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Minutes for the March 1990 Meeting

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March 5, 1990 Minutes

 The monthly meeting of the Jericho-Underhill Water District was held on March 5, 1990 in the basement of the United Church of Underhill. In the absence of the president, Trustee Douglas Keith called the meeting to order at 7:10 P.M. Those present were Mr. Keith, trustee Harold Sargent and clerk, Peg Sargent.

The minutes of the last meeting February 5, 1990 were reviewed and accepted.

The treasurer's Cash Flow Statement was reviewed and accepted as was the February 28, 1990 report of the Water Supply and Distribution System Improvements Project.

There was no operator's report for the meeting. See Operator's report of 3/6/90 attached. One item discussed was the pump shut-off on January 30, 1990. A question was raised whether this might have been caused by the Fire Department opening a hydrant. Marc Maheux had verbally reported that the tank water level had dropped to 24 feet in the tank on the morning of Jan. 31. Marc suspected a hydrant may have been opened for the pump control had been tripped and the pump had not come on automatically. Harold will contact Marc regarding these concerns. He will also ask Marc about getting the Gray (former Dumas) meter switched over onto the new water line and also check with him about getting a meter installed at Koniutos. Marc had informed Harold prior to the meeting that he had called John O'Brien several times to check their high water use, but Mr. O'Brien has not returned his calls. He has an answering machine. Harold made note at this time that we need to address a rule change regarding 'free water meter checks every three years'. Harold will also arrange to get together with Mr. Keith and Mr. Maheux to review the procedure for re-setting the pump.

Under new business regarding the curb stop location directory, Doug discussed using the towns numbering systems versus using our own system. The later may turn out to be the preferred system. Doug also questioned the advisability of turning the curb stops during the survey, because of the risk of breaking a stop. Doug will bring forms and materials to a future meeting to get this project lined up.

Harold will help Peg draft up an 'authorization letter for service line repair' for the next meeting.

The following is summary of the board's meeting with Webster-Martin and Hydro-Group on March 5, 1990:

  1. The water in the well will be retested to verify levels of dissolved iron and manganese. The last test on a sample collected by Hydro-Group was 2.0 ppm Fe.
  2. Check flow velocity of water through screen during pumping.
  3. The engineers and the contractor will negotiate and agree on an acceptable percentage increase of flow rate necessary above which the District would not pay for the water jetting method of well development. The Water District Trustees must be in agreement with this figure before work proceeds.
  4. Once the agreement is signed, Hydro-Group will further develop the well by high velocity water jetting.
  5. A step draw-down pump test will be performed by Hydro-Group to establish well efficiency, specific capacity and production in G.P.M.
  6. There will be a meeting of all parties following step #5.


The Board took note that resident inspection will be made of all work done by the contractor.

Under other old business Harold advised Robert Hill on February 7, 1990 to discontinue plowing at the new well site since there was no use being made of the roadway.

Doug asked what the situation was regarding the possible use of Water by Mr. Coffey in his garage/out building. No application for connection has been received.

There does not appear to be any active use being made of the building.

Peg will call Lester Breault of the Farmers Home Administration and the Howard Bank regarding an extension of our 'Bond Anticipation Note' that will come due on March 31, 1990, and will take the necessary steps to accomplish this extension.

Harold mentioned the need for a few house-keeping modifications of our regulations and the need to act on these modifications this summer if we want them included in the warning of our annual meeting.

Harold brought up the question of making a contribution to the United Church of Underhill for the use of their facilities for our monthly meeting. The Board unanimously voted a $100.00 contribution be sent to the United Church of Underhill annually. Peg was so instructed to make payment.


The monthly bills were reviewed and signed.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:07 P.M.

Respectfully submitted:

Evelyn 0. (Peg) Sargent, Clerk




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