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Minutes for the October 1990 Meeting

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October 1, 1990 Minutes                                     

The monthly meeting of the Jericho-Underhill Water District was held on October 1, 1990 in the basement of the United Church of Underhill. President David Damkot called the meeting to order at 7:05 P.M. Those present were Dave, trustees Doug Keith and Harold Sargent, Clerk Evelyn Sargent, operator Marc Maheux and Stan Wilbur, our project engineer from Webster-Martin, Inc.

The minutes of the last meeting of September 4, 1990 were reviewed and accepted with two corrections. The third paragraph of the second page should read that the hydrant was located near Meadow Lane and Rte 15. And it was Dave and Doug not Harold and Doug who are continuing the curb stop location directory.

The financial reports of the District and the District's Project were reviewed and accepted. It was requested that we have comparison figures with the prior year 1989 for our annual meeting. Monthly interest on the special Poker Hill project was paid to Blow & Cote out of project funds but should be straight District expense. Therefore funds will be transferred from the District account to the Construction Project account. Harold made the motion and Doug seconded it that we pay Blow & cote $8,000.00 on the principal on this Poker Hill project. Motion was passed.


The operator, Marc Maheux reported that Impact Paving while driving to Bob Greenia's driveway to pave his yard, backed over the main 2" shut-off valve and broke it. Marc made the repair and the bill should be sent to Impact Paving. A very large leak was discovered at Greenmont Lumber Corp. Marc has been in contact with David Villeneuve and he explained to the Board how they will proceed with the repairs and construction. The Board agreed with his plan. David said Greenmont will pay to go under the road and put in a new curb stop. Also discussed was the 'hard to read' meter at the mill. This meter needs to be reversed (turned around) and the board agreed it could be read twice a year. The motion was made and seconded to set up two billings with two meters, one to serve the mill office building and garage and one meter to serve the mill.

Marc had met with Ed Moore regarding getting water district mapping and other pertinent information (curb stop data) into a computer. This has some very exciting possibilities. Mr. Moore has been working with both Jericho and Underhill on tax mapping. The board will meet with Mr. Moore at his home Thursday, Oct. 11th at 6:00 P.M. to hear his presentation. Marc met with Ruth Taylor of the state Dental Division regarding the fluoridator this past month. It needed a new part which has been provided.

Stan Wilbur of Webster-Martin, Inc. gave an update of the project at this time. Hydro-Group still needs to send in their report which includes a proposed pump and established yield to Webster-Martin. Webster-Martin will submit same to the Health Department (hopefully by Friday the 5th). If Hydro-Group needs two to three weeks to finish, we are looking at a completion date of about December 8, 1990. When the project is completed, Hydro-Group has said they would like to discuss the hydro-jetting bill with the Board. The Board would like to meet with an appropriate Hydro-Group representative when they set the pump.

The Board asked Webster-Martin to give it a breakdown of engineering costs for the Poker Hill project, as this was not part of the New Well Project costs and must be paid by the District.

Additional engineering cost due to the Project delay is estimated by the engineers to be $16,210.00. Harold brought up the subject of damages due to project errors and late completion. Vince Paradis, our attorney feels the Board has a strong case against Hydro-Group. The difference in our interest rate that we may be paying for our bonds is also a matter for consideration in calculating our losses. Harold will ask FmHA for an estimate of a $Dollar difference when we know what the rate will be (its adjusted for FmHA each calender quarterly). Dave questioned the engineering neglect regarding placement of the well. Harold suggested the board consider asking for an additional pump to be placed in the Test well to make up our well capacity loss. Nothing further has been done on hydrant flushing. Harold and Marc have a recommended plan but Harold needs to contact Dave Tillotson regarding the Fire Department's scheduling this as their training. This needs to be done soon.

Doug and Dave have worked two Saturdays as they continue to update the curb stop locations directory.

Harold proposed several Regulation changes that could be voted on at annual meeting time. He proposed that income from the minimum base fees should be sufficient to pay our annual bonded indebtedness which will be approximately $32,000. per year. The additional (over 3,000 gallons) charge to be used as operating expenses. He suggested the base fee be raised by $10.00 for metered rates and $5.00 for minimum flat rate. Other changes regarding Cross Connections, Billing Procedures, Meter Testing, Connection fees and minimum base fee payment. (See attached NOTICE Proposed Revisions to Regulations). The Board discussed these changes and felt more information needed to be gathered before addressing base fee changes. The motion was made and seconded to pass a resolution to propose regulation changes as presented and discussed pertaining to: Cross Connections; Billing Procedures; Meter Testing; Connection Fees and Minimum fee applicability to all connections. The resolution passed. See specific proposed changes approved by the Board for each above section as indicated on the attached proposed regulations document.

Webster-Martin compiled a cost work up showing an estimated annual savings of $4,260. in electric costs due to the stoppage of the major leak at Greenmont whereby the water use was nearly cut in half (110,000gpd to 58,000gpd). They also have a summary of water quality testing on file.

The warning for the annual meeting was discussed. Peg will check with Moderator Peter Mitchell to see whether he is available for the 29th and she will also check to be sure the church is available for our meeting.

Also discussed was Dave's day in court regarding R. E. Erickson Co., Inc. of Walpole, MA who had imposed a lien for labor and materials against the District, Blow & Cote, Inc. our general contractor and WEDCO Electric Co., subcontractor of Cambridge, Vt. in the amount of $6,442. plus cost.. Dave said that the District has a retainage from Blow & Cote, Inc. an amount equal to or greater than the $6,442.00. •

The bills were reviewed and signed.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:08 P.M. Respectfully submitted:

Evelyn O. Sargent, Clerk

Attached: Jericho-Underhill Water District Regulations with proposed changes interject



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