C. main near the Smith/Reese and McDowell houses.
  4. Regarding flushing, Harold agreed to develop a flushing plan and go over same with Marc. The Board voted to hire Marc to flush the hydrants. It needs to be done now according to our polyphosphate supplier, Bill Cornish, to rid the mains of junk precipitated by the initial dose of sequestering Chemical.
  5. Dave reported that he had requested Jeff MacDonald of Webster-Martin, Inc. to prepare a well head protection map as required by the Vermont Department of Health. Dave will follow-up with Jeff regarding the map.
  6. Dave reported that he also inquired of Mr. MacDonald as to where the project is with regard to settlement with Hydro-Group, Inc. Dave will mention to Webster-Martin the apparent design flaws in the circuitry design for the control panel. Marc reported that several revisions had to be made to make the telemetering system work which took him 4 1/2 hours to resolve.
  7. Dave will also discuss the need for punch list item completion and development of the Operations and Maintenance Manual (0 & M) with Webster-Martin, Inc. officials.
  8. The issue of whether to purchase the transducer for well water elevation determination was postponed to the next Board meeting.

6. New Business. a. The letter Harold prepared for the Board to send to the Department of Environmental Conservation seeking additional construction grant is aid for a second well will be given the clerk for typing.

  1. Bob Greenia brought to the Board's attention through Doug Keith that low areas and sunken curb stops exist on Liberty Lane following the new water main work that was done last summer. Doug will contact Mr. Greenia and inform him that the Board gill have the low areas near the sunken curb stops filled. Bob Greenia also indicated to Doug he is offering to continue plotting water demand use charts on his computer.
  2. Doug will contact Binex. Corp representative (Mr. or Mrs. Hudson) and inform them the Board will have the topsoil brought in, spread and seeded.
  3. There is a leak in the pitless adapter connection in the new well. Marc discovered the leak and informed the contractor (Hydro Group, Inc.) of the problem who agreed to fix it.
  4. There was a motion made and seconded to ask the firm of Wagner, Heindel and Noyes, Inc. to prepare an application for a demonstration grant with which to prepare a comprehensive well head protection plan. The motion was passed unanimously. The Board also unanimously passed a seconded motion to apply to the U.S.E.P-A. for the subject demonstration grant to develop a wellhead protection plan.
  5. Harold volunteered to collect a sample (volatile organic compounds and inorganic chemicals and bacti) from the water supply source (well) for the Greenmont Lumber Corporation (mill) to establish if it can remain as one of our back-up emergency sources.

7. Bills were reviewed and signed.

8. Other Business.

a. There appears to be a need to follow-up on the $15,000 +/­connection charge by CVPS for power connection for the new pump. Harold will check with Susan Martin of Public Service Department to see if she ever received the detailed breakdown of costs she requested a year ago.

b. A recent high electric power bill at pump station No. 1 (old one) prompted a check by CVPS. They installed a check meter on our electric meter but determined our meter was correct.

9. Adjournment. The Board adjourned the mooting at 9:29 P.M. by unanimous vote. Respectfully submitted:

Harold Sargent, Trustee and Assistant Clerk



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