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Minutes for thr July 1990 Meeting

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Minutes of July 2, 1990                                          Page 1 Of 2

The monthly meeting of the Jericho-Underhill Water District was held on July 2, 1990 in the basement of the United Church of Underhill. President David Damkot called the meeting to order at 7:05 P.M. Those present were Mr. Damkot, trustees Doug Keith and Harold Sargent, clerk Evelyn Sargent, operator Marc Maheux, Stan Wilbur of Webster-Martin and Barnerd Coffey.

The minutes of the last meeting on June 4, 1990 were reviewed and accepted.

The treasurer's report was reviewed and accepted. The financial report of the project was also reviewed and accepted. A charge from the telephone company for installation work done for the project was paid out of our regular funds and the board agreed that this charge should be paid out of the project monies, an adjustment will be made in July's financial reports. 

Barnard Coffey was in attendance to request a hook-up to the former service station building on his property that he has renovated into office space, requiring the installation of a water closet and lavatory. Harold made the motion to extend service with a standard 3/4" type "K" copper connection with the connection being made just upstream of the present curb stop where a second curb stop is to be installed. The connection fee is $1,200.00 when a tap is not made on the main and Mr. Coffey presented the clerk with a check for $1,200.00. The motion was seconded and passed.

Peter Hartwick had been in contact with Dave Damkot regarding his construction permit extension. He'd like a letter stating we will provide him water in the future. Dave will write him and the Board will continue to keep him abreast of progress on the water project underway.

A letter from James C. Angelino to the Board requesting permission to hook-up to the system from a lot on Poker Hill Road owned by Joe Capps and Chris Gluck was reviewed. This request was denied due to the moratorium prohibiting new connections and also because of the small water main that feeds Poker Hill. Harold will draft a letter to Mr. Angelino explaining the situation and the Board's decision.

A letter was presented for review and action from the Underhill Cemetery Assoc. requesting permission to connect the cemetery water line to the existing curb stop in lot #1 of Wonderhill Estates. Their existing line from Park St. leaks, is above ground and needs to be turned on and off each year. The Board voted to honor this request as they are replacing one connection for another. Harold and Marc will meet with Randy Clark prior to work being done.

The operator's report included the following items: In conjunction with the re-surfacing and repair work being done on Park St. all of the curb stops except for Jacob's IGA have been located, raised and marked. The fire hydrant box has also been raised to proper level. The new leak detection head set has been received. Pump #2 has been re-built and is functioning, producing 140 g.p.m. The flow switch is malfunctioning and the red warning light on the Fire Station has repeatedly come on. Marc feels the flow control needs to be taken out and checked. 

Marc had spent time with the hydro-jetting being done at the new well site.

How an estimated $12,000.00 for corrections of the leaks on Palmer Lane was going to fit into our work and financial schedule was discussed. A quit claim deed for an easement and right of way received from Robert and Frances Bleakley completes the land R.O.W. requirements necessary to begin this work.

Stan Wilbur stated that Jeff McDonald had stopped the pump test. Hydro-Group had not obtained Health Department approval, to date, and Doug Zorzi of Water Resources had advised them to hold until receipt of Health Department approval.

Harold and Marc will work together to schedule plans for hydrant flushing and flow measure.

A letter (6/19/90) from Walter Johnson of CVPS to the board regarding the tax we paid to them on work they did at the projects site was reviewed. Also reviewed was a letter (6/21/90) to CVPS written by Susan Martin of the Department of Public Service asking CVPS for a "breakdown" of cost. Harold will find out if a municipal corporation can be taxed. It appears we are not accept.

A letter from our insurance company stated in response to our inquiry of the necessity or advisability of posting No Trespassing signs on our property that although it might be helpful, posting signs would not reduce any liability we might incur.

The clerk advised that Mary Bushnell, whose property adjoins our new well site, had notified the water district that she had requested a building permit to put up an 'equipment shed' on her property.

Also under old business there was a discussion of “Section 5151 of title 24, Vermont state statutes Annotated provides that we can charge a fee for coming to your location to collect the amount overdue". This needs to be brought to Marc's attention for future collections. Doug had a copy of letters (one legal and one informal) that are sent out to Burlington delinquent customers.

Harold had done some research regarding our 'base fee charge' by checking with several other water municipalities and found that our billing system was basically the same. Base fees primarily pay for bond abatement.

Harold said that Ken Mitchell had bulldozed out the beaver dam on his (Ken's) and Clifford Hill Sr's properties that are near our well site #1 (1971 wells).

Harold will contact Red Hed regarding reflector paint for the hydrants. Doug has all the information possible on Park St. and needs to start where he left off on Park St. with the curb stop location directory.

A letter was received from the Department of Health regarding the 'Vermont Wellhead Protection Program'. Copies of the plan are available; the clerk will request a copy of the proposed rules.

A letter from the Agency of Natural Resources notifying of “Municipal Water Supply Priority List -FY 1990 AMENDMENT” “changes #1. Funding for additional source exploration on the ongoing construction project for the Jericho-Underhill Water--­District is placed on the current funding list since, to date, the newly constructed source is not providing sufficient quantity." "TPC (total project cost) - $135,000.00, Grants - $47,875.00".

Also for the Board's notification was a letter from Gear & Davis, Inc. (Attorneys at Law) for R. E. Erickson Co., Inc. a lien for labor and materials against NEDCO Electric Company; Blow & Cote, Inc. (Contract #2); and the Jericho-Underhill Water District.

The bills were reviewed and signed. The meeting adjourned at 10:27 P.M. Respectfully submitted:

Evelyn O. Sargent, Clerk



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